We’ve had another busy month here at TeamworkHQ. It’s one month into the new UI design and all is going well. We have received a huge amount of positive feedback and comments from you all, so thanks to you all for your support and words of encouragement.

Here are some highlighted updates and fixes for October. For those of you who are interested, the full list is available to view straight from our SVN Repository on our Updates Page



All Tasks: Added ‘This week’ option

File drop More descriptive pasted file names for tasks

Update Everything: All Completed Tasks: Add “Log time button”

Placeholder Switched to using native placeholder in chrome

All Files Project names are now shown

Notifications fixed positioned all the time

login css tweaks for <=IE8

Login History – Each person link now to their profile

UI Login – Allow tabbing to “Keep me logged in”

Task list template – blank slate button added

People Page now reloads after changing date format.

Notifications – big updates & fixes

People Downgrade user Account – CSS tweaks and added option for user Can Manage People

Notebooks Hack to not copy and paste the notebook background colour to Word etc

Update Tasks: Start Timer: Add button to top right of View Task Page

Update Tasks: Start Timer: Add button to time icon tooltip on Task Listing Page

People Downgrade user Account to a Contact (only Administrators)

Update Make all place holder text consistent in color

Basecamp next import – Added support for importing user images

Basecamp next import – initial support for files

Basecamp Next : Added created/updated dates

css tweaks – upload files

Comments privacy icon placement

Project menu no overlapping when it breaks onto two lines on smaller screens

IE9 Everything: apply IE8 filter fixes to IE9

IE9- Tasks: replaced non-showing completed task icon with very similar icon

People Add new user – the default action is now ‘Choose password’ with the chance to unselect send ‘Welcome’ message.

People in project Auto focus in Add People ‘search by name’ text field

Milestones Completed milestones now load when navigating to previous months in Calendar tab.

Image Viewer “x of n” file number indicator when in message/task context

UI new Dashboard/Overview colours to match latest design

Tasks keyboard shortcuts: if another key is down anytime while the shortcut key is pressed, the shortcut isn’t executed

Image Viewer Images not attached to the message post no longer show up when going next/prev

Image Viewer Context comment tabs are shown again. Images that aren’t attached to the task no longer show up when pressing next/prev.

Tasks Sort task lists in sidebar via drag drop there

css tweaks / sidebar “manage” link position nudge

Update Messages/Comments: Added hover-on-show permalink

Message – When adding a new message text overrides options

Update Excel Export: Fix localization of dates and timestamps

People Add User If random password, HAVE to send an email, Account/Contact click glitch

Billing invoice export fix (long urls was breaking layout to 2 pages in pdf)

Translations:Added month name translations to milestone icons

People on project Company name link to company page

Update Add project name in to All Milestones calendar tipped dialogs

swapped usage of “login” for “log in” where it makes more sense”

Task list templates – now import all users who can view tasks

Notifications Update style and mark all other notifications as visited on same page when visiting one

Project quick menu updated

Moved “?” into translation strings

Update Links: View Page needs to use new icon set

Update Instant Search: Include links in search item list

reloadPage option supported in doJSON

API Changes


notebooks/{id} and projects/{id}/notebooks now return comments-count & read-comments-count

Milestone pagination – pageSize, page options and X-headers

Bug Fixes


Freshbooks Export Fix for retrieving clients

Add Task Fix for new file attached to tasks created for multiple people using the all people must do this option

Updating Status : lightbox didn’t disappear when I clicked update

View file:”Showing weird chars” in filename

UI Message icon placement glitches fix

Multi-file-picker style glitches fixed -> buttons

cfx cfc path bug fix

IE8 Everthing: Who dropdown clipping, etc.

Comments – text going behind buttons on right

Instant search text overflows field (to the right) and on IE it goes under the search-icon

bug fix Search box overlapping

bug fix Files Dropbox download message

Gantt Fixed people picker bugs

Task lists Fixed privacy for the list of templates in add tasks from template

Gantt Fixed process immediate bugs

Gantt Fixed new milestone added to new task list bug

Gantt Improved Task list progress logic

Gantt Made task list progress live

Gantt Fixed number of incomplete task count inaccuracies

Gantt Made event notification system safer

Gantt Moved archived project Banner to bottom of screen

Gantt Fixed add milestone oddies

Gantt Fixed unlink milestone not redrawing the gantt

Downgrading Account to contact deleted phone details

Copy project Fixed days offset bug

All Files Fixed archived project files taken into account for pagination and corrected API call url.

bug fix When copying a notebook text box shows inconsistency

bug fix overlapping text on add sub task form

bug fix deleting a project now redirects to projects listing

Task list template – fix for new list not at top

bug fix click “Add reply” button reappeared after loading reply form

UI Fix Unread messages no longer stay bold when opened in quick-view.

Login spinner doesn’t stop spinning if redirecting into app

Navigation #subCats style fixes

Subtasks – When adding a subtask the text goes under the more option.

Milestones Checking “Private” box on Quick Add disables non-owner options.

Overview sub cats don’t wrap and overlap now

Everything Navigation bar no longer extends along the page

Project Report Exporting to PDF includes report title again

Tasks tasklists in sidebar: drag handle was hidden by lock icon + rgba fallback for IE8

Tasklists Filtering tasks by user when in a single tasklist no longer navigates away from the tasklist being viewed.

Height menu glitch

Overview blank slate Fixed miss-aligned text

Tasks tasklist position not saved when reording in sidebar

Basecamp Next Import Fixed api change regarding archived projects

Tasks tasklist position not saved when reording in sidebar

Milestones Fixed page not reloading after (un-)completing a milestone on its page.

bug fix Sub task count doesn’t change when you drag a sub-task to a new task list in the left hand bar

Milestones Fixed blank slate template showing when there are only completed milestones older than current month.

bug fix Tasks tab: listings should show related ‘Project’ and ‘Company’ name

bug fix dependencies info loader

bug fix Notebooks – Grid View: View all comments links does nothing

bug fix Activity Dashboard List/Timeline Display Option Not Clickable

Minor fix Removed task form debugging messages that showed up for all users.

Links Fixed link comment styling

UI Fix Close button no longer hidden by dropbox form

Datepicker won’t go off screen to the left now.

All Comments sprites selectors correction

Tasks C shortcut should not work if any other keys are currently pressed and moved notifications shortcut code into main.js where the rest of the shortcuts are handled

UI Fixed quick view input/text area styling

UI Fix Task comment text area no longer clipped in quick view

Minor fix Page now fully reloads after changing user language.

bug fix Project – Trash can – Item Selector covers the close button

bug fix Office Extension Number displayed wrongly next to Cell Number

Notifications Logged in notification: undefined shown

IE8 Hid the notifications bell

bug fix Lightbox positioned off screen

bug fix People/Companies listing (grid view) missing cursor:pointer

bug fix Notebooks – ‘Add Comment’ using options did not reload content (to improve later with Knockout refactoring)

bug fix Task titles wrapping too soon, completed task use now text-decoration: line-through

Everything all time spacings between sort boxes jumping

bug fix Notebooks – long name hidden by edit option (CSS tweak for low screen resolution)

Menu Fix Star/Unstar icons

Comments Fix “Sort by” options on comments

Instant Search Fix where some items didn’t have a last updated date

Impersonate fix

Minor fix Project activity dates with long month names now have smaller font size

Minor Fix Fixed project activity layout for non-english language settings

Messages: Change Poster: Also change the activity log for type ‘Message’

fix Private tasklists attached to public milestones no longer show up for users without permissions.

fix caching – Tasks page – clicking sidebar task list loses selected person filter

fix Billing – Line breaks not showing in expenses

When a users theme is close to white we need to make the text dark

fix Dependencies across lists now update properly

Fixed millisecond spelling

fix Privacy and tasks – a dependent task that is private name is displayed in the dependency of the other task.

Milestones: Day of week when using different date formats

Fixed some overflow-xnone to overflow-x:hidden

Fixed All Comments dates breaking with different formats or when loading more comments.

Milestone weekday not updating in lightbox when switching date.

KB Shortcuts: Correctly detect if ctrl/alt is also being pressed and ignore D and C

Calendar: iCal link: Everybody

Fixed login slowness & added spinner to login but when submitted

Fixed settings blanks slates

tipped menu url

project dates on left hand side of overview for languages

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