People are too lazy to shop around.

People pay for convenience of buying from a familiar, system, place, store, location or vendor.

People are creatures of habit. If they buy a lot from eBay they will continue.

Other suppliers' checkout can be overly complicated with too many options and some do not like it.

Some people do not have the time or care to shop around more.

If the price seems fair and reasonable people buy on the spot.

People are prone to IMPULSE buying on certain types of items.

Time is money, so why waste hours shopping to save a few dollars

Auction thinking: eBay's focus is on auctions which make buyers think the prices are generally lower so they just assume they are getting a great price just buying on eBay.

Some just do not know any better or think to look shop around. and this list can go on

For now, just know that this eBay drop-shipping technique works! and works GREAT! People are making $1000s of dollars a month already with very little effort.

Managing hundreds if not thousands of products can be a nightmare and very tedious. Mistakes can be extremely costly.

Suppliers prices increasing without you knowing it

- RESULT: loses and issues

Shipping temporarily NOT FREE from supplier when you make your eBay sale.

- RESULT: loses and issues

- You will sell MORE when your eBay sale price drops below your cost. Which means more loses for you. The people that are shopping price will make sure you lose.

- Customer service nightmare if you decide to cancel or tell white lies

Out of stock at supplier when you make an eBay sale.

- RESULT: loses and issues

Low Average Profit per Listing (APL)

- If you are fairly new to eBay selling, you will find they will limit you to 50 products. You can still open as many as 9 eBay accounts under the same PayPal address buy managing 9 accounts with 50 products is a nightmare!

- Lots of wasted time clicking back and forth between eBay and supplier comparing.

- Lots of wasted time not having all of your most important data in one easy to analyze place.

Monitoring all your products in a spreadsheet like grid in one place and to be able to quickly scan, search and sort items by many criteria.

Monitor product sources from multiple online vendors such as Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, Wayfair, Bonanza, Meijer and more…

Monitor and Manage Unlimited eBay accounts under ONE login!

Quickly find problem products and eliminate products that change price and are no longer profitable to sell

Eliminating products whose price fluctuates too drastically risking being caught on a losing sale

Find and remove products that have dropped to out of stock or low quantity before you make an ebay sale and lose.

Find products that no longer offer FREE shipping that should be removed.

Manage everything on one page with pictures and quick access links to both eBay and Amazon

Watch for source product prices drops so you can lower your prices for quick sales.

Much higher Average Profit per Listing (APL)

No more excuses and white lies to your eBay clients about how the package was damanged or out of stock

as you will catch problems before they become a problem

Huge time savings. Work less earn more.

and the list goes on…

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