'I love photography and all of its possibilities. I think I like modeling because it's a way for me to express myself creatively and explore a form of art that is constantly evolving. I also love being on the other side of the camera.'

Dale Lloyd

As soon as I saw his work back in 2010 I contacted San Diego photographer Nolan Dean about featuring his work on FH. Thankfully Nolan was supported and I have featured his imagery several times in the last several years. Nolan's images have a distinct look and feel. It is not a surprise that sculpture was part of his artistic education as there is a modern element of design within his work which comes through in then unique poses and lines he captures with the models he captures.

Nolan's artistic flair is certainly at play in this set of images of San Francisco model Dale Lloyd. I loved Dale's look and the dynamic poses captured in his work with Nolan. I was also fascinated by Dale's leg tattoo, a work of art that has you looking closer to catch all of the color and detail.  It was also a leg tattoo that had attracted me to previous image of Nolan's that I featured in 2011. (HERE:)

'My tattoo represents my happy place. It is inspired by a huge oak tree that was in my grandparents yard. My cousins and I spent a lot of time swinging and playing under that tree. The tree was my first Tattoo and it started as a black and grey piece given to me by my friend Mike Bremer who owns Chronic Tattoo in San Diego. Over the past few years we added the moon the color and a bit of background.'

When Dale sent on images for me to select from for the story, there were a variety of looks from several different photographers. All of the images I choose were from Nolan, but there were several without facial hair that gave Dale a completely look. If you want to see for yourself, check out Dale's portfolio on Model Mayhem to more of his work.

'The change in looks has really just been a natural progression. Only a couple years ago I wasn't able to grow a beard. Then while I was traveling abroad for a few months I decided not to shave and came home with a beard. What's funny is I feel like people treat me with more respect when I have a beard like I'm older and wiser.'

Dale's first taste of being in front of the camera came when he moved to New York. Without a full time job, it was the right time to take some risks and try a bunch of thing he had't considered before. Dale's first photoshoot was an expressions shoot. The photographer told Dale to have fun and to play with as many facial expressions as he could think of and Dale had a great time goofing around while the camera snapped.

As for when he first connected with Nolan, the photographer sent Dale a message after seeing a notice on MM that he'd be traveling in Southern California. The e-mailed back and forth for a bit and the when Dale arrived in San Diego they met at the pier for the sunset shoot. There was no particular concept in mind, Dale had just brought the clothes he had with him and Nolan choose what he liked for the shoot. The next day, they met back at Nolan's studio and continued their shoot, this time, clothes were not required.

Dale says he has had many fun experiences while shooting, but always prefers his outdoor shoots. 'One of my favorite modeling experiences was riding a tandem bike around under the Brooklyn Bridge.' Dale says he doesn't really have any specific concepts in mind for future shoots, he just always gets excited by new and creative ideas. I think the body shots and poses from his work with Nolan are both creative and artistic. Most people struggle looking graceful while completing a wheel pose, (Chakrasana) let alone doing it completely naked with a camera clicking.

'I just really enjoy being naked. It did take some time to become comfortable and confident enough with my self and my body to be naked in front of a camera though. I live with no regrets!'

Dale Lloyd on ModelMayhem

Nolan Dean

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