Plants are like people; they don’t like change.  Plants and people resist change even when the change can be in their best interest.  Plants have so many lessons to teach humans.  “What?”



Plants teach people health and beauty


Think about what plants need.


 Light.  Plants like varying degrees of light and sunshine; however they all require some light to grow and thrive.


Water.  Without any water, plants will wither.  Just try neglecting houseplants for a few weeks when you are out of town and they will look very sad on your return home.  Ask any farmer who does not have an irrigation system during a period of zero rainfall.


Food.  Plants draw nutrients from the soil, fertilizer, and plant food.  The leaves on my numerous houseplants grow smaller when they do not receive nourishment for a long period of time.


Each summer, the larger geranium pots leave the comfort of the bay windows and travel outside to the deck to bask in the warm rays of summer sunshine.  Admittedly, they do complain when they encounter an unwelcome hail storm or intense wind.  They have a right to be upset.  The marvel is that they all recover, expand and flourish beyond their original magnificent blooming mass.




By early October, their leaves are starting to shiver in the evening and it is time to readjust to the inside atmosphere.


Plants respond with yellow leaves and sometimes with an unexpected cricket nesting in the plant.  That is undoubtedly a surprise to the plant, cricket and myself; we all adjust.  If possible, the cricket gets transported back outside.


Plants readjust and thrive to bloom and flourish all winter.


Plants and People


Light – Throughout all of documented history, highly successful people have walked outside.  Being outside in the fresh air, moving and gazing far away has been a common behavior pattern of highly successful people.  There is something about the sun’s rays which warm not only the body but also the soul and the creative instinct.  The one exception which comes to mind was Howard Hughes; if you recall, he had become such a hermit that when he passed away the Treasury Department had to confirm his identity with fingerprints.  People need light, preferably natural light outside.


Highly successful people recognize the value of light, fresh air, and exercise as important contributing factors to fresh ideas.


Water – The average human body is 57 to 60 percent water.  According to the Mayo Clinic, your body depends on water to flush toxins from vital organs and carry nutrients to your cells, especially the ears, nose and throat.  Lack of water can lead to dehydration and loss of energy.  Can you really afford to deplete your energy? Personally high energy allows me to accomplish my daily tasks, both personally and professionally.


How much water do you need?  Exercise, climate and your individual body determine the ideal amount of water for you.  Every day our bodies lose water through breathing, perspiring and bodily elimination.  The average recommended intake for men is thirteen cups per day; the average recommended intake for women is nine cups per day.  Nine cups equals two quarts plus one eight ounce cup.  Thirteen cups equals three quarts plus one eight ounce cup.  The commonly reported recommendation is eight 8 ounce glasses of water per day which equals two quarts. The amount is probably because eight times eight is easy to remember.


This is also why it is so important to have fresh clean water available to people all over the world.


Food – The value of nutrition cannot be underestimated.  Nutrition companies, juice drinks, vitamins, and whole food supplement products flood the market and permeate the air waves on a daily basis.  This cures belly fat and that cures overweight or loss of energy or loss of sexual prowess.  Pills, juices, lotions and potions flood the market.  Why?  It sounds as if people would rather take a chemical substitute rather than eat properly.  The debate on organic verses genetically modified is another issue.


The one common factor is that all agree on the importance of proper nutrition.  The difference is how they recommend that people ingest that nutrition.


Just as plants need nutrition, so do humans.  Malnutrition statistics by country range from 53.3 percent to zero.  United States is one percent; there are 49 countries with a better rating than the United States.  It is shocking to know that Greece, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Germany New Zealand, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, South Korea, Australia, Hungary, Iceland, Bulgaria, Canada, Cuba, Viet Nam, Japan, Costa Rica, Portugal, Belgium, and Sweden all rank better than United States; we are reportedly the richest nation and yet we have deaths from malnutrition.




Plants resist change.  Humans seem to resist it more and we possess the power and ability to execute change.  Highly successful people welcome change.


If these facts on light, water and nutrition did not receive your attention to the need to change our behavior, what will it take?  Plants have lessons to teach people about how to be healthy, thriving and beautiful.  Plants can rebound from nature’s storms, insufficient water or poor nutrition, so can people.  We have the intelligence to make wise choices with our light, water and nutrition.  We can change.  We can be healthy, productive and flourishing.  Highly successful people make a choice followed by action.


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