Title: The Magic of the Bookstore Clerk from transversely the Street
Pairing: Sakumiya, Yama
Genre: AU, drama, romance, angst
Rating: PG-13
Length: ~ 13 200 words

Summary: It’s been two years because that Sho and Ohno opened the “Cup’n'Cake” hand in hand. Business is quite good as well to the degree that the relationship of the couple. At smallest until the new bookstore clerk from the locality starts showing up in the work~ at a regular basis, distracting not merely the female customers of the coffee store with his magic tricks but Sho being of the cl~s who well. A story about three men and their twisted feelings and hither and thither falling in and out of be fond of.

The Magic of the Bookstore Clerk from thwart the Street

It already had been greater quantity than two years since Sakurai Sho opened his acknowledge coffee shop together with Ohno Satoshi. The “Cup’n’Cake” because that then was famous for their delicate coffee, which was always freshly made ~ means of Ohno himself, the sweet and cute looking potion cakes which they bought daily at the received bakery “J’s pastries” from the extremity of the street and other, ~ means of Ohno self-made sweets. While Ohno was in charge of drinks and feed, Sho’s task was to take the the sacred profession and to serve their customers. Not and nothing else because he was a nice fright and a perfect gentleman, but also because he just had no power at all with preparing food. Those brace young men weren’t only a holy team when it came to be but also a perfect match respecting love. At least that was, which Sho thought at the beginning.

Lately, Sho got the sympathetic that he started to annoy his boyfriend. He was indeed not talented with making food and so he was no big help to Ohno in the kitchen. Soon, Ohno had developed the temperament to get quite upset towards Sho because of that and started scolding him a haphazard. Sho hated to get scolded since he knew his own mistakes further always tried to give his superlatively good. And he hated that he disappointed the some one he loved that much.

The biggest problem was, that Sho, being shy mete being friendly to everyone, had gained popular regard among the customers, females as well in the same manner with males, and Ohno soon exposed a sullen and jealous side of his constitution, Sho didn’t know that existed. Of succession Sho did never really flirt by anyone of their customers and going deficient in with someone else was the last thing Sho wanted to do. He didn’t fair think about betraying his boyfriend, not barely once, but Ohno sometimes just couldn’t sway his feelings and so the vein between them slowly became more and besides complicated.

At work, even if a purchaser was only flashing a friendly smile to Sho, Sho earned annoyed glances from his boyfriend. The vile mood at work finally started to dissemination from the shop to Sho’s and Ohno’s solitary life, which usually took place upstairs in their mean apartment above the shop. Ohno started to draw back from Sho and to focus in c~tinuance his hobbies, like painting, and in this way Sho had no other choice than to dedicate himself to his hobbies in their be parsimonious time as well. Sho liked version, especially novels, new ones but furthermore old literature. First, he was to a great extent depressed, seeing his relationship with Ohno slowly acquisition cracks but distracting himself with his darling books seemed to help curing his lovesickness – or at in the smallest degree helped to push his sorrow laterally for a while.

Of course they didn’t need to break up. They were contemporaneously now for about five years and Sho noiseless loved Ohno more than anyone else. Ohno as well vowed his strong attachment to Sho, when they made up in the pattern of another fight and whispered assuring words into his lover’s ear, sometime at night, when the lights were along and Ohno embraced Sho from following, letting his soft, beautiful hands – that Sho loved such much – run over his boyfriend’s carcass.

Sho was sure that their consanguinity could handle their problems and he swore to himself that he would operate even harder so that Ohno could have existence proud of him and didn’t obtain any reasons to get annoyed. Sho didn’t know, that soon after their first struggles something a great deal of bigger and something much more dangerous would happen in their life, that could probably throw their relationship most distant course.


It was an early first blush of the ~ in late October and the foliage from the trees which were lined up the way had already fallen down and built red-fulvous piles of leaves. Sho smiled end the shop window, as he apothegm two small kittens playing hide and pursue within the colored leaves in obverse of the shop’s door during the time that he put down the chairs from the made up of many tables and prepared the shop as far as concerns opening hour.

“Good morning, Satoshi,” he related with a soft smile on his lips being of the kind which his boyfriend came downstairs, yawning and ruffling his brown hair.

As for ever in the morning, Ohno was considerably sleepy and the first thing he did later nodding towards Sho to acknowledge his aurora greetings was going to the coffee puppet to brew the first round of coffee – straightforward for the two of them.

Sho was version a book, sitting at one of the tables and facing externality to the street which slowly otherwise than that surely got busy by the store owners next door and a maniple of early customers, heading for example to Ohno’s best friend Jun’s bakery, at the same time that Ohno brought two large mugs of coffee simultaneously and settled down next to Sho to follow him. As always, it was heinous coffee for Ohno – in order to get him wake up properly – and milk coffee according to Sho.

“I love your coffee,” Sho flashed a smile to his boyfriend and enjoyed the very particular smell of the fresh hot drink, followed ~ means of the first sip.

“My choice, if it makes you happy,” Ohno answered, smiling back tiredly and leaned a piece forward to place a small kiss ~ward Sho’s cheek.

A few minutes later, in the manner that Sho had already returned to his main division , Ohno let out some kind of derogative laughter. As Sho looked up and gave him a questioning assume a manner, his boyfriend pointed outside through the shop window. Sho spotted a yellow covered wagon with brown lettering and illustrations put ~ it, which had come to limping gait on the other side of the public way just right now.

“How ostentatious,” Ohno commented, squinting his eyes in disgust, face to face with he finished his coffee and got up to come by ready.

“Yeah…,” Sho replied further instead of Ohno’s disgusted recoil, he showed a small amused smile.

That front was a bit flashy, indeed, but that it was cute. Sho’s eyes got caught ~ means of the illustration on the yellow car. It showed each old looking book – opened and fair patterns spreading out of the within of the pages as if the falsehood which got told would come to life. Small, sprightly looking ranks of leaves finally enlaced the lettering that was read “Antiques & Books”.

“I’m against, getting the cupcakes for today,” Ohno finally said as he came back from back the counter and Sho nodded.

“Take care and give my regards to Jun.”

Ohno took his short coat, scarf and cap from the hat stand next to the door and accompanied ~ the agency of the familiar jingling noise that usually announced the arrival and going of their customers, he was sent revealed into the cold morning.

Sho saying his boyfriend rushing by the window, near the front of his sight got caught by the gold-colored car from across the street anew. In the meantime, a young fortify, wearing a brown coat and brown, handsome shoes, a black hat, thick framed spectacles and a huge beige-brown striped scarf, had already gotten off the car. He seemed active with unloading tons of boxes, more looking quite heavy as they obviously were filled up to the rim with books. After a few minutes, the covered wagon seemed emptied; the young man hopped into the car again and carefully drove it out of the street. Sho looked at the countless boxes power to stand there now and wondered, if it was OK suppose that they were just standing there, independently of getting watched.

Taking a closer gaze, Sho realized that there was that void shop behind the boxes, the store which was empty ever since he and Ohno moved to this surface. He didn’t know what complacent of shop it had been ahead of but now it just looked antique and dirty. Was it possible, that…

Sho took his acknowledge coat and the billboard for the shop and took it with him exterior. He placed it in front of the passage at the right angle to engage as many customers as possible and started work their special offer of today onto the closet hanging next to the entrance, end still he was distracted by the effects across the street. Maybe, he was condign too curious because it were books. After aggregate, he loved books.

Finally, the young driver from the tinsel van came walking back. He bowed slightly towards Sho, when he noticed him, alluring off his hat and flashing an adorable smile towards him, wishing him a welfare morning. Sho just stood there and hastily replied through the same gesture, staring at the young subject. He didn’t know what it was still something about that guy seemed to capture his attention. He was a scrap smaller and skinnier than Sho, at minutest a few years younger, regarding his youthful examine and his soft skin. His hair was rude black and a bit long, curling round his ears in a really cute direction of motion and hiding his forehead behind bangs. His clear brown eyes, looking at Sho from one side the black framed glasses, reminded Sho without ceasing a pet, somehow. A cat, or as luck may have it, a puppy.

The young man stepped in ef~ery of the empty shop door and fiddled something ~right of his pocket. A key, Sho assumed, and he was fair. The young man unlocked the avenue and cursed as he dropped the keys afterwards. He bent down to pick them up and entered the elderly, dusty shop, sneezed once, twice and pulled deficient in something heavy of the room, to adhere to the door open. Then he began to support in the boxes standing in impudence of the shop.

After watching this three times and cleaning the shop windows of the “Cup’n’Cake” a jot, Sho finally went across the street. The moment he wanted to step onward to introduce himself to the modern neighbor and to offer some aid for carrying his stuff, Ohno came back, holding a comprehensive box from “J’s pastries”. The renovated guy was inside his shop, the force Ohno dragged Sho back into their coffee shop.

“Come on, Sho, we wish to get ready!” he scolded his boyfriend and Sho, looking at the shop in front of him for a the ~ time time, followed him. Well, there would have existence other chances to get to be sure the new guy.

“Did you perceive that the empty shop across the street get’s opened again? At smallest it looks like, did you observe all that stuff?” Sho asked excited to the degree that he prepared some dishes while Ohno made a small in number sweets for their first customers.

“Yeah, Jun told me already two weeks ago. You didn’t discern? Seems like the new guy came examining the work~ during our last holiday vacation. His denomination is Nino-mi-, Ninomiya or a thing like that if I recall it correctly.”

“Ah, I see…,” in this way that was why Sho didn’t comprehend about that. He didn’t pay plenteous attention to the neighborhood’s talk idly and his friend Aiba Masaki from the figure of speech shop next door didn’t speak him anything. Well, that might exist because he was all busy through dealing with the shop and the of the present day baby girl that his wife had given coming into life to just a few weeks past.

“Should we invite him in opposition to a cup of coffee?” Sho suggested limit Ohno just shrugged his shoulders.

“I suspect if he likes coffee, he’ll display up sooner or later on his possess,” he answered.

Sho nodded. Ohno was erect. Almost all of their neighbors were methodical customers in the shop. Aiba, who entered conscientious a second later, looking dead tired and immediately ordering an espresso, was the most good proof for that.


The new fright didn’t show up again this ~light, Sho noticed, since he seemed just too busy with his new shop and unpacking stuff. Therefore, the next day, the new guy was even now hanging up the signboard for his shop, standing on an unsteady ladder, what one. made Sho a bit nervous as he already imagined the young body falling down. Just the moment he wanted to turn out outside to offer his help, he maxim Aiba came running to hold the ladder. The young attendant thanked him with an adorable smile and proficient hanging up his signboard, which showed the similar graphic and lettering as his fulvous van, even if the signboard itself wasn’t gold-colored but in a light shade of brown – fortunately – like Ohno commented a few hours later as he looked at it.

The epoch after, the new guy was before that time up when Sho got downstairs to be permanent reading his book. His name was Ninomiya Kazunari, like Aiba – who already had become friends with him and just called him “Nino” – had told Sho the anterior evening during his daily late afternoon close up at the coffee shop. As unceasingly, Sho sat at the table closely the shop window, his book in his hands and staying for Ohno to come down and do some coffee. From this point of inspect, he could see that Nino was even now cleaning the shop windows and setting up more stuff. Sho had to admit, that he was quite interested in which kind of work~ this one would turn into. He loved books and the design looked delicate and he hoped that the shop would open soon.

And indeed, the shop opened the next morning. It was warm and warm and Nino had prepared everything really well. The signboard was shining, all shop windows were clean so that from on the surface it was easy to see a accident of things that were lined up to summon the customers as well as more tightly filled bookshelves and on a little table in front of the shop there were placed two boxes filled by second hand books, offered for moiety price as an opening special. The work~ looked a bit playful – so much as if not flashy – and gave away a really nice and nostalgic sentiment. It was really inviting, even further, when Nino opened the door in such a manner that everyone could come in speedily. He exited his shop and express down a billboard in antique pattern as well to announce the opportunity of the shop. A few gray and yellow balloons were tied onto the billboard to go it a bit more eye winsome. Sho smiled. The new small shop seemed to fit perfectly into the autumnal landscape of their little shopping street. He couldn’t wait to visit it.

Nino, after placing the billboard, went a scarcely any steps back and looked at his store, nodding satisfied and then going back to the interior. He came back; wearing a beige apron with the shop’s logo sewed onto it and leaned in the access, maybe to wait for his remarkably first customer. Sho noticed that the young servant was holding a card deck in his hands which he started to shuffle in a veritably skilled way.

As Nino let his eyes awe around the street and finally recognized Sho sitting in the “Cup’n’Cake” across the street, he smiled friendly and bowed a small degree to greet him and Sho smiling lifted his lot of coffee, combining that gesture by a greeting nod.

It wasn’t the hold out time that the two of them greeted cropped land other from out of their shops, exchanging smiles or waving hands and somehow it became a habit of Sho to mind outside of the shop window from time to time for the time of work, just to search for the young furnish with men. Sho couldn’t prevent from smiling broadly each time he saw Nino bending from a thin to a dense state in front of his shop to favorite the kittens straying around in the realm, or when he sat down onto the highest step of the stairs to his work~ to play cards with some inquisitive kids, his face lightening up from a smile, as if he was a child himself.


Of system, it didn’t take long until Nino finally showed up at the “Cup’n’Cake” and in such a manner Sho wasn’t surprised to distinguish him entering the shop a small in number days later around midday – the closing hours of the bookstore – together with the jingle from the entrance.

“Welcome,” Sho smiled well-disposed and showed a gesture to guidance his customer in, just like he at all times did.

Nino flashed his typical to be worshipped smile at Sho which the other even now knew quite too well. Nevertheless, for the reason that it from so close now was recently made known and exciting, Sho had to receive. As he already thought from looking at the young individual from afar, he was really plentiful. His eyes were deep brown and looked secret and friendly at the same time. His nose was cute and his lips were true adorable, even more when he formed them to that cute affected smile that seemed to be his trademark. A abstruse mole was places on his chin and Sho could blemish a few more on that guy’s incredible soft skin. He cleared his gullet to get his thoughts away from his patron again and offered a table at the store window but Nino seemed to gain other plans for now.

Suddenly, the young soul pulled off the hat he was wearing and unexpectedly, loads of colorful flowers spilled aloud of the hat. Sho’s eyes went bigger and bigger at the surprise.

“Woah, for what cause did you do that?!“ he was obviously impressed ~ dint of. the young man’s trick and Nino exact looked at him with a large-minded smile as he took the cluster of beautiful colored chrysanthemums out of his hat – picking up some dropped flowers as well – and gave them to Sho.

“You have power to keep them. For decorating your work~ or something like that,” the young mankind said as Sho blushed a short and took the flowers.

“Really? Thank you!” Sho smiled luckily and Nino smiled in return.

“I got them from the “Flower Power” work~ next door,” Nino stated, formation a pointing gesture to the border, “Their flowers are really graceful, aren’t they?”

Sho nodded, smooth smiling.

“What’s going ~ward here?” suddenly a voice in the rear Sho asked curiously.

Ohno approached him, advent out from behind the counter in which place he just had refilled the coffee beans, spotting the flowers in Sho’s panoply as he interrupted the conversation. He marksman a serious look at Nino and frowned. Sho gulped, looking a jot nervous and guilty at the flowers in his mail, as if he already knew the sort of was coming now.

“What are you severe to do, magical tricks or presenting flowers to my boyfriend?” Ohno asked in every obviously not so amused voice, tilting his source and Nino just lifted one eyebrow in inquiry.

“O-Oh!” Nino’s eyes widened and he opened his mow, his lips then slowly formed a smile. He chuckled, lifted his ~writing and scratched his ear, tousling the hair curling in a circle it even more. Sho noticed the tips of Nino’s ears essence deep red. Must be cold outside today.

“Satoshi,” Sho impediment out a small sigh. That had been a bridle-~ too direct, maybe.

“I’m vexed, I didn’t know that you brace –,“ Nino began.

“Yes, we two,” Ohno interrupted him immediately, stepping flat closer to Sho to put an arm around his waist.

“Satoshi, please, we bring forth customers,” Sho hissed, turning his visage to him, as he felt the other customers starting to appear and disappear at them curiously. It’s not like their relationship was a secret and Sho knew that ~ numerous of their customers and neighbors puissance know about it, but it wasn’t fitting to frankly show the situation like that.

Ohno suffer his eyes wander over Nino from acme to toes critically before the other lifted his hands while if he would turn himself in in the rear of committing a crime, accompanying that gesturing with a smirk to lighten up the spot.

“Don’t worry Mister, I candid wanted to bring something for pretty good neighbors, since I’m new here, you know – the ancient bookstore across the street? I’m the possessor, Ninomiya Kazunari. Nice to meet you, you have power to call me Nino.”

“I apprehend who you are,” Ohno cut the other man’s words, “We maxim you already. You’re that dowdy with the flashy van.”

Sho started mirthful as he felt the air ~atory being tense between those two and petting his boyfriend’s shoulder, he tried to calm him down.

“Nice to meet you over, just don’t pay too a great quantity attention to him, he’s equitable a little sleepy and grumpy, you be aware of? This is Ohno Satoshi by the second nature and I’m Sakurai Sho. We’re the owners of this coffee store,” he bowed slightly and pushed Ohno back at the back the counter, murmuring something at him that Nino couldn’t heed, “Could you please behave yourself a slender more? He didn’t do anything and you’re scaring our customers with such an awful attitude!”

Ohno forced himself to smile and finally asked the curiously staring Nino, that which he wanted to drink.

“Black coffee – to proceed, please,” the young man answered through a fake smile in return, not free from noticing Ohno’s fake smile instantly crumbling right hand to a disgusted look, when Sho joyfully repeated Nino’s pr~ to him.

After Ohno filled the paper cup, Sho reached it out to Nino, smiling kind-hearted and as Nino asked for the value and started fumbling around in his coat’s pocket, Sho just waved his hand.

“Don’t perplexity, it’s on the house. Let’s answer as a small welcome gift. Let’s have ~ing good neighbors!”

“Alright, thank you very much,” Nino bowed negligently and took the paper cup in his hands, Sho couldn’t prevent his heart from jumping a brief as soon as Nino’s fingertips touched his workmanship.

Nino flashed a last cute smile at Sho and discharge a critical look towards Ohno, before he turned on every side and opened the shop’s means of approach to leave.

“Don’t come again…” Ohno murmured from astern the coffee machine and Sho wasn’t firm, if Nino had heard that.

The young supply with hands had turned around a last time, his eyes questioning yet the jingle from the shop house might have drowned Ohno’s sour comment. Sho looked quite embarrassed notwithstanding that and so he hurriedly followed Nino utmost, letting a dumbfounded Ohno standing alone in the store but he didn’t mind fit now.

“I’m really grieved. Please come again!” Sho called revealed to Nino to hold him back, apologizing instead of Ohno’s behavior.

Nino turned on all sides while walking and just lifted his cup of coffee with a smile, “Don’t worry, my material substance will call out for caffeine once more soon. Thanks for the treat!”

“Ah- won’t you try unit of “J’s pastries” eminent cupcakes as well? I’ll finish you one for free,” Sho offered being of the kind which he figured that the coffee ability not have been enough.

“Thanks nevertheless I usually don’t eat saccharine substances,” Nino declined politely with a puny laughter, “If you’re prejudiced, come to visit my shop when you’re free.”

“Of methodical arrangement!” Sho smiled.

When he returned to the store, Ohno shot him with death glares and unhesitating to ignore Sho for the rest of the appointed time as much as he could. Sho sighed. He was reasonable polite to a new neighbor, that’s the whole of, right? No need for Ohno to arrive jealous about something like kindness and courtliness.


“You like that guy, don’t you?” Ohno asked Sho a hardly any days later, as they ate dinner upstairs.

Ohno had cooked pasta with a view to the two of them while Sho had made the side dish salad, he was currently choking steady. He made a grimace – too a great deal of vinegar.

“Hm? Who do I like?” Sho asked hollow, as he recovered, reaching for the bitter shaker to counterattack the sourness of his and Ohno’s salad.

Ohno oblige down his fork and spoon in the same manner with if he had lost his stomach and stared at Sho with some upset look. Sho put down the muriate of soda shaker as well, didn’t be not afraid touching his meal and just stared back, his heartbeat increasing in the manner that he started to get nervous. He before that time knew this situation. It had even now happened sometimes. Usually he didn’t receive what Ohno was after, but this time was the earliest time, Sho could actually imagine, why Ohno was asking, because his thoughts just now jumped to one special person, equitable if he didn’t like that and of conduct would never admit.

“You apprehend, who I’m talking about, Sho,” Ohno’s utterance raised a little and Sho stiffened, “That modern guy, that Nino-guy. Do you believe I don’t notice how you sum of ~ units are looking at each other?”

Sho jot his lower lip and got himself end to take the salt shaker up another time, “I don’t know which you’re talking about,” he conscientious murmured.

“Don’t take me with regard to a fool, Sho, I’m not misleader,” Ohno insisted and slammed his hands onto the diet so that Sho cringed in surprise, “He’s obviously flirting by you and you are answering that! I before that time watched that for a few days and didn’t saw anything but enough is enough!”

“He’s not flirting and I’m not…” Sho murmured, frowning.

“He is!”

Well, maybe Nino was flirting a little through Sho or something. At least, he was rightful being nice. And maybe, Sho fair liked that. Nino was an winsome man, he was friendly and interesting. And that someone like that might be flirting with him, gave Sho at least a bit of self confidence. Couldn’t harm from time to time to push your self a little but that didn’t little that Sho was flirting back – or centre of life friendlier to him as to anyone otherwise – what he definitely was not. Not in forehead of his boyfriend and not, suppose that he was leading a happy consanguinity to begin with. Well, a to a greater degree or less happy relationship to push to action it straight.

“Come on, Satoshi, what’s that again?! If it’s like you presume I would be flirting with every single customer that enters our shop. You’re just imagining things, I none do that and you know that! We had this confabulation already hundreds of times!” Sho missile back, even if his voice was trembling a bit nervously.

He knew Ohno’s manner like that and he hated it. Getting accused plane if he didn’t do anything happened totally too often lately. He hated it so much to know that Ohno seemed to subsist unable to trust him even suppose that he never ever gave him a ground to distrust him -never. Sho reached wanting his slightly trembling hand over the catalogue and put it on top of Ohno’s clenched clenched hand.

“I love you. I would never flirt with others or betray you. You perceive that,” Sho whispered and later than letting out a huge sigh, Ohno relaxed again and intertwined his beautiful fingers with Sho’s.

“You should verily get a hold of your jealousy problem,” Sho pouted.

“Yeah, I’m miserable,” Ohno murmured but pulled his fingers at a distance.

Sho could feel a sting of rejection in his heart and started wondering, by what mode long their relationship would last up~ the current basis.


“Did you already check Nino’s shop?” Sho asked human being morning a bit nervous as he watched the young hu~ being from across the street preparing with regard to the shop opening. It was human being of the probably last sunny fall of the year days so putting some books external was no problem instead of the the ~ time days when it rained pretty heavily.

“No,” Ohno wondered from aft the counter while he was preparing his and Sho’s peep of day coffee. He frowned, “Why should I?”

“I was precisely thinking that he opened already other than two weeks ago and it was so busy that I still couldn’t take a peek into the store so far. It looks so trim, it makes me curious. Besides, I could extremity some new books,” Sho set forth, pointing at the almost finished main division lying on his table, “I imagine I’ll take a look this afternoon. Won’t you tend hitherward along with me? I’m trustworthy, Nino would be happy.”

Actually, Sho didn’t accept there even if Nino had even now invited him a few times, for the cause that he didn’t want Ohno to commit to memory suspicious and jealous again. Instead, after this he wanted to offer him to draw near along to be able to guard an eye on them and to fashion sure that Sho wasn’t flirting or be it what it may Ohno thought Sho was doing.

A noisy clank came from Ohno’s management and surprised, Sho turned around to take a take care what had happened. The other person had obviously smashed one of their coffee mugs onto the found. Sho stiffened and his eyes shyly searched with respect to eye-contact with Ohno but the other soul just had lowered his gaze.

“Stop talking concerning him in such a familiar course,” Ohno murmured.

“What?” Sho wasn’t strong if he got what Ohno had before-mentioned.

“I said, STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM IN SUCH A FAMILIAR WAY!” Ohno repeated, raising his utterance in anger along with his chieftain so that his angry and Sho’s unease eyes finally met.

First, Sho didn’t rejoin and just stared at him in discredit. His heart started racing nervously.

“What did I statement wrong this time, Satoshi?” Sho in conclusion asked in a low voice, grievous not to make his boyfriend uniform angrier.

“How long do you be assured of that guy – for 2 weeks? And you ~ together him by that stupid nickname already just because he offered that one time? His name is Ninomiya, NINOMIYA, NOT NINO!” Ohno once for all exploded, “How well do you understand each other? Is there something you didn’t reckon me? You know what?! You be able to go buy your stupid books put ~ your own, then I won’t suspend your stupid flirting,” Ohno hissed and clenched his fists, “And you have power to make your stupid white coffee up~ your own as well!”

Without picking up the dispersed pieces of the ruined coffee mug, Ohno rushed upstairs. Sho could attend to the door to their apartment banging and ~y not really understanding what just had happened, he proper sat there and stared at the set of steps. He then sighed deeply and started piercing his lips, trying to calm into disrepute his heartbeat but it seemed inconceivable. Sometimes he just didn’t memorize his boyfriend. They already talked here and there that. So why was he thus jealous and exploded like that? Just for Sho was interested in Nino’s work~ and called him by his nickname like everyone other in the street already did?

When Ohno returned to the work~ a bit later, Sho had already cleaned up the scattered pieces of the coffee mug, Ohno had dropped – of manner of proceeding it had been Sho’s mug. He and Ohno didn’t barter one single word that day count upon from orders from their customers and of that kind necessary stuff. Ohno seemed to exist still angry at Sho and Sho at once had reached the phase of sulky. He didn’t see why he should make an apology or explain himself to his boyfriend. He didn’t answer the purpose anything wrong at least. To the counter, he had tried to consider Ohno’s feelings and to compel things easier but well, if the other didn’t desire to compromise, then it wasn’t Sho’s puzzle.


In the afternoon, when the store didn’t seem too busy ~ one longer, Sho excused himself to take a influence by ~s at Nino’s shop and left space of time Ohno had to serve a scarcely any last customers. He left with two paper cups of coffee – unit for Nino and one for himself. Ohno didn’t venture complaining, since he knew that he had acted trifling and Sho would be only buying more books, that’s why he was going there, right? He wasn’t interested in Nino posterior all, at least that was what he had told Ohno already a leash of times, right?

After closing the shop about half an hour later, Ohno went buying a of recent origin coffee mug for Sho but for example he came back and could view Sho and Nino still chatting cheerfully about whatever he couldn’t learn from outside through the shop window of the “Antique & Books”, he couldn’t ignore that penetrating feeling inside his chest – the irritation towards Nino as well as towards Sho – that was building up deep inside of him once more. He couldn’t prevent that fine ~ from occurring, even if he tried to repeal Sho’s vowing of love towards him. Ohno equitable couldn’t bear looking at them any longer, smiling, exchanging looks he couldn’t indeed interpret, talking and talking and talking because much as Ohno and Sho didn’t theme for a long time. As he couldn’t take in the hand this overwhelming jealousy any longer that he felt from seeing another man fascinating his Sho that abundant, he felt the urge to explode into the bookshop, beating up Nino and pulling Sho off of the shop. Ohno clenched his fists, turned round again and a few minutes later returned the mug to the work~ before he headed back at home, to wait there for Sho.


Sho didn’t order the time flying by as he stood in that place in Nino’s shop, gazing at every part of those old books with amazed eyes, excitedly exchanging more random chats about random books by the owner of the shop. It was surprising, how much Nino knew about books and divers authors. He knew so much in addition than Sho that Sho couldn’t impede asking for details, opinions about limited books and for recommendations by the young somebody. He could never talk to Ohno concerning his books, since the other was completely uninterested in literature, so it was really fun to chat about his hobby after such a diffuse time. It was amazing and exciting to happy talk about books with Nino and of road it didn’t have to complete anything with the fact that it was Nino, he was talking to.

Sho tried to ignore the happiness increasing deep inside of him every time Nino’s beautiful eyes lightened up taken in the character of he discussed some of his favorite stories with Sho. He tried to ignore for what cause light and fluttering his heart felt each time Nino’s lips – veritably beautiful lips – curled up into a smile and tried to ignore, for what reason beautiful Nino’s laughter sounded in his ears. Well, he didn’t get to feel that guilty, did he? Nino was indeed a handsome man and Sho liked men, so it wasn’t surprising that he had recognized that man’s handsomeness. He would in no degree betray Ohno; no matter how plentiful Nino might ever be and ~t one matter how often Ohno accused him of doing a thing like that. He was just looking and talking. Nothing in greater numbers. That should be allowed, right? But for what cause was he feeling guilty then towards Ohno in such a manner that the feeling of happiness as long as spending time with Nino every time got blended up with some bitter side savor?


That night, after lots of hours of talking through Nino, Sho found Ohno sitting forward the couch in front of the television, habitually waiting, wrapped up in a slender blanket.

“Where have you been in this way long?” Ohno asked in a unmanly voice, as Sho entered the live room, “Must have been pleasantry talking with that guy.”

“I’m hurt,” Sho said and failed smiling disastrously, “I forgot the time…”

“I cooked dinner if it be not that you didn’t show up and you didn’t make ~ your phone either, so I threw it away,” Ohno continued and stood up, letting the blanket slip from his shoulders.

“Ah – you could esteem kept it in the fridge, I would be obliged loved to eat your food one more time,” Sho answered, “Sorry instead of not calling, my phone was in c~tinuance mute.”

Ohno approached Sho, his eyes flagitious and his face all serious. Sho wasn’t certain if he should back off and true leave Ohno alone for the rest of the death or if he should apologize anew. He already prepared for Ohno’s abusive, ranting, accusing him that Sho would subsist cheating on him, but nothing like that happened. Ohno correct came closer and stopped in con~ of Sho so that their faces were but a few cm apart.

“I rehearse it clear and I say it the in conclusion time because you are supposed to understand that anyways,” Sho hissed and put to hire his slim fingers grab Sho’s wrists, importunate them a little too tight in spite of Sho’s taste, “You are mine. Only mine. You get it?”

That obscurity, it was the first time that Sho didn’t like it in what manner he and Ohno made love. Usually it felt renowned, didn’t matter if it was impulsive or gentle, Ohno always knew the kind of to do to make Sho mollify in his arms, to make him demand for more. But this time Sho right felt the anger and the lunacy of Ohno, who clearly showed Sho, that he was indeed belonging to him in every way. Even in the manner that Sho begged him to stop, Ohno didn’t only continued to thrust into Sho’s already weak feeling body until he was satisfied, not caring from one place to another his boyfriend’s displeasure at completely.

That night, Sho stood up on the alert a long time, curling up forward the couch in the living expanse alone, feeling sore and trying to distract his bewail with a random late night TV pretext but he just could shed taciturn tears from his aching heart, wondering, when and more than that, why Ohno had changed in the way that much since the beginning. Was this silent the man he loved? He wasn’t that safe about that any longer and that made him firm. It didn’t help, that Sho could beware the silhouettes of Nino through the curtains from the room across the street, who seemed to subsist still awake as well, reading or a portion like that. Sho’s heart clenched on the same level more as he felt guilty according to the upcoming wish of being at Nino’s oblique right now. Maybe he deserved which he got, he thought, shedding some more tears.

The next morning, Sho had to cause to become his coffee on his own again.


Part 2


It certainly is likely that they had been prescribed to women who were artificial by depression, that often accompanies menopause.

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