Discover why awesome ppc strategies, managed by expert ppc managers, remain wide open to ppc advertising failure in practice and learn how to minimize your ppc advertising risks by following a few strategic tips.

Online marketing experts might spend their time finding ways to improve Quality Scores, analyzing ppc campaign metrics via Google Analytics, or reading up on the latest ppc management tools as a way of increasing conversions, but this won’t stop all ppc campaign strategies from failing in practice.

Reasons why potentially effective ppc strategies fail in practice

There are many factors which affect a ppc manager’s ability to achieve pleasing results via ppc advertising that are completely out of that ppc manager’s hands. For example, the ppc manager might have to suddenly deal with:

algorithm changes

changes to the advertising budget made directly by the ppc advertising client

changes to ppc advertising rules

the development of new ppc advertising features which other ppc advertisers begin to use to strengthen their competitive advantages

a poor website design and no budget available or interest from the advertiser to improve that design

While there is little that ppc managers can do about updates to Google AdWords or a small advertising budget, ppc managers can avoid communication problems with the ppc advertising client by paying more attention to client care.

Issues between ppc manager and ppc client can be highly problematic. When communication channels are strained or completely broken down, the probability of any ppc strategy achieving success, however well-planned and implemented, is low.

Most ppc advertising clients hire a ppc manager to run their campaigns for them because they either don’t have the time or the online advertising expertise to be able to do it for themselves. Problems in communications between ppc client and ppc manager arise because most clients know very little about how ppc advertising works, but they are loathe to let go of the control and allow the ppc management expert to do his or her job effectively.

It is really difficult to convince a client to try out new ppc strategies or to trust in the ppc strategies that are in place when that client has little or no understanding of ppc advertising and how it works. So much so, that it’s one of the main reasons why a number of ppc advertising campaigns fail or never reach their full online advertising potential.

It’s also really difficult to make sure that the entire online marketing team is working towards the same goals and not doing things which might actually be counterproductive. A number of marketing teams in large companies are fairly large and split up (for some absurd reason) into small sections (social networking, SEO, PPC, etc.) and each sub-section doesn’t really work alongside or even communicate regularly on the level that they should be doing with each other.

This lack of communication is another reason why many ppc strategies don’t work as well as expected and something that all companies can evaluate very quickly and at little to no cost too.

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Discover why awesome ppc strategies, managed by expert ppc managers, remain wide open to ppc advertising failure in practice


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