Looking for a toothbrush that whitens teeth while being gentle on your gums? Look no further! The Sterline Sonic Pulse Toothbrush is perfect for all your oral health care needs! This toothbrush has three different brushing modes (Normal, Soft, Pulse) that can accommodate even the most sensitive teeth and gums. With three interchangeable brush heads (Slimsonic, Professional, Interdental), you will never worry about hard to reach spots. This rechargeable toothbrush also comes with a UV sanitizer that kills up to 99% of germs on the toothbrush heads in just seven minutes! With such a sleek and lightweight design, your search for the perfect toothbrush is over!

Product Features

UV Clean Technology- The Sterline Sonic Pulse Toothbrush features a UV sanitizer that that kills up to 99% of germs. Shuts off automatically after seven minutes.

Three Different Brush Heads- Slimsonic Brush Head: effectively cleans while remaining gentle on the teeth and gums; Professional Brush Head: extra-fine bristles reach uneven surfaces or between teeth to remove plaque; Interdental Brush Head: shape is ideal for cleaning braces, crowns or spaces.

Two Minute Auto-Timer- This toothbrush has an automatic timer that shuts off after two minutes, which is the dentist recommended amount of time you should be brushing your teeth!

Three Brushing Modes- Normal: for superior teeth cleaning; Soft: for a gentle clean on sensitive teeth or other areas; Pulse: for gentle gum stimulation

Included in the box- Rechargeable toothbrush, Three brush heads, UV sterilizer, Charger

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