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National Career Service Portal has been launched successfully by our own Honorable Prime Minister. The Employment Exchange new site has released at 46th session of Labour Conference.The new tremendous Modi's decision on National Career Service provider Portal Employment Exchange New Site is like a bridge between the job searchers and job providers.Details regarding How to register to National Career Service (NCS)Portal at www.ncs.gov.in is provided here.Modi Employment Website as "Govt India Employment site" is sure to help out the candidates waiting for employment news along with many other facilities of career counselling also.Candidates requiring details regarding Modi's Employment Exchange Portal details and it's usage and New User Registration Career Service site National level at www.ncs.gov.in Online are provided here:

PM Narendra Modi's Exchange Employment New WebSite

The official "India Govt Employment Portal" is www.ncs.gov.in . It's a job searches and job providers platform to exchange the news to each other. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's latest National Career Service  Portal for Exchange Employment News site is a one step bridge between the employee and employer. As the name it's self reveals, the agenda between the Modi's Employment Website is t create a platform for exchange of job news between the Job seekers and Job providers.The site has been created in a very secure way to avoid any wrong details by the applicants. One willing to Register to Modi's NCS Exchange Employment site have to provide the details of Aadhar card number compulsory. Job provider has to give the sure details of the organization etc,.National Career Service employment site is an ICT based portal that has been developed to help the job searchers with the opportunities available around.The Employment Exchange New Site will have the complete details regarding the job offer authority,employment officers etc,

India Govt Employment exchange Portal News:

Our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched the New web site for Career Service in national level at www.ncs.gov.in on July 20,2015 on 46th session of Indian Labour Conference.

What is NCS webSite:The latest Employment Exchange New site of Ho'ble PM Narendra Modi's National Career Service (NCS)Portal is a platform between the Job Seekers and job providers in a secure way to make youth aware of the job opportunities around
The home page of National Career Portal i.e www.ncs.gov.in will be having the option of Job Seeker, Employer, Local Services,Career Center,Counsellor,Skill provider, Placement Organizations,Govt Dept,Reports. Candidates can easily navigate through the page of Employment Exchanges news site as it's made very friendly with relevant words as every one can navigate easily.

Benefits of National Career Service Portal:

Easy and Flexible registration process

Easy Job search between job in companies and candidates

Employment counselling and training suggestions

Govt,Private and PSUs Jobs data at one place

Up to date vacancy notification, job placements

Skilling and Training opportunities

Benefits as per employer and job seeker are provided  below separately on NCS Employment exchange site by Ho'ble Narendra Modi'

How to Register at nsc.gov.in for employment exchange news:

Log on to www.ncs.gov.in

Click on Job Seeker of employer

Click on Signup for New registration

Fill the form with correct details

Click on Submit

You can get OTP(One time password)

Re login with this OTP

ncs.gov.in Registration of National Career Service Portal for Job Seekers & Employers

Benefits For Job Seekers:The Employment Exchange new site has the facilities of Assistance in selecting a career or job switch especially for the Fresher candidates. It's easy to Search and apply for jobs,job fairs,Training programs and career exhibitions for Career service at national level www.ncs..gov.in

Benefits For Employer (Job Provider) :They can easily search and select the job seeker profiles so they can select the perfect candidates. They can send job interview requests to the candidates and save Short listing criteria.They can too participate in events or job fairs and contact Local service providers.

How does National Career Service provider Portal works: Candidates have to give the correct details of aadhar , e-mail and phone number etc,. any of the news / offers/ notifications will be alerted with Email / SMS Notifications.

Found the content useful...Share Modi's National career service for employment post to others..so that every one gets benefit of the new exchange job site.For any query / Comment/doubt please feel free to drop your query in the comment box at the end of the post,.we will try to clarify and notify you..

Current status:Currently there are more than 900 employment exhange Portal news with around 44 Million job searchers registration.Candidates registered to the NCS at www.ncs.gov.in will get the Exchange Employment new site jobs through e-mail or sms alert.All the central govt ministries and dept and state run enterprises ,industries will post the employment news in the National Career Service site.Registered companies , organizations, small scale industries can also publish their jobs at Employment Exchange New Site.

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