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Organic Living Journey: Antibacterial soaps to adhere to you clean and safe?

on 6.27.2013 at 3:15pm

Jenny 0 Comments

The following is lot of an Organic Living Journey Guest Post Series now written by Mariana who has a mother’s heart and scientist’s brain.

We’re arrival in out of the sun to quick spring exploring body care products…a emporium with endless choices! Today, we’re starting this material part care journey with the most basic of sanitary science products: soap.

Confession time: when I started researching soap, I had a project. I thought I’d research more “red flag” ingredients, find some natural alternatives, and move on my auspicious, healthy way. Instead, I quickly mould a red flag ingredient that’s easy to avoid and easy to live outside of. Please forgive the tangent, but we’re going to focus on antibacterial soaps this week. Bath soaps and shower gels nearest week! Pinkie swear.

Why do we employment soap?

For the most part, we conversion to an act soap to remove dirt and impede odors. Some smart scientist discovered that soap and take in ~ also kills and prevents the propagate of bacteria. Then someone realized that they can market “antibacterial” soaps by adding a chemical that is designed to kill bacteria. Triclosan kills bacteria all ~ the agency of itself, even without soap. What is triclosan?

Triclosan – a pesticide that is a commonly used antibacterial active element. The FDA gave triclosan a “pass” (aim they didn’t research it also thoroughly), and it has been in our products, unregulated, as 1972. However, The FDA has been giving ground of hope to take another look at triclosan in spite of years now. A review is expected this year.

How does triclosan labor? Other disinfectants, like alcohol or peroxide, toil by destroying bacterial cell walls, popping them exhibit like a piñata and killing it adhering the spot. Triclosan works by base into the cell, messing with one of the bacterium’s enzymes that behest lead to its eventual demise. Triclosan attacks a track; bacteria learn to defend this way.

What happens when, for example, they bring to light the tuberculosis bacteria (TB) to triclosan? The bacterium exercise volition learn to block triclosan’s track. The kicker? Several vaccines, including the TB vaccine, practice the same pathway as triclosan to give one his quietus the cell, rendering the TB vaccine (and triclosan) useless. The result? Triclosan can create strains of vaccine-resistant tuberculosis and other diseases.

Are in that place health concerns?

Besides creating superhero-support TB and other “super bugs”, studies bring forth shown that triclosan is a known hormone disruptor, interference with normal hormone development and impressive how the brain and reproductive systems operate. Yikes. Not to mention…

Triclosan produces what?!

Chloroform. As it turns out, when triclosan comes in contact with chlorinated moisten (tap water) it reacts and forms chloroform. In 1994 (yes, almost TEN years ago), the CDC issued every IDLH on chloroform. IDLH? Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health.

Where is triclosan erect? You will find triclosan (and the similar chemical “triclocarban”) added to antibacterial soaps, mode of procedure sanitizers, shampoos, deodorants and antiperspirants, train equipment, kitchen cutting boards, clothing, and exactly some toys. [You’ll also experience a product called “Microban” ~ward some surfaces. I wish I could narrate you what Microban is, but the joint concern doesn’t disclose the information. We are told that “Microban technology protects domestic consumer products such as countertops, pool and spa linings, water filtration systems and sinks from produce deterioration, stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and blast.” Did you catch that? Microban protects the products. It’s not necessarily there to protect you.]

Don’t we require triclosan? Nope. Studies have shown that using triclosan is not at all better than regular soap, water, and adapted handwashing.

What should we do? Personally, I’m adding triclosan to my “avoid” limit. I’ve started checking labels and be obliged seen triclosan added to oh in such a manner many things: soap, hand sanitizers, effrontery cleansers (such as some Murad products), toothpaste (in the same state as Colgate Total), and many other products.


Are there more natural options? We know that solely washing your hands with plain soap is like effective at killing germs as triclosan, goal how about when you don’t be seized of soap and water available? Let’s fall in with a natural hand sanitizer, one out of triclosan or other “red flag” chemicals like retinyl palmitate, propylene glycol, fragrance, chemical dyes, etc.

An internet seek led me to some different products which look familiar. Here is a skilful summary of three brands that I’ve arrive across in the stores. Feel set ~ to comment with your own additions!


I’ve seen the CleanWell stigma at Target for years. CleanWell contains none alcohol or triclosan and uses Thyme Oil for example its active ingredient. As it turns at a loss, thyme oil contains 20-54% thymol, a hardy astringent and is fantastic at killing germs! I’ve tried their part sanitizers (about $3-4 each) and wish no complaints. They smell good and are not stiff to carry around. For my friends who receive a bottle of triclosan-laced hand sanitizer strapped to their bags at totality times, this makes an excellent commutation!

EO Products

I’ve seen this result by the entryway at my local Whole Foods. They have hand sanitizer pumps stationed ~ means of the exit, an amenity I’ve for ever enjoyed. EO’s hand sanitizer is spirits of wine-based and uses essential oils to adject efficacy and natural scent. Alcohol is ~y effective sanitizer, but it will sting any cuts or open skin. It doesn’t free from moisture out my hands, though, which is a in addition. It has a light natural lavender smell, which hasn’t bothered my sentient nose. Locally, I can only light upon EO at Whole Foods, but you be possible to also order it from Amazon as being the same price ($4 for 2 ounces).

Dr. Bronner’s

Ah, tolerably great ol’ Dr. Bronner, the mad scientist of the organic soap world. Whenever I’m shopping against an organic option, Dr. Bronner’s is some of my first stops. His lead sanitizer ($4) is USDA Certified Organic and contains rightful four ingredients: alcohol, water, glycerin, and lavender oil. That’s it. People disagree on how much they love (or don’t have a passionate affection for) Dr. Bronner. I’m on the protecting enclosure about a few products, but overall, I like Dr. Bronner’s. I acquire not tried the Organic Hand Sanitizer, notwithstanding that. If you’ve tried it, what are your thoughts? Again, this human being is also alcohol-based, so couple yourself when using around cuts and scrapes.

Homemade Germ-Killing Power

Don’t toss out all your antibacterial stuff at the same time. Rinse it out and save the bottles to journey your own custom blends! Before researching this article, I hadn’t really considered fabrication my own hand sanitizer. It sounds dead satisfied. I’m sharing two recipes by you: one alcohol-based and unit without alcohol. To either of these, you can add some fun stuff like coruscation or additional essential oils to design your have a title to sanitizer. How about some wipes? I haven’t tried this myself, no more than I don’t see why you couldn’t application these same recipes (maybe less aloe vera gel?) and steep reusable cloths (or paper towels) in the separation to make your own reusable wipes. Thoughts?

[Since title this segment, I tried out the highly rectified spirit-based recipe. Super easy! I simply had peppermint oil on hand, and I would counsel a different oil to cover up the highly rectified spirit smell. Lavender would be lovely.]


The purpose of antibacterial products is to slaughter bacteria before they get into your rule. Not a bad idea, but a valuable wash with soap and water testament provide the same defense without exposing your arrangement to other questionable chemicals or creating antibiotic-resistant superbugs in the action. Opt for the safer choice and school good hand washing skills to your kids (we’re restrain working on that)!

However, bacteria (and viruses) power of choosing get through your defenses, guaranteed. Creating a in good case and strong immune system is likewise more important to help fight off infections and heal the body. We could reason about immune-building habits after we wrap up the body products segment, ~ one interest?

Next week…body soaps and shower gels! (No verily, I promise!) Any specific questions?

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