Radix Journal’s announcement of their first conference for 2015 linked me to this gemby BuzzFeed titled “Hungary Tried To Stop A White Nationalist Gathering But It Happened Anyway.” As I’m sure all my readers are aware, the article is a snarky and condescending report on the National Policy Institute’s 2014 congress in Budapest, Hungary, that was forced underground by the Hungarian government after threats of arrest and deportation. I bring attention to this detritus of Cthulhu only to illustrate the cognitive dissonance leftoids experience when considering or interacting with the Dissident Right a.k.a. the Intelligent Right.

BUDAPEST — A group of white supremacists descended upon Budapest this weekend for a “congress” they hoped would become the first step toward a “European ethnostate” devoid of the racially impure.

“Descended upon,” presumably like a pack of vultures, bald and mean — just like neo-Nazi skinheads. Gotta love the quotation marks they put around the word ‘congress.’ “Devoid of the racially impure,” despite the fact that nobody at American Renaissance nor the National Policy Institute advocates racial supremacism, but separatism.

But after they fell afoul of Hungary’s backslide into authoritarianism, the vanguard of millennial “identiarianists” found itself driven underground, reduced to skulking in a dingy train station underpass between a currency exchange and a stand selling pizza slices, and shying away from police.

Yes, reduced to “skulking,” presumably like a bunch of racist Gollums. In a “dingy train station,” of course, just like the social outcasts they are. Note that leftists will screech about “free speech” and the rights of political dissidents until their right-wing enemies are persecuted, then it’s nothing but Schadenfreude.

Only two of the originally scheduled speakers appeared before the 76 attendees who were reduced to gathering in the back room of a restaurant.

“Reduced to gathering in the back room of a restaurant.” Reduced! Reduced! What horrors, dare I ask, lurk in the back rooms of restaurants that one would be “reduced” to gathering in one?

“We thought we would have no problem. We thought the government wouldn’t care,” NPI President Richard Spencer told BuzzFeed News.

If I ever fault Mr. Spencer for something, it will be for talking to someone working for BuzzFeed.

Russia’s sharp conservative turn and attack on Western liberal hegemony during the Ukraine crisis have led many fringe right-wing figures to embrace Putin.

Sigh. The cognitive dissonance skyrockets. Let’s examine this statement. “Fringe right-wing figures” who have embraced Vladimir Putin include Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen, the respective leaders of Britain and France’s largest parties in the European Parliament as of 2014, Viktor Orban, the President of Hungary, and Jobbik, the third-largest political party in Hungary. Others include Geert Wilders, the leader of the Netherlands’ fourth-largest political party, and Golden Dawn, the third-largest political party in Greece. If the embracers of Putin include political parties that run countries, have serious chances of running them, or are providing serious headaches for the parties that currently run countries, they are anything but ‘fringe.’

Spencer is planning to publish a book by Dugin this fall on Martin Heiddeger, the German philosopher who was a member of the Nazi Party throughout its time in power.

I can’t help but laugh that the writer of this article felt so deeply compelled to add that Heidegger used to be a member of the Nazi Party. Leftist liberals are often the first people to complain about the plights of intellectuals living in totalitarian regimes who are forced to register for various party memberships to keep their jobs. Liberals will decry the Bush administration’s de-Baathification policy in Iraq, and vociferously argue that it caused the current ISIS-clusterfuddle, and they will pretentiously pontificate on why Communist Party membership in the former Soviet bloc, or in modern China, does not mean a person is an “evil communist,” you stupid redneck, because everyone had to do it to keep their jobs. Heidegger’s eminent career as an academic and philosopher, and complicated relationship with Nazism, which has its own Wikipedia page, must be completely disregarded however, if it can be used to denounce someone as a Nazi.

BuzzFeed News received a tip from a source via Hushmail claiming to have discovered plans to hold it in a public park, and nearly mistook an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for it.

That the people who run BuzzFeed are idiots needed no reminder.

About 40 protesters split into groups and rallied against it at several possible venues. “We must protect society against this,” Roberto Contreras, a journalist protesting outside Budapest’s anti-communist museum, told BuzzFeed News on Sunday, oblivious to the fact that several conference attendees had just walked inside.

Nor did the fact that ANTIFA are idiots too.

By the standards of white supremacist gatherings, the group was surprisingly diverse. Attendees came from the U.S., Canada, and countries across Europe. “We’re rootless cosmopolitans,” Spencer joked, repurposing an anti-Semitic slur.

And here what little self-awareness leftoids has begins to shine through. “Surprisingly diverse.” Wait, what?! Are you saying “white supremacists” aren’t a bunch of toothless hicks from Alabama, but a growing number of privileged and educated people from across the Western world?

“I’ve been reading their stuff online, and these are the only guys who really get it. There’s never been something like this where we all have a chance to meet each other,” a man in his thirties who works for a major news agency told BuzzFeed News.

I’d like to meet this man.

One of the people who paid $150 to attend the conference was a Japanese man researching a Ph.D. dissertation about European nationalism. Taylor, a child of missionaries who lived in Japan until he was 16, noticed the man sitting quietly in a corner listening to the discussions and approached him in fluent Japanese. The man did not seem to even register that Taylor was speaking Japanese and replied as if this was completely normal.

Jared Taylor speaks fluent Japanese and lived in Japan? Are you saying this “white supremacist Oberstuermfuehrer” is more diverse than you are?

“He was from the Japanese countryside,” said Taylor, who prides himself on his Confederate war veteran ancestry, says things like “Great Scott!” with complete sincerity, and speaks with the rolling lilt of a tobacco plantation owner in Virginia, where he lives. “This was all new to him.”

So ends the article, making yet another oblivious and idiotic attempt to tie the monster-in-the-closet of American slavery to NPI.

The entire article illustrates the inability of leftist liberals, and perhaps especially leftist liberal journalists, to comprehend the dissident (intelligent, alternative, outer) Right as a thing-in-itself. They can only comprehend this entire sphere of thought insofar as it is an enemy of liberalism, which means, in their minds, a group of neo-Nazi skinheads trying to put on airs to infiltrate normal society and spread their hateful, racist, bigotedideas. Frankly, to some degree or another, that is how the Left sees anyone right of center! According to the liberal establishment, Republicans are just secret sexists and homophobes, all white people are secret racists, all right-wingers are just “fringe,” and any group of explicit far-rightists is basically just the Aryan Brotherhood wearing ties.

The problem with this liberal conception is that it is an incredible untruth that requires constant rationalization — such as that seen in the above article — to maintain. There is no shortage of real neo-Nazis and skinheads in North America and Europe, yet there is also no shortage of people who are just as (or even more) right-wing than them who own a car, have 2.5 (read: 6.5, we’re radical traditionalists after all, eh?) kids, and wear a suit to work every day. Even more horrifying to consider for a liberal, there seems to be a higher-than-average level of diversity and experiences with it among the intelligent Right. Jared Taylor, the most public face of the “racist” movement, famously grew up in Japan, and speaks, as mentioned previously, fluent Japanese as well as French — owing to his extensive travels in West Africa, a notoriously diverse area. Taylor waseducated, of all places, at Yale University, and then at France’s prestigious Sciences Po.

Other prominent “alternative” rightists are similarly pedigreed by the standards of mainstream — and especially liberal — society. Richard B. Spencer, the protagonist of BuzzFeed’s condescending report on the NPI conference, was educated at the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago, before he began (though didn’t finish) a Ph.D. at Duke University. Merlin Miller, the one-time presidential candidate for the “white supremacist” American Third Position party, graduated from West Point then later got his film degree at USC, less than a half-hour drive from Hollywood. His running mate, Virginia Abernethy, was a Harvard Ph.D. and professor emeritus at Vanderbilt University. She was born in Cuba (of all places), and grew up in Argentina and New York City. Not that the dissident Right is short of academics: Kevin Macdonald, famous for his theory that Judaism is an “evolutionary group-survival strategy,” has been a professor at California State University at Long Beach since the 80’s. The late William Pierce, who founded and ran the largest white nationalist organization in America (in addition to writing the infamous Turner Diaries), waseducated at Rice University and the University of Colorado before becoming a professor at Oregon State University. Another Rice alum includes Steve Sailer, who went on to UCLA. Nick Land, a leading light in our own neoreactionary sphere, lecturedcontinental philosophy at the University of Warwick in England, and good old Moldbug, the original neoreactionary, was a graduate of Brown University who went on to UC Berkeley. Uneducated provincial rednecks these are not.

Yours truly is no less unfamiliar with the hallowed institutions that make up the first few pages of U.S. News‘ “best colleges” ranking, and far more familiar with the “diversity” of the globe than your average progressive. While I balk at sharing personal details, I would say I had a similar upbringing to that of Jared Taylor’s, though in far more black, Muslim and post-communist countries than Japan.

The Left establishment is in a dangerous game when it smears its intellectual opponents as extremist fools from the backwaters of America. Its opposition is far more intelligent, educated, skilled and diverse than it wants to admit, and if it doesn’t do battle on equal terms, it will eventually lose, because normal people are not as good at rationalizing as the typical progressive and they will not be as skilled at rationalizing away every intellectual challenge as another top-secret scheme by undercover Aryan Brotherhood gang-members pretending to be normal, decent people.

Perhaps this is all just a given though — the Left would lose if it did battle with anyoneon equal terms! Or perhaps I’m just wildly deluded — dear readers: are you all really secretly part of the Aryan Brotherhood?


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