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Dale is most widely known as the Founder of Sevenly.org and by the one million monthly readers of his blog, The Daily Positive. His focus is now on his next project, StartupCamp.com and his new book, People Over Profit.

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Worst Entrepreneur moment

Dale was fired from his own company. Could anything hurt more?

Entrepreneur AH-HA Moment

Dale KNEW that people had to come first, and he proved it with his first 8-figure revenue company.

What has you FIRED up?

Dale’s book: People Over Profit! Click here for his GIFT to you, Fire Nation!

Small Business Resource

Dribbble: Show and tell for designers

Best Business Book

People Over Profit by Dale Partridge

The Brand Gap Marty Neumeier

Interview Links

The Daily Positive

Start Up Camp: Are You An Aspiring. Entrepreneur, Blogger or Dreamer? Join the thousands chasing their dream with an educational membership to StartupCamp.

@dalepartridge for everything :-)


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