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  • A short time after Lucie was born last September, Ted called me from work and said, “Here are the dates for a four day weekend in February, I want you to have fun finding somewhere to go, just the three of us.” Let me tell you, if there...

  • Bbq Stir-fry
    via firstinteraction

    She complained that everything was tough, "I have no time to exercise, I have two kids, I work ten to twelve hours a day, my husband was just laid off, the economy is stressing me out and I am running around like a chicken without a head. " I listened...

  • Demon Summoner Dave/Demon Karkat urban fantasy. Warnings for the whole fic on the archive post; this chapter: none. Chapter Archive - FAQ. This is unbetaed, so it’s not going on AO3 yet. 11k long. —— "Is that a house, or a castle...

  • Her Courage Will Change The World - Bethells Beach, New Zealand Bethells Beach, New Zealand Where I stayed Grandma Esther's Haunted Beach Bungalow Our days were numbered. With less than a week left, it would've made sense for us to focus solely on...

  • San Jose’s Permanent Ruin recently went on tour in Europe. Drummer Rich Gutierez wrote an extensive tour diary, edited by Leslie Patron, a portion of which can be read in MRR 388, available here. Check out the band’s interview in MRR 366 — back issues...

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