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Plot: Set in the distant future, in a society where at the age of 16, all boys must join the army for 5 years. After that time, they can choose to stay with the army or leave. Levi Powell has just joined the army, but believes that this is a terrible system, and luckily there are other who think the same thing, like his new friends Thomas, Andre, John, Kyle, Jason, Adrien, Zach and his twin brother Paul. They leave the army to form a rebellion, but it's not long until this has been discovered by the army, and that Jason and co. are hunted down by them.


"Levi Powell" is called over a speaker. I'm scared, I'm nervous, I'm worried, I'm shitting myself with fear of what is to come. I stand up. Everything is blocked out. I look at my mum, my girlfriend and my little sister, Alexa. She's only 5 years old, how is she going to be without me being there to help her? I won't see them for a year. I only get one week every year to go home and visit them, if I survive. I kiss them goodbye. "We will see you again Levi, I promise." Says my mum. I look to my sister. Tears running down her face. She runs into my arms. I lift her up. I'm starting to choke up. "Alexa, I promise you'll be fine, okay?" I tell her, reassuring her. My girlfriend Bella gives me a huge hug and a kiss. "I'm gonna miss you, so much. I love you." She says. I kiss her again. "I love you too. I can't wait to see you when I get back." I say. I look to my step father. God he's an asshole. He's hungover. Of course he is. He's the reason Alexa basically thinks of me as her dad. "You'd better look after them Tony." I say to him, with anger in my voice. "You can call me dad, you know, Levi?" He says, trying to be nice in front of everyone. "Fuck off." I say under my breath. I walk up to the ship. It feels like a long walk, even though it's only about 5 metres away. 2 months of training for this. I see my friend Thomas on the ship. He's telling my to get a move on. Paul is a bit less kind about it. I hear him yelling out swear words towards me. I take one last look at my family as I board the ship. I take the seat between Zach & Thomas. We were a good group, and Andre was a great officer to lead us. Andre has been a soldier for 8 years. He believes there's something fishy about the army, and so do I. Our President, President Kane, is a bit suss, and I don't like him one bit. I shake hands with Zach. "Good to see you Z." I said to him. "Man did I miss seeing your ugly face every day for 2 months." He said back to me. We all laugh, even myself. I looked over at Jason and noticed that he was green in the face. "Hey Jason, are you okay man?" Asked John, one of the oldest in our group. We all started laughing under our breaths. Kyle, who is on his third year got out of his seat and sat next to him. "Hey man, do you need a spew bag or anything?" Asked Kyle, calming Jason. Jason looked at Kyle, trying to keep his mouth closed. Kyle knew it was coming up. Kyle jumped out of the seat, but it was too late. Vomit went all over his face and uniform. We all started cracking up with laughter. Paul and Zach especially. Paul and Zach are twins, except you wouldn't be able to tell. Paul is quite big in size, and Zach is quite muscular. Jason is their next door neighbour and he visits there often. He's basically the African American third brother. Even Andre was laughing. "Damn nigga! Jason my nigga I'm going to go get you a towel or something. Kyle you can suffer and let the vomit dry on you." Said Andre laughing. Kyle looked furious. "Don't make me put vomit on you Dre!" Said Kyle. "I'll get you a towel too don't worry." Said Andre. I think this is the happiest I have ever seen Andre. Another member of our group Adrien came out of the bathroom. "AJ!" I called out with happiness. "Damn it's hard to shit when you're in a moving object." Said Adrien. He holds out his hand for a handshake. "Did you wash your hands?" I asked. He looks down at his hands. "I'll be back." He said. I laugh at him. This is a good place to be, with good people. If only Alex could get pushed out of the ship. "Landing in 10 minutes." Says a man over a speaker. Andre comes back with the towels. "Hey Levi, how are things with Bella?" Asks Thomas. I think of her. Her beautiful blue eyes and her blonde hair. I wish I could just stay with her instead of go on this stupid trip. "Yeah, things are good." I reply. John laughs. "Fucked her yet?" He asks. All the others laugh, including Andre. I think for my answer. "That's for me to know, and for you to find out." I reply. Zach pipes up. "In other words, he's fucked her." He says. We all laugh. Thomas hands me some chocolate. "Cheers Tommy boy." I say. Tommy's good like that. He'll always do the right thing for people. I'm glad that we formed a good friendship. AJ comes back from the toilets. "Prepare for landing." Says a man over a speaker. We all buckle in. The landing is smooth. We all unbuckle our seatbelts. I stand up and help up Thomas & Zach. We grab our gear from under our seats. The door opens and the sun is blinding in my eyes. We have landed, and we are ready for war.

Chapter 2

We step outside with our gear and enter our home for this current location. The place is decked out with cool stuff. X-Box Zero, Playstation Next, basketball court, beers, training area and much more. The rooms are split into three. Zach, Thomas and I are in one room, Jason, Paul & Kyle are in another room and John, Andre & Adrien, the most experienced soldiers, are in another. We all decide to play a game of basketball for a bit of fun and to wake us up from the flight. Afterwards we headed inside and got some beers out. A menu was lying on our table with three options. Pizza, Roast or Pasta. We all decided to get the roast to build us up for the battle tomorrow. We all sat around and talked about tomorrow. "Okay, so tomorrow morning, I want every one up real early so we can do some training, yeah?" Says Andre. "Sounds good to me." Says Adrien. We hear a knock at the door. "I'll get it." Says Paul. I laugh. "Of course Paul would, he's probably thinking of eating it all." I say. Everyone laughs, even Zach and Jason. Andre is cracking up. Paul comes back with the roast. We all stop laughing. "Do you really think I didn't hear that Levi?" Asks Paul. Everyone starts chanting fight. Paul then pulls down his pants. Grabs me by my hair, shoves my face in his butt crack and lets off a ripper. Now, everyone is really laughing. I fall out of my chair, gasping for breath. Thomas, my best friend, won't even help me. He's to busy cracking up at the fact that I just got farted on. Kyle helps me up. "That's enough." Says Andre. "We need to eat and get straight to bed." We all eat out dinner and talk about life. Andre tells us about his son and his wife. "I decided that I would have a child so that I would get 6 months off. I mean there's something fishy about this system. I'm going to get to the bottom of it." He says. "Why did you continue staying with the army?" I ask. He sighs. "Well, young black men don't get trusted with many jobs, and I had to provide for my girl, so I stayed." He says. Jason nods. "I hear you Dre. My dad stayed in the army for 12 years until he was killed. I only met him once when I was 9." Says Jason, sadly. The mood starts to go down. "I think it's time we all got to bed." Says John. We all agree with the decision and head out to our rooms. I jump in my bed. Nice and comfortable. Zach walks in in only his underwear. "Put some clothes on you wanker." I say to him. He jumps on me and starts waving his privates in my face. I push him off me and he falls on the ground. Thomas just laughs from a distance. "Do you want it to Thomas?" Asks Zach. I start laughing. "He does he does!" I call out. Zach starts walking over to Thomas' bed. Andre walks in. "Shut the fuck up and go to sleep." He says. Zach hops in his bed. "Night boys." I say. "Goodnight." They say back. I look at my picture of Bella and kiss it, and then I fall asleep. "Levi! Wake up! Wake up! We're getting shot at!" Yells Adrien. I jump out of bed, forgetting that I'm naked. I run to the main window and I see the terrorists running towards us. I see them getting shot down. Andre, John, Kyle, Zach, Paul & Thomas are up on the roof. A bullet comes through the window towards me. I quickly duck and run to my room. I get changed into my armour. I grab my handgun, my machine gun & my knife. I put on my belt which holds 6 grenades. I then put on my helmet and I'm ready to go. Jason and Adrien come into my room. "Come on man get to the roof!" He says. We all run up there and start mowing down terrorists. I hear something from downstairs. "John, Zach, Kyle, Levi & Thomas, get down stairs now!" Calls out Andre. I run as fast as I can to get there. We all climb down the ladder. I could die today. Those words keep running through my head. "If we all die today guys, I just want you to know that it's been great working by your side. Now let's get those fuckers!" Says Kyle. John and I pair up. We go into my bedroom and find nothing. We then hear gunshots from another room. We quickly follow the sounds to the training room. Kyle, Zach and Thomas are in a shoot out with 12 terrorists. I shoot down three as I enter the room before getting behind a large door for cover. Zach runs to the door also, with John following him. John rolls a grenade along the floor, killing 6 others. Thomas runs across killing one in the process. "Kyle, quick!" I call out. He gets up and starts running. He shoots one down, but is shot by the last one standing. Two bullets rip straight through his chest. "Levi, when I throw this grenade, you close the door, okay?" Says Zach. "But what about Kyle?" Asks Thomas. I look at Thomas. "We can't do anything about it, even if he was alive, it'd be like suicide." Says John. I look over and see about 20 Terrorists run in through the back door, shooting at us. We all get grenades out, throwing them in different directions. I quickly close the door and watch the explosions. Through the bullet proof glass on the window of the door.

Chapter 3

We get back to the roof and see Andre, Adrien, Jason and Paul. The terrorists are all wiped out. Adrien looks around. "What happened to Kyle? Where is he?" He asks us. We all look to each other for who is going to reveal the shocking truth. I decide to step up. "Killed in action." I say. Andre, Paul, Jason and Adrien all look shocked. "Dre, we couldn't do anything. We were basically pinned to that door with cover. Kyle was running to the door and as he ran, he took two shots to the chest, and he was dead, like that." Explains John. Andre nods. I can tell that he is very upset. Him and Kyle had a good relationship and joked about with each other a lot. "We will hold a funeral this afternoon. We are no longer needed for battle after what just happened. We have the day off." Says Andre. We head inside. I think about what Andre said last night about there being something fishy about the system. I ask him if we can talk alone. He follows me into my room. "Okay Dre, I was thinking about what you said at dinner last night, about the system. I think we should start a rebellion. I mean, they can't just send teenagers off to war from the age 16! Kyle would be with us right now if this system didn't exist." I say to him. Andre sighs. "Look, Levi. I hate the system. I hate it with a passion, but just because Kyle has died doesn't mean it's time to start a rebellion." Says Andre. "What? Kyle is dead, Andre. Dead. And you're acting as if it's okay!" I say furiously. "I never said it's okay, Levi. I will definitely think about this whole rebellion thing, but I'm not making any promises. But, if we do choose to start a rebellion, it starts first thing tomorrow, and you can consider yourself as one of the leaders alongside me. I will be thinking about it Levi. I'll tell you my decision later. We leave the room and I walk over to the TV. Jason, Paul, Zach & Thomas are playing X-Box Zero. I sit with them and tell them my idea for the rebellion. "You've got to be joking Levi." Says Paul. "I'm not joking, Paul. I'm dead serious!" I reply. Zach puts his hand on my shoulder. "I think we should do it. After what happened to Kyle today, I feel like we should stand up to it." Says Zach. "I agree, man." Says Jason. I look to Thomas who is too interested in the game to care. "What do you think Tommy boy?" Asks Paul. "What? Uhh, yeah, yup. Yup." Says Thomas, not having a single clue what we're talking about. John walks in. "Hey guys, funeral outside right now." He says. We all head outside. Andre makes a speech. "I met Kyle on his first year. I was about to turn 21 and was thinking about finishing after my birthday. But Kyle, he convinced me to keep going. He reminded me that I had a son and a wife to take care of. He is the reason that I am where I am. We will never forget Kyle, and now, we will honour him. Starting tomorrow, the eight of us are going to leave this place and form a rebellion. Levi and I will be leading it, and we will spread awareness against the system. "You all with us?" Says Andre in his speech. "Hell yeah!" Calls out the group. "Well then let's fuck up the system." I say with pride.

TO BE CONTINUED... (Not finished yet)

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