001. Convertion, Leroy Burgess – Let’s Do It (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix)

002. Rhemi, Hanlei – Diamond (Original Mix)

003. Tommy Bones – Black Concept

004. Souldynamic – Equatoriale

005. Louie Vega, Adeva – I Deserve To Breathe (Louie Vega Gene Perez bass mix)

006. Joey Negro – Do What You Feel (JN Revival Mix)

007. Sandy Barber – I Think I’ll Do Some Stepping (On My Own) (Opolopo Rework)

008. Kenny Dope, Raheem DeVaughn – Guess Who Loves You More (Kenny Dope Main Remix)

009. 3 Winans Brothers, The Clark Sisters, Louie Vega – Dance (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix)

010. Soul Divine, Shane D – Secret Love (Shane D Remix)

011. Tony Humphries – Work Is Work (Her Wet Shoes)

012. Micky More – Downtown L.A. (Andy Tee Main Mix)

013. Zepherin Saint, Ann Nesby & G3 – Optimistic (Original)

014. Ferry Ultra – Let Me Do My Thing (Opolopo Remix)

015. Neal Conway, Dana Weaver – Fading Away (DJ Spinna Remix)

016. Sean McCabe, Hannah Khemoh – Reach Out Feat. Hannah Khemoh (Atjazz Remix)

017. Kings Of Tomorrow, April – Burn So Deep (Sandy’s Disco Burn)

018. Mousse T., Lovebirds – Close to You

019. Karizma – I Got My Music

020. Luca C, Brigante, Roisin Murphy – Invisions (Original Mix)

021. Twism, B3RAO – Jump to It (Original Mix)

022. Portia Monique – Ain’t Scared Of You (Opolopo Remix)

023. Adri Block – All That Was (Original)

024. 3 Winans Brothers, The Clark Sisters, Louie Vega – Dance (Louie Vega Latin Soul Version)

025. Joey Negro – I Can Feel Your Body Rock (JN Extended Mix)

026. Adri Block – That Summer Groove (Original)

027. The Checkup – Move Me

028. Adri Block – My Last Call (Original)

029. Dennis Ferrer, K.T. Brooks – How Do I Let Go (DJ Able & Matt Bandy Remix)

030. Soulful Session, Cheryl Lee, Kenny Carpenter – Thankful (Kenny Carpenter Spiritual Mix)

031. Jose Burgos, Kenny Bobien – Everyday (Vocal)

032. Tony Vee – Hot, Hot, Hot

033 .DJ Spen, Tracy Hamlin – Thanks To You (Tedd Patterson Vocal)

034. Luyo, Marica – Fire (Dj Spen & Gary Hudgins Mix)

035. Namy, Stephanie Cooke – I’m Not Ashamed (I Need You) (DJ Fudge Remix)

036. Rhemi, Hanlei – Fallin’ (Original Mix)

037. Portia Monique, Joey Negro – Never Give You Up (Joey Negro Extended Mix)

038. Maritri – Angel In Disguise (Libation Vocal By Ian Friday)

039. Chantay Savage, Terry Hunter – Summer (Terry Hunter Club Mix)

040. Adri Block – Find A Way (Original)

041. Estelle, Terry Hunter – Something Good (Terry Hunter Bang Mix)

042. Adri Block – Watcha Gonne Do (Original)

043. Honeysweet – I Put A Spell On You (Honeycomb & Vega Mix)

044. Sheila Ford, Kiko Navarro – Harmony (My Name Is Sheila) (Kiko’s Funk Explosion Mix)

045. House of Funk feat. Oliver Night – You Got To (Club Mix)

046. Sheila Ford – Why Can’t You See (Louie Vega & Dj Spen Mix Long Version)

047. The Face, Kym Mazelle – Lovin [Presented by David Morales] (Disko Mix)

048. Jasper Street Co., Kenny Carpenter, Dimitri From Paris – Reach (KC+ DFP Church Of Disco Mix Dj Friendly Mix)

049. Scott Diaz – Take A Chance

050. Kiko Navarro, DJ Fudge, Dono – Babalu Aye (Club Mix)

051. Blaze, UDAUFL, Byron Stingily – Spread Love (DJ Spen & Soulfuledge Agape Love Mix)

052. Damond Ramsey, DJ Spen – I Never Felt This Way Before Feat. Fruity (Original Mix)

053. Kutiman, Karolina – Music Is Ruling My World (OPOLOPO Remix)

054. RedSoul – We’re Under Pressure

055. The Djoon Experience, Kenny Bobien, Afshin – Baptize Me [feat. Kenny Bobien] (Afshin Main Mix)

056. Ron Carroll, Terry Hunter – Girl I Love You (Terry Hunter’s Main Mix)

057. Opolopo – Get On Up (Album Mix)

058. Teddy Douglas, Marcell Russell, Kenny Carpenter – Only A Fool (KC Remix) (Kenny Carpenter Heart & Soul Remix Vocal)

059. Dawn Williams – Appreciate (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)

060. The Red Zone Project, Keith Anthony Fluitt – Everybody Get Up (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)

061. Tony Momrelle – Pick Me Up (Reel People Vocal Mix)

062. Sacha Williamson – Blame (Opolopo Remix)

063. Maritri – Angel In Disguise (Louie Vega Roots NYC Mix)

064. Alicia Myers – Right Here Right Now ( Hallelujah Anyway )

065. Luis Radio – Wurly’s World (Wurly’s World)

066. Cupcakes – Saturday Nite

067. Souldynamic, Dana Weaver – My Freedom

068. Opolopo, Diane Charlemagne – Round & Round Feat. Diane Charlemagne (Opolopo 4 To The Floor Mix)

069. The Journey Men – Do Dat

070. Tony Momrelle, Chantae Cann – Back Together Again (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)

071. NY’s Finest, Richard Earnshaw – Do You Feel Me (Richard Earnshaw Classic Rework)

072. Souldynamic, Roland Clark – EQTRL

073. Joe Buhdha, Terri Walker – Feel Right (Reel People Vocal Mix)

074. Roland Clark – I Get Deep (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

075. Jukebox Jacker – Down With You

076. Sunlightsquare – Papa Was a Rolling Stone (Extended Mix)

077. DJ Kemit, Eric Roberson – Fortune Teller (Pablo Martinez Remix)

078. Choklate – Wide Open (Reel People Vocal Mix)

079. Adri Block, Arno Krijnen – Keep On Risin (Original)

080. Gershon Jackson, Sio Blackwidow, DJ E-Clyps – How Did We Get Here (DJ E-Clyps Blacklight Afro Mix)

081. Chesus – Special (HNNY Edit)

082. Aspire Sound – I’ll Be Out (Original)

083. Jamie Lewis (UK) – Something About You (Steve Mac Vocal Revision)

084. 3 Winans Brothers, The Clark Sisters, Louie Vega – Dance (Louie Vega Funk House Remix)

085. B.F.A.M. – No Sleep

086. Lem Springsteen, Jamelle Jones – Journey (We Can Make It) (City Soul Project UK Remix)

087. DJ Kemit, Eric Roberson – Fortune Teller (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix)

088. Louis Benedetti, Miranda Nicole – Glow (Extended Vocal Mix)

089. Atjazz, Jullian Gomes, Bucie – Out of My Life

090. Osunlade – What Pho

091. Spiritchaser – Rendezvous (Vocal Mix)

092. Sheila Ford – Why Can’t You See (Louie Vega & DJ Spen Extended Vocal Mix)

093. Homero Espinosa – Blues In A Rose (Unreleased Jazz Mix)

094. Monique Bingham – Bloody Lucky (Chymamusique Remix)

095. Glenn Underground, Matt Hughes, Karen Marie – Disconnected (Louie Vega Rewerk)

096. Jasper Street Co. – Reach (Basement Sessions Main Vocal)

097. Pat Bedeau, Leon Dorrill – Close to You (Original )

098. Timmy Vegas – Timmy’s Choir (Soulful Mix)

099. DJ Jacko, Chelsea Como, Shino Blackk – Closer (Blackkdraft Mix)

100. Adri Block – Why Are U So Mad (Original)

101. Richard Earnshaw, Angie Brown – Feel 4 U (Classic House Mix)

102. Soulmagic, Terri B – Good Love (Original Mix)

103. Allovers, Elliot Chapman – Psychedelic Love (Earnshaw & Hayes Remix)

104. Kings Of Tomorrow, Kevin Mark Trail – Long Road Home

105. Cupcakes – New Position

106. Miranda Nicole, Kai Alce, DJ Beloved – Dance Like You’ve Been Here (DJ Beloved Remix)

107. Dawn Tallman, Gianni Junior, DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins – Why! (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)

108. Richard Earnshaw, Polina Griffith – Can’t Go Back (Classic Vocal Mix)

109. Copyright, Andre Espeut – Be Together

110. Tamara Wellons – Behind The Veil (Jose Carretas & Dj Spen Re Edit)

111. DeezBootz – Let’s Get Down

112. David Morales, Janice Robinson, Kenny Carpenter – There Must Be Love (Kenny Carpenter Ozone Layer Mix)

113. Liquideep – You, We, I (Karizma’s 4 Your Remix)

114. Dawn Williams – I’m Your Gypsy (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)

115. David Harness – Taking It To The Head (Original)

116. Andy Ward & Sofia Rubina – Bring That Vibe (Lenny RX & Kenny Summit Mix)

117. Bass Adjustment, The Layabouts – Let In The Light (The Layabouts Remix)

118. 95 North, Phillip Ramirez – See The Light (20th Anniversary Part 2 ) (Sean McCabe Remix)

119. Kenny Dope, Robert Owens – Bricks Down (Kenny Dope Original Mix)

120. Ferrari, Bergamasco, Marc Evans – Josephine (Eric Kupper Vocal Mix)

121. Urban Sound Lab, Terrance Downs – Karma (Vocal Mix)

122. DJ Mark Brickman, Anthony Poteat – He’s Coming Back (Original Vocal Mix)

123. SanXero, Asha Rae, Terry Hunter – Take You There (Terry Hunter Remix)

124. Sean McCabe – Holding On (Crackazat Remix)

125. Honeysweet – I Put A Spell On You (Honeycomb Mix)

126. Tracy Hamlin – MacArthur Park (Dj Spen & Thommy Davis Perishable Peak Mix)

127. Ralf GUM, Monique Bingham – The Pap (Ralf GUM Main Mix)

128. Soul Divide – Catch The Light (Original Mix)

129. Zakchac – Funky Superstar (Scott Diaz Remix)

130. Louie Vega, Monique Bingham – Elevator (Going Up) (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Remix)

131. Daniel De Bourg, Terry Hunter – Waking Up With You (Terry Hunter’s 25th Anniversary Mix)

132. Blaze, UDAUFL – We Are One (Sean McCabe Vocal Remix)

133. Block & Crown, Kim Kaey – Be Good (Original)

134. Chieko Kinbara, Josh Milan – Just Like Love (Louie Vega Unreleased King Street Main Mix)

135. Diephuis & Tommy Diep Natasha Watts – Drowning In Your Love (N’Dinga’s Uptown Remix Clean Version)

136. Blaze presents UDAUFL feat. Barbara Tucker – Most Precious Love (Yass Stripped Down Mix)

137. DJ Spen, Fruity – Thru The Fire (Rhemi Remix)

138. Temika Moore – Every Word (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)

139. Ralf GUM, Hugh Masekela – In The City (Ralf GUM Main Mix)

140. Reel People, Tony Momrelle – Star (The Organ Grinder Remix)

141. Ralf GUM, Hugh Masekela – With Her Hand (Ralf GUM Main Mix) (Ralf GUM Main Mix)

142. Lilac Jeans, Sean McCabe – Grandfather’s Blessings

143. Louie Vega, Monique Bingham – Elevator (Going Up) (Louie Vega Long Album Mix)

144. Real Deep, Jaidene Veda, MdCL – You Got This (Real Deep Vocal Mix)

145. Groove Junkies, Michele Chiavarini, Carolyn Harding – Play (Michele Chiavarini Remix)

146. Soul Addict, Barbara Tucker – Love The Hurt Away (DJ Spen Remix)

147. Sandman, Riverside, Jeremy Ellis, Ayro – Into Your Story (Into Your Story Kai Alce DISTINCTIVE Remix)

148. Sheldon Goode – Where U R (Quality Control Aka Adam Rios & Mark Francis Vocal Remix)

149. Rhemi, Sabrina Chyld – Deeper (Original Mix)

150. Roland Clark – I Know You (Original Mix)

151. Kenny Summit – Like A Moth To A Flame

152. Federico d’Alessio, Mikie Blak – Cold Blooded (Mark Di Meo Vocal Mix)

153. David Anthony, Stephanie Cooke – I Live For You (Dj Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)

154. Peppe Citarella – The Flute (90’s Mix)

155. Joey Negro, Shield, Corrado Bucci – Free Bass (Shield & Corrado Bucci Re-Edit)

156. Louie Vega, Adeva – I Deserve To Breathe (album mix)

157. Nick Power, Mojito, Stephanie Cooke – Let Go (Tribute Mix)

158. Jennifer Hudson, R. Kelly – It’s Your World (Terry Hunter Club Mix)

159. Marc Cotterell, Tears Of Velva – For Those We Love (Original)

160. The SyntheTigers, Tobirus Mozelle, David Harness, Homero Espinosa – Whatever It Takes (David Harness & Homero Espinosa Remix)

161. Marc Evans – Beneath The Crescent Moon (Original Mix)

162. Soledrifter, Ryan Holliday, Eric Jadi, Richard Earnshaw – Turn Away (Earnshaw V Jadi Re-Edit)

163. Kerri Chandler – Heal My Heart (Terrence Parker Re-Edit of Kerri Chandler Big Mix)

164. KidzBlock – We Are (Original Mix)

165. Soulful Session, Cheryl Lee – Thankful

166. Adri Block – Who’s The Boss! (Original)

167. Four7, Tiffany – J’adore

168. Unique2Rhythm, Tommie Cotton – Tell Me (Original Mix)

169. Tony Momrelle, Chantae Cann, Opolopo – Back Together Again (Opolopo Remix)

170. Natasha Watts, Mark Di Meo – Go Slow (Mark Di Meo Rework)

171. QB Smith, Lady Alma, Kabomo – Khanya (The Light Ode to Dilla) (QB’s Fantastic Vox)

172. Kenny Dope, Neysa – Hands Up High (Kenny Dope O’Gutta MIx)

173. House Of Funk, Oliver Night, DJ Spinna – You Got To (DJ Spinna Vox Remix)

174. Audiofood, Mark Di Meo – You Got The Funk (Mark Di Meo Remix)

175. Soulbridge, Tommie Cotton – Secret Life (Original Mix)

176. Dan Savidge, DJ Fudge – Revival (DJ Fudge Remix)

177. Cool Million – Dontcha Wanna Dance (12′ Mix)

178. DJ Groove, AM2PM, Richard Earnshaw – Winter Dreams (I Remember) (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

179. Lenny Fontana, D-train – Raise Your Hands (Main Vocal Mix)

180. Tracy Brathwaite – Loyalty (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)

181. Aspire Sound – I’ll Be Out (Original)

182. Shane D – Good Vibes (Original Mix)

183. Sol Brown, Taliwa – Get To Know You (Original Mix)

184. Moon Rocket, Wolf Prize – Who You Are (Original)

185. DJ Spen – Stone Fox Chase (Extended LP Mix)

186. Tony Humphries – Work Is Work (Her Church Shoes)

187. Olga Makovetskaya, Incognito – Got To Keep Moving On (Ski Oakenful Remix)

188. Kaylow – They Keep Trying (Rocco Deep Mix)

189. Captain Obvious – Leave This All Behind

190. Alex Politi, Josiah Ruff, Soulbridge – Soulmate (Soulbridge Mix)

191. Ultra Tone, Vaalsow, DJ Sue – Stars (Everlasting Love) (DeejayKul Meets Soultechnic Remix)

192. James Winter, JoysSoul – Deeper Love feat JoysSoul (City Soul Project’s Classic Mix)

193. Spiritchaser – We Will Never Know (Extended Mix)

194. Ziggy Funk – In Ya Face! (Original Mix)

195. DJ Spen – No Good For You (Original Mix)

196. Dj Romain, JD – Deeper (Original Mix)

197. Soulbridge, Divalicious – Being In Love (Original Mix)

198. Miguel Migs – What Do You Want (Migs Salted Vocal)

199. Dominic Dawson – The Function

200. Gnarly Cuts – Without Song (Original Mix)


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