Discovering other uses for Plumbing Materials

Plumbing Materials can be upcycled too. (Photo Credits)

Plumbing supplies do not necessarily need to be utilized exclusively for plumbing purposes. In fact, there should be more uses to these supplies and materials apart from your usual plumbing-related repairs and projects.

If you scour the internet, you will see that there are a lot of Do-It-Yourself instructional materials and videos geared towards upcycling plumbing supplies and materials.

Just like this plumbing pipe firewood holder featured over at Goodshomedesign.com.

“Have you been in search for a way to keep the quality of your garden at high standards? Surely, the soil used has an important role in this equation, so if you want a good result in the garden, you must pay extra attention to the soil. The DIY compost bin we suggest can help you solve this issue. Besides the fact this clever device keeps rodents away from your compost, the design build is simple and will be easy for you to make in your spare time. The materials are also easy to get and use. You have to make sure you have Reclaimed Cedar and other lumber, some concrete pavers, hardware cloth, metal sheet roofing, screws and some important tools like a sander, table saw, drill and shovel. Check out the tutorial and good luck on building this device.”

Read the step-by-step instructional here.

More uses than one

Hometalk.com meantime featured galvanized plumbing parts as possible curtain rods for your home and bathroom. OSHA Plumbers

“I’m definitely not the first to make these, and after this tutorial, I’m hoping there will be some of you who will also tackle this DIY project. There were a few things I learned along the way, so you can learn from my mistakes!”

Check out the Do-It-Yourself instructions here.

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This plumbing supplies company though is bent on making sure that they remain innovative in terms of the plumbing materials that they supply to both plumbing contractors and homes.

Twincities.com featured Uponor, the plumbing company that is serious in making sure that they remain on top of all the latest technologies and innovations when I comes to plumbing.

“The program is open-ended, yet somewhat exclusive. For one thing, Uponor doesn’t want to stray too far from its core business — plumbing, heating and water management. Out of 40 new-idea candidates so far, Uponor has thrown in with just one prospect, New Brighton-based Upstream Technologies, which makes systems to treat stormwater run-off, licensing a patent from the University of Minnesota. In a recent interview, Gray talked about Uponor Innovations and how it fits in with the larger company.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

So how do you upcycle those plumbing supplies lying around in your home?


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