Fedora Planet. C'est ce mardi 13 juin que les utilisateurs du Projet Fedora seront ravis d'apprendre la disponibilité de la Beta de la future Fedora...


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News, stories and media buzz related to Fedora Planet

  • The Fedora Diversity FAD
    via fedoraproject

    DevConf.cz featured many great talks and a fantastic hallway track. It also hosted the Fedora Activity Day for the Fedora Diversity team. The FAD spanned three days of working on ways we can learn more about our community, encourage greater diversity...

  • North America and Fedora: Year in Review
    via communityblog.fedoraproject

    The past year has proven to be both challenging and demanding for our Ambassadors. During the past year there have been a lot of new ideas proposed and more events that are being sought out attempting to expand our base. Many of the ventures have been...

  • Fedora’s third Flock conference kicked off Wednesday morning with a keynote by Matthew Miller, the Fedora Project Leader (FPL). How’s Fedora doing? Says Miller, “The actual state of Fedora is awesome, we’re doing very well as a project and it’s thanks...

  • F25 Beta Officially Announced
    via forums.fedoraforum

    The Fedora Project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Fedora 25 Beta, the next big step on our journey to the exciting Fedora 25 release in November. Fedora's journey is not simply about updating one operating system with the latest...

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Fedoraplanet.org popular pages

  • Planet Fedora

    C'est ce mardi 13 juin que les utilisateurs du Projet Fedora seront ravis d'apprendre la disponibilité de la Beta de la future Fedora 26. Malgré les risques concernant la stabilité d’une version Beta,...

  • Just Fedora Planet

    https://paul.frields.org/2017/02/09/next-big-things-2017-edition/ <p>The post <a href="https://paul.frields.org/2017/02/09/next-big-things-2017-edition/" rel="nofollow">The next big things, 2017 edi...

  • Planet Fedora

    Along with several people on the Fedora Engineering team, I recently attended the DevConf.cz 2017 event. The conference has grown into an amazingly successful gathering of open source developers. Most...

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