“Is G-Dragon here yet?”

The South Korean rapper with scarcely 11 million supporters was a thesis of foul whispers on Tuesday dusk during Seoul Fashion Week‘s initial vital off-the-calendar uncover of a season. A throng of editors, celebrities, and even Demna Gvasalia’s brother, Guram was lured in a center of a night with usually 24-hours notice to a staff parking lot during a Grand Hyatt Hotel not usually due to a guarantee of a K-Pop star sighting, nonetheless also to see South Korea’s initial “official punk brand,” 99%IS—, (pronounced 99 percent is), that was founded in 2008 by Seoul local Park Jung Woo, who goes by Ba Jo Woo and looks a lot like The Joker from Batman.

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“I wish what we do to be like a virus,” pronounced Ba Jo Woo a day after a show. “It can widespread to any age, any duration in history, and any culture. No matter who we are, if we locate it, we share a same experience.” The 32-year-old pronounced this by his now-signature surgical mask, that he cuts a grin into any day before staining black eyeshadow around his eyes. He also has splendid yellow hair with an commotion pitch painted on a behind of his head, offset by purple spikes in a front. On set, he wore a “Fuck Forever” pin from a Spring 2017 collection and drank by a straw, so that he never had to uncover his face.

Between his gusto for showy rants such as this one, brute conform shows, and garments that exclude to play by a rules, it seems satisfactory to hold Ba Jo Woo a Kanye West of South Korean fashion.

“I unequivocally like Kanye West,” pronounced Ba Jo Woo when asked about American renouned culture. “He has a lot of things to say, nonetheless gets accursed out. But that’s what we like about him. He’s not perplexing to act cool; he’s usually doing what he wants to do.”

In serve to G-Dragon, other luminary fans of 99%IS— embody Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. However, West himself has nonetheless to locate on. Ba Jo Woo has always had a crafty tie to song though, and after graduating from conform propagandize in Korea, he trafficked a universe conceptualizing costumes for tiny stone bands. Through his work, he grown an heterogeneous ambience for a subterraneous punk character character in sold while visiting cities such as London, Paris, Tokyo, and Bangkok, and eventually staid in Tokyo to attend a Dressmaker conform school. It was here that he initial showed strictly during Tokyo Fashion Week in 2012. His lapse to Seoul this deteriorate was since his Spring 2017 collection was desirous by Korean culture.


The stage during a 99%IS— uncover in Seoul was Mad Max meets Japanese Yakuza meets The Sex Pistols. Guests were any handed a Brewdog “Punk IPA” and ashtrays were placed during a finish of any quarrel with lighters. Everyone — including K-Pop stars — dressed for a arise in leather jackets, height boots, and fishnet tights. Models emerged from a cloud of fume vaping and celebration as good — some even poured drink on themselves to exhibit a imitation underneath their dripping white shirts. And while a collection was meant to demeanour like a prohibited mess, there were other crafty tricks of a eye, including crushed cans ragged as glasses, hundreds of reserve pins organised to make striking prints, and elaboration of a letters A.G.T, that stands for both “against good truth,” and a word, ah-gee-teu, that is Korean for “hangout spot.”

“You never know what’s genuine until you’ve gifted it,” pronounced Ba Jo Woo of a collection’s thesis of law contra reality. “For example, if an intent is labeled as Coca Cola, we don’t indeed know it’s Coke until we ambience it. It could be Dr. Pepper or soy sauce.” This was also a embellishment for a approach punk enlightenment is perceived, quite by some-more regressive Koreans. “Koreans consider punk is usually aggressive,” continued Ba Jo Woo. “I wish my wardrobe to uncover that it’s some-more than that.”

For Ba Jo Woo, a clarification of punk includes everybody from skaters to skinheads to a Sex Pistols, who all might have their possess ah-gee-teu, nonetheless share a commonality. “Even nonetheless a appearances are different, when we demeanour during someone’s clothing, we can know we share identical feelings,” he said. “I can travel into any ah-gee-teu around a universe with confidence.”

With a fast globalization and modernization of South Korea, it’s no warn that many immature people are embracing both a punk demeanour and lifestyle. At a 99%IS— show, tattoo-clad models even walked topless — dual practices that are still intensely frowned on in Korean culture. But with vital stars like G-Dragon removing behind a punk trend, too, maybe this is a pointer that there’s even serve change afoot.

“People are not interested, and don’t know about a one percent of us that can't fit in with a rest,” pronounced Ba Jo Woo of his army of K-Punks, who might not be mainstream yet, nonetheless are positively a village of their own. “But for me and my friends, it’s everything. It’s 99-percent.”

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