Sunday Nights on PEN expand your mind , and your perspective. PARANORMAL SCIENCE LAB 7pm est (6cst,4pst). Come watch and listen as PSL talks with Jason Offutt. Not the kind of writer who knocks you in the head with words then takes your wallet. Not the kind of writer who’s just clever enough that no one knows what in the hell he’s talking about.And not the kind of writer who’s so timid he still wets the bed. Nope. Jason is the kind of writer who occasionally comes up with a line or two that aligns your karma in a cosmic Magic 8 Ball sort of way. His work may even give you the random “Wow. That might actually make sense if I was on pain medication.” And he’ll occasionally surprise you with a profound message . . . but any actual profound message usually occurs by complete accident, or after loads and loads of beer. Yet, after all this, he has never been knighted by the English royalty. Nope. Not once. Stupid monarchs.  Following PSL is  CLOSE TO DEATH 8pm est (7cst,5pst) Join Selena Roane as she talks with Patti Starr.Patti Starr is a world renowned paranormal investigator who owns the Ghost Chasers International organization founded in 1996 based in Lexington, Kentucky. She is also owner of the Ghost Hunter Shop located at 835 Porter Place, Lexington, Kentucky. Patti is also the tour guide for the immensely popular Bardstown Ghost Trek which she started in 1997 in Bardstown, KY. With over 30 years of paranormal research and ghost investigations Patti has captured many anomalies in photos, videos and audios while investigating haunted locations. Her goal as an experienced and accomplished paranormal investigator is to collect evidence to support the premise that life goes on even after death. She is very active as a ghost researcher, author, lecturer, consultant, dowser, and teacher. Her book, Ghost Hunting in Kentucky and Beyond, is widely hailed as a must-have resource for all serious ghost hunters.Patti has been teaching ghost hunting courses at the Bluegrass Community and Technical College in Lexington, Kentucky since 2001. She is currently lecturing at numerous universities, colleges, and libraries throughout the United States.Patti’s work has been documented in numerous newspapers and magazines including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Oracle 20/20, Ghost Magazine and Southern Distinction.Patti writes for the Lexington Herald-Leader online newspaper under the heading “Ask the Expert”. It is a forum for posing questions to certain professionals. Questions and answers are published for information and discussion purposes only.In 2006 Patti Starr was voted as one of the Top Ten Ghost Hunter Paranormal Investigators in America for 2007, 2008 and again for 2009.Patti is a frequent guest on television and radio programs. She has been featured on national TV such as A&E “Airline” filmed in Birmingham, AL, at the haunted Sloss Furnaces and a film clip of that investigation was featured on the Montel Williams Show. She was also featured on the Food Network “The Best of Fright Food” filmed at the haunted Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Kentucky. CHRISTIANA’S PSYCHIC CAFE at 9pm est (8cst, 6pst).My guest will be tarotist Jean Redman, who will be joining me for an all-new episode. Jean has been reading tarot for many years, and is the creator of the as-yet-unpublished Bali Tarot, inspired by her years living in Bali.Jean is a Spiritual Mystic. As a workshop leader and teacher, she is well-versed in many metaphysical topics. This is sure to be a fascinating conversation!

Paranormal Encounters-This is the fourth episode to Paranormal Encounters. They travel back to the state of Iowa this time at a mental institution. What happens to them has been caught on camera.

Ghost Detectives-The team goes to Duryea Pa. to investigate a former furniture store believed to be haunted.

PARANORMAL MINDS-  This week on Paranormal Minds by MGPI, Shannon will be talking with Chuck Bergman. Chuck Bergman is a retired Salem MA Police Officer. He is a third generation medium and recalls being able to communicate with the other side since the age of six. He has spent many years in development circles learning meditation techniques that have helped to fine tune his gift. He has completed classes in psychic mediumship, advanced mediumship and Reiki. He just finished his second book which chronicles his life.

Bearfort Paranormal- This footage is from a small airport in New Jersey. It was originally built for private use in the 1950s. We are unable to say much more about its history as the name and location have been withheld per our clients request. Shadows have been reported in the tower. Strange noises and shuffling sounds have been heard in the hangar as well as the sounds of children playing. The land itself has a long history as well, having once been settled by the Lenni Lenape Indians. The property changed hands many times over the years and accommodated everything from an Iron mining operation to a children’s camp to a horse farm before its current incarnation. This investigation took place in June 2011. As you will see, the spirits did not disappoint. We will be uploading more video from our July and November 2011 investigations shortly.


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