Faster internet access is great news for property owners in Australia, and not just because it's easier to access video and social media. With access to more speedy and reliable internet connections, the way we work and even send kids to school can receive an overhaul.

With the National Broadband Network (nbn) roll​ing out across Australia, what were once futuristic ideals can become a reality.

The nbn continues at speed

Right now, over 563,646 premises in Australia have access to fixed-line nbn services, and 39,222 have access to interim satellite connections. It's a strange mix of technologies, but simply means faster broadband access for Australians both in city locations and out in the more rural parts of the country.

So how does faster broadband impact your average Australian home owner?

Understanding the nbn advantages

At the most basic level, having a house with access to faster internet can be great for property management. Essentially, making the place more attractive for tenants. Looking a little further into the future, the nbn could soon start to change how we live and work – and how we choose property.

Recently, the company building the new network, also called nbn, came forward about one of the benefits of the faster internet. The organisation's research surveyed 500 Australians and found that 39 per cent are now using online video to "pursue their hunger for learning". What's more, 80 per cent are watching content online to upskill and carry out continued learning.

While it may seem that Australians are simply taking advantage of a new technology, and they certainly are, there's a real benefit to faster connections and internet learning.

Instead of having to travel into a city for university courses or even for work, Australians can start to think about the feasibility of working remotely, and popping into the city occasionally. Ever wanted to buy a hobby farm out near the Blue Mountains? Satellite-based fast internet could be the final piece of the puzzle to make your dream a reality.

The nbn continues to rollout across Australia, bringing faster internet to a greater number of people everyday. For some, it's going to be the opportunity to finally leave the hustle and bustle of the inner city behind, whether they live in Brisbane, Sydney or any of Australia's other major cities.

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