China’s Ministry of Public Security and a cabinet-level examine core are teaming adult to examine IBM, Oracle and EMC over confidence issues.

The arriving review could be some-more than a elementary tit-for-tat in a ongoing cybersaga between a U.S. and China. The examine follows Edward Snowden’s allegations that a National Security Agency hacked into networks during universities in China and Hong Kong, where Snowden was stealing out after this leaking debauch began.

The Shanghai Securities News, that initial reported a story, quotes a source who pronounced that a “PRISM scandal” suggests that things competence be astray with U.S.-dominated networks.

Last year, Beijing deemed Cisco

to work a nation’s communications networks — immediately after a U.S.

Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE strange to work a networks.

Earlier this year, pre-Snowden, U.S. officials were slamming China for widespread cyberespionage campaigns carried out opposite American targets.


Syrian Group Claims Responsibility for US Media Hacks

The Syrian Electronic Army is claiming shortcoming for a cyberattack that influenced a websites of CNN, Time and The Washington Post.

Links on those outlets’ websites redirected users to an outmost site tranquil by a Syrian Electronic Army, a organisation that supports Syrian boss Bashar al-Assad.

The SEA reportedly didn’t penetrate into a media outlets themselves, though instead went after Outbrain, a recommendation use used by countless outlets, including a aforementioned ones. Outbrain temporarily infirm a use to examine a attack.

The Post reliable that it was a plant of a worldly phishing conflict in that a Syrian Electronic Army sent out an email from a staff writer’s personal email account.

The hacking organisation has also claimed shortcoming for hacking a New York Post‘s Facebook page and commandeering a Twitter accounts of New York Post writers.

A mouthpiece for The New York Times, whose website went down for a few hours Wednesday, pronounced it was not a plant of a cyberattack — only complications compared with maintenance.


Google Maps Soon to Feature English Waterways

A British organisation called Canal River Trust will embark on a month-long travel to assistance Google Street View constraint new images of waterways in a UK.

Hikers will enclose a “Trekker” that captures 360-degree images of places a Street View automobile can’t reach. New domain will embody current footpaths and bridges.

The four-foot, 40-pound Trekker, that has a 15-angle lens camera, has been used to map a Grand Canyon and some of a world’s tallest peaks. This will be a initial time a Trekker has been used in a UK.

Canal River Trust via
The Next Web]

Samsung to Unveil Smartwatch

Samsung will betray a smartwatch in September, according to a news from a Samsung-obsessed website SamMobile.

The device — to be named “Galaxy Gear,” according to initial reports — will be denounced during an annual wiring uncover in Berlin, that is also where Samsung is reportedly formulation to announce a Galaxy Note III smartphone.

The smartwatch will work with Galaxy smartphones, SamMobile reports. There is speculation, formed on patents on a device, that a shade will be flexible.

SamMobile via
the Los Angeles Times]

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