With such a vast range of promotional gifts and branding options available, choosing the right product (or products) to promote your organisation and message with is no easy task. So where do you start?

Who is the gift for?

Your target audience will undoubtedly influence your choice of gift. Is it an incentive or give-away for potential clients? If so, choose something that will make your brand stand out from the crowd, especially if – for example – you’re attending an event alongside some of your competitors. An item that can be used day in, day out or placed on your prospect’s desk is more likely to get you a sale … Is it a reward or thank you gift for existing clients? In that case, think carefully about what you know about your audience and what kind of gift would make them feel valued or create a positive attachment to your brand.

Is this product useful or desirable?

Let’s face it, few people will happily accept just any ‘freebie’. If the recipient cannot find a use for your gift, there’s a good chance that it will get stashed away somewhere or even thrown in the bin. So the key question to ask yourself is: Would I like receiving this and would I use it? Ignoring this is a common mistake … Some of the safer choices of gifts that people will keep and use include pens, mugs, note pads or sticky notes, calendars and calculators. Some of the more lifestyle or technology led gifts such as power banks, earphones, mini speakers, sports bottles and take-away thermal cups have seen a genuine increase in popularity and have become firm top sellers. Check our recent top 6 favourite promotional gifts.

Does the product fit with your brand?

Choosing a product representing your business or services may seem too obvious, however it’s proven to be a highly effective way to deliver a strong message. Think house shaped stress toy for an estate agent … You can create a totally co-ordinated campaign by picking promotional items in your corporate colours. Many products including pens, USB sticks, cups, bags, umbrellas and clothing are available in a wide range of colours that can be identified straight away as a reminder of your brand. You should also check what the branding and personalisation possibilities are before making your selection. How easy will it be to reproduce your logo accurately? Will the branding area accommodate all the information you wish to display? Can the product be printed ‘all over’ for a completely unique gift? Click here to find out more about Egan Reid’s branded merchandise service.

What is your promotional budget?

Cost always needs to be taken into consideration – not just ensuring that you can afford what you have in mind, but also to maximise the return on your investment. As a result, you may decide to treat a smaller number of prospects or clients with a higher quality, more expensive gift, instead of giving a cheaper product to a wider audience. Look at minimum order quantities too, as some products can only be produced in large batches that may not be cost-effective for you. We would also advise thinking about how practical and costly an item is going to be to distribute if you are planning to use it as part of a direct mail campaign.

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