Don’t forget to buy your pets Christmas gift this festive season. We’ve got a selection of fun gifts for every type of animal.

Christmas is almost here and while everyone’s busy organising gifts for family and friends, let’s not forget our beloved pets. If you’re wondering what you could possible get for your pet, finder.com.au is the right place for great ideas.

Presents for your pets aren’t the same as your ‘traditional’ gifts - these types of gifts will truly enhance the life of your pet and will likely extend it too. If you think about it, our pets are truly our best friends so why not spoil them this festive season.

Finder.com.au Guide to Christmas Gift for Pets

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How to think of the best Christmas gifts for your pets

Best online retailers to shop for pet gifts

Best Christmas gifts for your pets

Christmas gift guide for dogs

Christmas gift ideas for cats

Christmas gift guide for fish

Christmas gift ideas for rabbits

Christmas gifts for birds

Gift ideas for reptiles for Christmas

Christmas gift ideas for horses

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How to think of the best Christmas gifts for your pets

Buying Christmas presents for your pets is a great way to truly include the whole family when you celebrate the festivities. If your pet is always included in family occasions, then it makes perfect sense to include them on Santa’s list.

Pets aren’t materialistic and they have no idea of monetary value. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to impress your pets - something simple and amusing should do the trick

A good toy, treat or new pet bed will be much appreciated. We all know little things amuse small minds, so toys can be a lot of fun.

Choose toys or sleeping gear that is sturdy and durable. If they grow attached to the toy, at least you’ll know it’ll last for the long run. Also be wary of items that may clutter up the house, leave a mess or can be choking hazard.

Treats are also a favourite for pets. Perhaps opt for treats that are a tad more expensive than what you usually purchase to celebrate the special holiday.

Best online retailers to shop for pet gifts





Costume Box

Deals Direct

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Saks Fifth Avenue

The Hut

Just Aquatic

Best Christmas gifts for your pets

Pet Bow Tie from ASOS

This cute reversible bow tie design from ASOS can be attached to any collar. All the other cats and dogs will be jealous as your pet struts around in style.

Amazon - Parisian Pet I love Mommy Dog/Cat - T Shirt

Let your pet show their affection and love to you by dressing them up in this comfy cotton t-shirt. It’s machine washable and easily to car for. It’ll make everyone go ‘aww’.

Macy's - Jabara Christmas Stocking, Naughty But Cute Pet

Who said only people were allowed Christmas stockings for Christmas? Make pets part of your family traditions with their very own Christmas stocking, featuring either a cat or dog.

Saks Fifth Avenue - MacKenzie’s Pet Dish

Let your pet eat in style with this charming enamel dish that features a heavy-gauge steel underbody that can withstand any type of force. The hand-painted checks are so fashionable too.

Deals Direct - Stainless Steel ID Tag

When you purchase this tag you also get free personalised engraving and delivery. The enamel on this stainless steel tag will also mean that it will never rust or corrode.

Christmas gift guide for dogs

Costume Box - Velvet Santa Pet Costume

Let your dog or puppy join in the celebrations with this adorable Velvet Santa Pet Costume. It includes a hat, jacket and a belt - it’s also soft and comfortable so your pet can wear it all day.

Deal’s Direct - Plush Pet Steps

Motivate your dog to exercise or give them a leg up with these Plus Pet Steps. They’re convenient and portable so you can help your pet get up to it’s favourite spot. Whether it’s a spot on the sofa, the bed or a car seat, stepping up is easy.

Amazon - KONG Cozie Marvin the Moose

This cute little toy can be your dog’s best friend for Christmas. A lower amount of internal filling means less mess and the extra layer of material increases the time it’ll last with your pet - this toy also squeaks to help entice fun and play.

Latest Buy - Nite Ize Nite Dawg LED Collar Cover

Let your dog shine everytime you take a quiet evening stroll - literally. Fit your dog into this unique LED collar and it will flash or glow so you’ll always know where your dog is. The strip is only as thick as a bandaid and easily fits around your dog’s collar.

Amazon - Greenies Pill Pockets, Chicken

These are a great idea to hide pills or other medication that your pet needs to take. Designed by veterinarians to be nutritious and healthy, you can tuck the pill or capsule into the built-in pocket and your dog gets medication along with a treat.

Christmas gift ideas for cats

Costume Box - Queen Pet Costume

Let your cat know she rules your world with this Queen Pet Costume. With a red printed queen cape sequinned with fake fur, no one will dare undermine the power of your pet. It also comes with a crown!

Deals Direct - Multi Level Cat Tree with a Room, Scratch Poles and Swinging Ball

This is the perfect home for any type of cat. With comfortable areas to rest and plenty of poles for your cat to scratch, they’ll love this gift.

Amazon - Hagen Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

This smart toy will target your cat’s senses while providing entertainment at the same time. You can also attach additional tracks for longer fun. It includes four tracks, two end caps and one ball.

The Hut - Cat Scratching DJ Deck

Let your cat live the rockstar life by giving them their very own DJ set. This has the double function of also helping to protect your furniture.

Amazon - Feline Greenies Dental Treats Oven Roasted Chicken for Cats

This is one of leading feline dental treats that veterinarians recommend. It cleans your cat’s teeth, freshens their breath and helps control tartar.

Christmas gift guide for fish

Latest Buy - USB Desk Aquarium

Pimp your fish’s home with this USB desk aquarium. It comes with an LED clock, overhead light and a filtration pump to provide the best home for your fish. It also doubles up as a clock.

Just Aquatic - SpongeBob Squarepants Resin Replica Mini

Our favourite Sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea can now be a companion for your fish, though they do say that fish only have a memory span of three seconds...

Amazon’s Como 6 Pcs Assorted Colour Aquarium Plastic Plant Decoration

Add some decorative toys to your fish tank. Made out of plastic and ceramic, these are fish-safe and in funky colours.

Amazon - GloFish 29045 Aquarium Kit with Blue LED light

This five gallon curved-front aquarium with a microfilter and medium bio-bag will amaze your fish. It has 15 blue LED lights and will enhance the colour of your fish. It’s got a clear cover and is made of acrylic which is fish-friendly.

Deals Direct - Pirate Cover 15L Fish Tank Kit

Open a world of discovery for your fish with this cool Pirate Cove themed tank. Great for kids too—they can look after their very own fish. This kit has everything you need, all you need to do is buy the fish food.

Christmas gift ideas for rabbits

Deals Direct - Hexagonal Foldable Pet PlayPen with Handle

Deals Direct - 3 Level Multi Purpose Pet Cage

Deals Direct - Raised Hutch and Run

Deals Direct - Automatic Pet Fountain

Christmas gifts for birds

Deals Direct - Hanging Bird Feeder

Deals Direct - Vitapet Bird Pack

Deals Direct - Auto-Turning Egg Incubator

Deal Direct - 147cm Tall Aviary House

Gift ideas for reptiles for Christmas

Just Aquatic - Zoo Med Hermit Crab Hideaway Kit

Just Aquatic - Zoo Med Floating Turtle Feeder

Just Aquatic - Exo Terra Primate Skull

Just Aquatic - Exo Terra Barrel Cactus

Christmas gift ideas for horses

Deals Direct - Cotton Combo RipStop Horse Rug

Deals Direct - HoofPRIME Hoof Dressing

Deals Direct - QuikHEAL Greasy Heel Ointment

Deals Direct - Equitak Excel

Who doesn’t love to see the smiling face of their pet? Celebrating Christmas by giving them something new and fun will make them nothing short of adorable. Bring holiday joy into the household with all these Christmas gifts.

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