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How To Play With the Air Hogs Atmosphere

Learn how to get the best flights with your Air Hogs Atmosphere! This video

includes help with setup, charging, launching, and some extra tips.

Product Description:






• Complete with palm-sized charging cradle.

• Easy to use and recharge.

• Lights up. Built in LED lights up while operating and respond to changes in elevation.

• Durable. Strong and durable frame.

• Smoothly bounces off walls and ceilings.

• For indoor use.

Soar to new heights with the Air Hogs Atmosphere! This powerful levitating sphere requires no remote control and hovers above any surface!

The spherical shape of the Atmosphere allows it to smoothly bounce off walls and ceilings for non-stop flight.

You are the controller with the high-tech hovering power of the Air Hogs Atmosphere!


(1) Air Hogs AtmoSphere

(1) Charging Cradle

(1) User Instruction Guide


Brand new in package, factory sealed. See pictures below.

Here are some pictures of the item you are getting!

Air Hogs AtmoSPHERE Product Reviews:

Air Hogs AtmoSPHERE REVIEW #1:

“Air Hogs AtmoSPHERE”

By Jordan Minor, PC Mag

"Flight takes on a new shape with the Air Hogs RC AtmoSPHERE. As its name suggests, the new flyer from Spin Master trades typical toy airplane designs for a unique, spherical form.

"Unlike other Air Hogs, the AtmoSPHERE requires no remote control. Instead, kids can guide the drone easily and intuitively with the palm of their hand or any other part of their body. They can also simply let it go and watch it fly all by itself. The spherical design allows it to skim surfaces and ‘smoothly bounce off walls and ceilings for non-stop flight.’ Built in LEDs and altitude-sensing technology let the AtmoSPHERE detect and respond to objects and changes in elevation. With these features combined, the AtmoSPHERE can hover freely and autonomously in virtually any space. It defies gravity anywhere.

"As kids control the AtmoSPHERE, the durable, impact-resistant, spherical cage exterior will also keep it safe from falls, mid-air collisions, or sudden crash landings. Good thing it can weather some abuse too because with a recommended age range of 8 to 13, it’s safe to assume it will face some. The cage also helps protect kid’s fingers from the spinning, fan blades inside. Parents will still want to keep it away from younger children though.

"The Air Hogs RC AtmoSPHERE packaging weighs one pound while the product itself has dimensions of 0.393 x 0.393 x 0.393 inches. It runs on an internal Lipo battery and comes with a ‘palm-sized’ charging cradle that needs 6 AAA batteries to provide a full, non-stop flight charge."

Air Hogs AtmoSPHERE REVIEW #2:

“Air Hogs AtmoSphere from Spin Master”

Review from TimeToPlayMag

What It Is

With the Air Hogs AtmoSphere, kids can steer a flying vehicle without the use of a remote control. This flying toy hovers above any surface and is controlled with the palm of your hand. Anywhere your hand moves, the Air Hogs Atmosphere will move, too, hovering above your palm. Its spherical shape allows it to smoothly bounce off walls and ceilings for non-stop flight. Complete with a palm-sized charging cradle, the AtmoSphere is easy to use and recharge. The charge time is between five and 10 minutes.

Why It’s Fun

This is a pretty easy to fly toy, and kids will like the technology that allows them to control the AtmoSphere with their hands. There might be a slight learning curve when it comes to controlling the toy, but with practice and patience, kids will get the hang of it.

Who It’s For

The Air Hogs AtmoSphere is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Six AA batteries are required.

Don’t put your fingers in where the propeller spins because it will sting. You won’t get cut or scratched or lose a finger, but it does hurt.

When flying the AtmoSphere, avoid fans and vents or the toy will get pushed away from you.

Air Hogs AtmoSPHERE Tips & Tricks:

* Keep your fingers and all other objects out of the Atmosphere. You risk damaging the propeller and/or fly bar if they come into contact with an object while spinning.

* The charging base can also be used to deactivate your Atmosphere if it ever gets out of control. Keep the charge base nearby (or in your other hand) when playing with the Atmosphere so that you can deactivate it quickly if needed. Deactivating a runaway Atmosphere will keep it from flying into objects and damaging it.

* When handling the Atmosphere, always hold it from the bottom and avoid using excessive force. Bending the protective cage on your Atmosphere can damage the propellers and fly bar and can affect flight performance.


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Additional Product Information:

Ages 8+

MPN / ITEM NUMBER: 20062358

UPC CODE / PROOF OF PURCHASE: 778988048641 ( 7 78988 04864 1 )



Made in China.

Note: Batteries not included. (Requires 6 “AA” size 1.5V batteries.)

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Carefully open package with safety scissors to avoid damaging product.

Adult supervision advised. Please remove all packaging material before giving to children. Keep away from obstacles and electrical hazards. Please read User Instruction Guide for additional important information.

WARNING: If rotors become damaged or broken, do not fly. Flying with broken rotor(s) may cause damage or lead to injury.

FAQ (Frequently Answered Questions) for Air Hogs AtmoSPHERE:

How To Get Started

AtmoSphere – Getting Started

You will need:

1 x AtmoSphere

1 x Charger

6 x AA Premium Alkaline Non-Rechargeable Batteries (not included)

1 x Phillips Screwdriver (not included)

Install the batteries.

Open the battery compartment on the back of your charger using a Phillips head screwdriver. Place the 6 AA batteries in the battery compartment, making sure you are putting these in the right way.

Charge your Air Hog.

Plug the AtmoSphere onto the charging base, move the power switch on the charger into the CHG position, and you will see a solid red light on the charger. The AtmoSphere is now charging. When the light changes to a green light, your AtmoSphere will be ready to fly.

Check your environment.

The AtmoSphere is an indoor only toy, so before flying, make sure you are indoors, away from any other Infrared devices, bright lights, air vents or open windows.

Turn the AtmoSphere on. Have fun!

If you need some more help flying your AtmoSphere, check out some of Air Hogs’ other guides below!

Answers to the following questions can be found at:

airhogs (dot) com/support/product_support/atmosphere

General Info

How do I install batteries in my AtmoSphere?

How long should it take to charge my AtmoSphere?

Where can I fly my AtmoSphere?

How long will my AtmoSphere fly for?

How do I charge my AtmoSphere?

What more can you tell me about my AtmoSphere?

Troubleshooting & Repair

Are there replacement parts available for my AtmoSphere?

Customer Support:

If you have any other questions or need customer support, please contact Air Hogs Customer Care by phone at: 1-800-622-8339

or email them at:

customercare (at) spinmaster (dot) com


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Price: 44.95

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