Vietnam visa for Norway is not sometimes required if the Norwegian passport holders intend to stay inVietnam less than 15 days. This information is mentioned on the list of  Vietnam visa exemption.

1. Required documents of being issued Vietnam visa consist of:

- An original passport with at least 6 – month validity and have two blank pages upward at for sealing and stamping visa.

- Two passport-sized photos (age of the photos must not be over three months).

- A Vietnam visa application form with the completed information (downloading at the site http://evisatovietnam.com or buy it at the Vietnam Embassy).

No requirement of these above documents when applyingVietnamvisa approval letter via a legitimated agent inVietnam. But the applicants who use service of visa online must show their original passport, two photos and the letter at the destination airport for getting visa stamp.

The visa approval letter is the major document that the agent on the behalf of the applicants to request Vietnam Immigration department. This letter assures their visas will be issued at the airport. Details of this visa type will be mentioned on the article Vietnam visa on arrival for Norway.

2. Depending on the purposes of the travel, Norwegian citizens can decide their suitable visa kind between tourist visa and business visa. Transit visa is exempted because the citizens are not required visa in case of their stay less than 15 days as mentioned above.

The tourist visas are the best with validity of one month and three months are often issued for the business visas. In case of wishing to stay longer than the validity of the visa, applicants can apply for a Vietnam visa extension when they arrive inVietnam.

3. Apply Vietnam visa for Norway can be done easily at the nearest Vietnam Embassies if the applicants live near there or using an online visa service in case of living far from the Embassy. With this service, they do not need to go to the Embassy, can stay at home and use devices connected internet for applying visa approval letter. Visa in this case is not issued at the Embassy but given for applicants when they come to the destination airport. Each option of visa application has certain advantages. The applicants will have detailed information of each option and choose the right way to apply visa at the article “visa for Vietnam for Norway”.

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