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  • The Coyotel Church is an apostate art movement founded by Steven Johnson Leyba, Steve Hapy and an enclave of other outlaw artists. Seven years ago, The Trickster’s Bible was published and Coyote was again loosed upon the world under the guise of...

  • Alien Invasion and the Luciferian Agenda 2016 Source Note: Not an endorsement for every point made The ET agenda and how a Luciferian agenda has driven the evolution of the human race and will be culminating in the near future. According to this research...

  • Attack on Syria exposes US biochem terror factories Recent chemical warfare attack in Syria has led investigators to a decade-old network of secret labs spread from the Caspian Basin to the Baltic. Gordon Duff Press TV September 12, 2013 The story...

  • Lisa Renee ~ Poverty Consciousness
    via pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot

    Dear Ascending Family, As many of us may be sensing, over this next year we will likely see the cracks in the old paradigms and systems grow wider.  We are in a unique position, during the bifurcation, to begin to lay the seeds for the new cycle in...

  • Reclaiming The Christos Body ~ by Lisa Renee
    via ascensionearth2012.blogspot

    By LISA RENEE energeticsynthesis.com Dear Ascending Family, The frequency impact of the unity source code anchored into the planetary architecture though the Krystal Host is rippling throughout the multiple dimensional fields and into many dead energy...

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