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Email is something that almost everyone uses on a daily basis and everybody seems to have their preferred mail service. Gone are the days when you needed to have an ISP to get email address and the contenders today number in the thousands or tens of thousands. One of the original free email providers, and one of the oldest due to Outlook being installed on even some of the earliest versions of Windows, Microsoft has a significant percentage of the email customers that are out there and now that they are transitioning to compete with Gmail with Outlook Online, they may grow even larger.

History of Hotmail

Hotmail was one of the earliest email services that were not based upon your Internet service provider – such as America Online (AOL). The other major contender at the time was Rocketmail, which was the precursor to Yahoo! Mail. The service launched on Independence Day in 1996 and grew to more than 8 million users by the following year. The original company was purchased by Microsoft in 1997 for roughly $400 million and today boasts nearly a half a billion customers. Microsoft announced the move to Outlook.com in 2013 and is now in the process of transitioning the last user accounts.

How to sign up for Hotmail

There are multiple ways that you can sign up for Hotmail. Because Microsoft has other products that use an email address – such as Xbox Live and Microsoft office products – you may already have an account. If you have any of these then you simply go to the Hotmail or Outlook online URL and type in that email address and the password that you signed up with which would also be your Hotmail login information. If you don’t have any Microsoft accounts than you can always sign up for a new account with an email that you currently have through another service such as Gmail or Yahoo! Mail. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be on a computer in order to sign up. You can sign up on your smartphone or other mobile devices as well.

Hotmail Sign in

Like the sign up process for Outlook Online, you don’t have to use a computer to sign into your email. You can sign in through your web browser on any mobile device as well or you can use the Outlook app. The Outlook app is available on all three major mobile operating systems. Because of availability of the email apps, you should have any issues with your Hotmail Sign in. All you do is enter the email associated with your Microsoft related account, and enter your password. You will then be up to sign and access to your inbox.

Resetting your Hotmail Password

In order to reset your Hotmail password, you simply click on the ‘forgot password’ link and it will take you to a page that has three different options. The first is that you simply forgot your password, the second is that you know your password but you still aren’t able to sign in and the third is if you think that your Hotmail login might be compromised. From there you can either enter your email address or you can use your phone number and you will be able to recover your password after filling in the captcha.

Hotmail’s Conversion to Outlook.com Online

In 2013, Microsoft announced that it was going to be getting rid of the Hotmail brand and instead going with Outlook Online or Outlook.com. Outlook has long been installed with all versions of Microsoft Windows and allowed you to pull email from your various services or addresses into one inbox. But Outlook Online is intended to be a direct competitor for Gmail and so it will be including many features that you probably noticed Hotmail lacked in the past.

Even though Hotmail converted to Outlook.com, you can still use your previous Hotmail login information in order to access your Hotmail/Outlook.com account.

Expected Changes for Hotmail

There are obviously going to be changes to Hotmail. In fact, there will simply no longer be Hotmail. All of the Outlook.com and Hotmail accounts will be migrated to the Office 365 exchange email servers as well which means that you will get the benefit of these upgraded servers and be able to sync much better and much more quickly when it comes to Outlook.com and the newest versions of the Outlook for windows. Already, the Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook.com email accounts are basically the same. Your Hotmail Sign in will allow you to access Office 365 as well.

Features of Outlook Online to Look Forward to

Of course, because Outlook.com is intended to attract more customers, Microsoft is rolling out lots of great new features that you might like. Much like Gmail and all of the related applications that already come with your Google account, Outlook.com will incorporate calendar functions, OneNote and all of the various services under one email address. The fascinating thing about this particular feature is that you can sign in with that email address on whatever devices or computers that you have, and you will be able to access all of your documents. Since so many people use Microsoft Office products, this will make having a Microsoft account and email address much more appealing.

Microsoft is also putting the finishing touches on their email sorting, which makes Outlook.com almost rival Gmail when it comes to blocking spam and separating your email into the appropriate folders – and only showing you the email that is most important in your inbox – while still allowing easy access to social updates and other emails that are less important.

There are also a number of integrated applications that you will be able to access with your Hotmail login from your inbox with a new Outlook.com. Services and websites like PayPal, Yelp, Uber and a whole lot more will be integrated right into your inbox in the Outlook.com interface. Microsoft has also created a whole new management system for your emails, allowing you not only to easily find the emails en masse that you want to delete or archive, but also to set up specific rules that will make sure you never have to deal with those types of emails again.

The Outlook Is obviously available on Windows operating systems for mobile devices but it is also available on android and iOS. Microsoft is definitely doing everything it can to draw customers away from Gmail or other webmail services, and get them to use Outlook.com instead. While Outlook.com may just be catching up to Gmail on some things there are others that it beats Google’s service on and one thing that may entice the more aesthetically-minded customers is that the new Outlook.com interface is actually better than the Gmail interface.


It is likely that those who have been with Gmail for a long time will be hesitant about switching and most of them will probably stay with their current email service – particularly if they use other Google products that they need to manage under one umbrella. Google AdSense, YouTube and Adwords are just some examples of that. This is especially true for people who get paid through YouTube videos or from a Google product like AdSense. But there are others that will try out Outlook.com’s new features and a percentage of them are sure to like it. How much Outlook Online will grow and whether it will surpass Gmail will depend upon how much innovation and work goes into the new service and it will be an interesting race to witness.

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