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  • At the heart of the new Prius Plug-in Hybrid is the latest generation of Toyota’s advanced PHV technology. It offers customers two cars in one; an even more sophisticated full hybrid powertrain and a real, all-electric EV driving experience with double...

  • As one of the world’s biggest automotive events, the New York International Auto Show is a guaranteed to deliver some significant vehicle introductions and even a few surprises. This year’s show was no different, and we’ve put together a list of the...

  • The History of Toyota Prius-2
    via 1st-in-hybrid

    The new of the Toyota Prius built in Japan, at the Motomachi Plant in Toyota City, offered a new modular battery pack design and more power for better acceleration. The design of the new battery was both more powerfull and smaller, with typical Toyota...

  • Time for another electric vehicle news roundup! Rick Perry Goes Model S’ing: And in Cali nonetheless. The Texas Governor is certainly still trying to get that Gigafactory. Falling GM Prices: The Chevy Volt and the Cadillac ELR are seeing some massive...

  • We have been down this road before. Some people like Elon Musk proclaim that better EV batteries are coming soon. Others say they are years if not decades away. Now, Forbes reports that the business and finance communities are quietly admitting that...

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    EV Fleet World 14 March, 2017 14 March, 2017 14 March, 2017 13 March, 2017 10 March, 2017 9 March, 2017 9 March, 2017 8 March, 2017 Portsmouth Naval Base is taking delivery of a fleet of new vans, of ...

  • EV Fleet World

    EV Fleet World 23 May, 2023 23 May, 2023 23 May, 2023 23 May, 2023 23 May, 2023 23 May, 2023 Transport Scotland has responded to reports that ChargePlace Scotland (CPS) will be broken up, refuting sug...

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