Many are the perils of an underage college student attending Spring Break at any of the desired locales along the emerald coasts of the Redneck Riviera. There's the adventure of traveling down the I-10 corridor while piled into someone's Tahoe, sitting on ice chests and arm rests without any measure of personal safety other than the blow cushioning comfort of a foam coozie standing between you and the windshield, should the opportunity present itself. Then there's the herculean efforts involved in even acquiring alcohol in the first place when, between the lot of you, there is only one fake ID, and it looks like no one in the group in particular. Then, once those first two tasks have reached "Achievement Unlocked" status, is the final full time effort not to do anything so completely stupid that it might warrant the arrest of you and/or one of your Spring Break mates before you head back to school the next week.

A simple enough list of requirements for the appropriate amounts of Spring Break fun and revelry...a simple list to achieve, until one of your drunken (Alabama, assumed) friends yells "Roll Tide" to the arresting officers during the requisite beach house raid. (Editors note: turns out these guys go to Ole Miss...which makes the fact that they yelled "Roll Tide" while being arrested even better)

Dozens of spring breakers in south Walton County spent the night in jail Monday. Deputies caught them underage drinking, but they also allegedly destroyed the house where they were staying.

Hands and feet shackled, these spring breakers were headed to the Walton County jail Monday night, busted for underage drinking.

"This is a joke. Officer this is a joke. Did you not drink when you were a kid? Come on!"

Deputies say they stumbled upon the open house party after a number of complaints by neighbors.

"They started fleeing out the back door. Actually there were so many people trying to get out the back door, they were stuck. They were pulling their ice chests," said Major A.J. Smith with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

Out of the more than 80 spring breakers on scene, deputies managed to arrest 32.

"You think it's funny to be arrested?" asked an officer. "It's hilarious. Roll tide," responded the student.

What remained after the arrests is what you might expect at a beach house rented to college students for the week of Spring Break...or the foreclosed home of a former Seattle SuperSonic, one or the other.

The smell of alcohol, vomit, and urine is almost overwhelming. To say the place is a disaster would be an understatement.

Leaving behind pizza under beds, spilled beer, and cigarettes, they managed to destroy every single room.

"It is really trashed. It's going to take a lot of work to fix it."

"There's a reason they can't drink alcohol under the age of 21, they don't make sound decisions," said Captain Michael Howell with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

And as any good Alabama fan knows, Nick Saban won't take kindly to these kind of criminal outbursts.

Monday night's decision will cost them more than just a night behind bars.

"Some of them are under scholarship. If they get arrested, there is potential for them to lose their scholarships."

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