It’s not the end of the world, but just recently, we found out that Nicole needs glasses. First off, both my wife and myself don’t wear glasses, and therefore we had ZERO understanding about the optical industry. We are blessed to not have the inconvenience of wearing spectacles, having that extra weight on the bridge of our noses.

However, lately, Nicole has been complaining that she can’t read the white board in school. We asked for her to be seated in the 1st row, and yet she was still struggling with reading the white board. We tested her at the food court and with street signs, and we realized that she may not be bluffing….We therefore had to bring her to see an eye doctor, and our worst fears were confirmed. OUR LITTLE GIRL NEEDS GLASSES!!!

The Good News is that Crizal Transition Lenses is here to save the Day!  

Being ignorant to the world of optics, we needed to know how to best look after the eyes of our little princess. We were therefore thankful to the knowledge of the protection that Crizal Transition Lenses were going to give us.

For the uninformed, Transition lenses are the result of a calibration between Transitions Optical Inc. and  Essilor. Together, they have produced the latest Chromea7 technology to give the most complete protection for one’s eyes. Using a unique dye formulation, the patented technology allows these revolutionary lenses to be more responsive in more situations and even darker on hot days. They are therefore the most optimal lenses for maximum indoor clarity and responsiveness to UV outdoors.  I know…It sounds awesome right! Kind of like the glasses used in some Star Trek Movie. 

With the lenses changing shades in various light condition, customers can also choose the shades which come in 2 aesthetically pleasing colours. Coming in Neutral Grey and Brown, customers decide which colour best suits them!  

Essilor and Transitions’ tie-up does not stop there!

The lenses are made even better with Crizal Forte UV. Offering both Front and Back UV protection, which is a first in the market, the Crizal Forte UV, also combats the 6 enemies of  vision. They are:


Water Drops





With all these benefits, it was a NO-Brainer, when we made our way down to W optics, to select our glasses and to get Nicole’s eyesight sorted out.

We must say that W Optics has a very impressive setup. The outlet at Suntec is humongous, with a large array of frames to cater to the different fashion styles of each individual. They have a special kids corner, where kids can be distracted, while the family chooses the frames for the child. 

At W optics, they have a special computer screens to help you envision what you will look like in your new spectacles. Put on your frame of choice, and the computer cameras will put a portrait of you on the screen to assist you in your choice. This was an important assistant to my daughter, who was grinning from ear to ear, as she tried on each pair of spectacles. She eventually chose a pair of frames that was Super light weight, so that she will not feel tired, from the everyday use of the new specs.

With her frames chosen, we opted for the colour of her transition lens. We gave her the natural grey look, when she is out in the Sun. Besides the visual transition, the lens also comes with Crizal Forte UV. This extra variable means that her lenses are equipped with  Eye-Sun Protection Factor  SPF 25, which provides 25 times more protection against harmful Ultra Violet rays. This is 5 times more UV protection, than any other lens available on the market.

And Yes! Nicole has gotten her glasses, and she is very happy with her ultra-cool lenses that change colours, as she enters different environments. Thank your Crizal Transition Lenses for looking after her eyes!  

Click here to find out more about Crizal and  Essilor Transition Lenses

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