I made my haiku detector find haiku made up of multiple sentences a while ago, but it still had a bit of non-true-threading mustard, which I finally had Time to look into last nip. So now I've released the new version, and run that old text file of the thread through it to find additional haiku. Thanks to the seaishness of the OTT, I found a couple of other edge cases and made sure it handled them properly.

I think the list of all 802 haiku (350 more than before) is too seaish to paste into a post as I did last Time, so I put it elsewhere instead.

Well, maybe I'll probe the post length limit again and see if I can paste them here too. Be warned; there are bad words in the fourth haiku.


I guess we'll see in
the morning. ...Unless it's a
multi-part comic.

I kinda hope it's
as simplistic as it seems,
but it may not be.

Ok, well they are
now definitely moving
of their own accord.

What's going on? Oh
god, the suspense! Will it be
worth it in the end?

Please don't be sad or
scary...please please please don't bite
his leg off. xD

I've seen mention of
the BTC string, but not
what is below it.

So I just haven't
scrolled down the main page in a
really long time. Thanks.

You know, this kind of
reminds me of the paintings
in Harry Potter.

Does anyone have
the URL/a Mirror
for the first photo?

I looked in the source
code and was able to find
a javascript file.

It's 2:01 EST,
and I'm not seeing a new

They'll spend a lifetime
building a world from scratch and
grow old together.

Unless the Gif is
being adjusted in some
non-obvious way.

Now I don't have to
be afraid to leave work in
case I miss something.

Was unsure about
the gender, and just went for
the most probable.

seens like the castle
wasn't complex enough, so
she's building more stuff

Oh my God, watching
this comic is so thrilling
and... time consuming.

I was interested
to see the progression of
pictures that I missed.

I get it! Randall
is also a fan of Songs
of fire and ice.

Randall is also
a fan of Songs of fire
and ice.Called it.

I have a feeling
that this won't be some thing that
just ends by next week.

(I stopped after page
8, starting at page 13)-

Is the sand getting
more roughed up over time as
he walks over it?

Why would he do that,
particularly in such
a long, drawn out way?

You must be new here...
the suspense is terrible.
i hope it'll last

Can we come back to
the main topic, please? What is
that suppose to mean?

Maybe its over.
Or maybe we just have to
wait some more. Same here.

I was hoping for
something different, like a knight
to go with the rook.

bigger castle! why
am i still online? This is
way too addicting.

Just a side note: Is
this the largest comic thread
this forum has seen?

Philip on page 2
maintains a list, but that is
rather tedious...

It's hex(rot13
(a_secret_string))a really
secret string MWyqayetJqc

I think Randall is
trying to say that they are
having a baby.

Wow. Okay so the
auto updater survived
the night flawlessly.

I hope he gets back
with the sandwiches soon ... she'll
be getting hungry.

He's been 'waiting' for
his free time, we're gonna be
waiting for the end.

Maybe this means it's
more about the construction
than the two of them?

intriguing at least Bits are
falling off again.

Probably posts that
got accepted after more
posts were made.Yup.

I personally
think this really will go on
for months, if not years.

And so castles made
of sand melts into the sea,

Maybe another
tower in the center of
the big square section?

If there's a joke I
don't get at the end of this,
I will be LIVID!!

17 minutes
left before we see if she
starts heading that way

If this was Randall's
intention, the man is a
genius in my book....

Didn't see you there!
First post. Nice to meet you all.
Eeek... 10 mins late?

Nah... This is going
MORE!!!but i have to.

I bet she's going
to come back and see he built
something really cool.

Well that looks like the
end of the surge of posts for
the latest image.

I'll see you all and
your updated theories in
20 mins. Argh!

Girl in the lighthouse
59That is all I
am going to say.

You think he's lonely
because of the length of the
gap between updates.

He's just waiting for
her to return with the flag
couple of minutes.

Please lets not let it
get as far off topic as
Pickup artist.... Please...

Just to see how nuts
we'll get.Either way, he's
doing a good job.

I know I should rest.
Big day tomorrow. Sigh. Can't
leave the my desk now.

Oh me yarm he moved!
This is awesome! Ok, he's
done crenellating.

The waiting is like
those impossibly long nine
-months! I'm a GENIUS!!!

Even if he can't,
which is nobody's fault, not
even the Romans'.

I can only hope.
Longtime lurker, hitherto
untested poster.(

There is more to this
than nerd-sniping. Looking atthe
abyssthe other side.

Looking atthe abyssthe
other side. i think there is
more? Ahh his head turned.

The guy was gone for
22 frames. The girl has
only been gone 10.

It explains how we
are imprisoned by the works
we have created.

I haven't been here
in years so I had to get
a password reset.

But I just had to
come back, I've been lurking here
since Monday morning.

More conjecture... What
is going to be left in
place once this is done?

Not sure what this can
tell us, but I wanted to
add it to the mix.

I think I was at
work for a while, but I can't
really remember.

EDIT: Or just wait
until the next interesting
comic rolls around...

I personally
think that this MMONS is going
to go on for years.

and its all because
of everyone else out there
watching and waiting.

Who would he have been
hiding from if not us? good
morning from Europe.

Huh. Some say that he
did it, but to me it seems
like some one (Black Hat?)

Or there's always the
feathered velciraptors, waves,
lions or hat guy.

Now, will he rebuild,
or will he call it a day
and leave? Time... will tell.

And slept at some point?
But besides that... WHY IS THIS

I've just got to work
and am ready for a day
of hardcore waiting.

Its great to see what
people will do just to keep
up to date with this.

And that seems to be
the precise formula to
keep us addicted.

Pterodactyls? What
should we expect there...? Share the
shared experience!

Was nice checking the
picks every half hour but
alas I need sleep.

This comic may not
turn out to be something you
can really wait through.

I made a forum
account just to post that there
was a new picture.

It's fascinating
to see how engrossed people
are. Touching somehow.

How was it 30
minutes out? I thought timezones
were spaced hourly.

Your suggestions would
have ruined the mystery
in the beginning.

Clearly this means that
Randall has been diagnosed
with psoriasis.

I almost don't want
to sleep tonight because of
this darned comic!! Gosh.

EDIT: How sexist,
assuming 'he', sorry if
you're female, Aubron!

They must be on some
kind of lake. Aubron Wood is
male. How to find out?

I predict that they
will jump the shark ten frames from
now. Literally.

squonk wrote:I
predict that they will jump the
shark ten frames from now.

Especially since
he's a guy anywaySWuh's
response is the best.

I didn't really
know if it had changed or not,
but it captured me.

Also frame 20,
because I find woman who
shake their hair sexy.

Well, not anymore,
anyway...)Not anymore,
anyway indeed.

What if ... the more posts
we get, the more slowly time
moves in the comic?

Oh you must have missed
the fora link discussion
a few pages back.

SWuh put it best a
few posts up.Sod it,
off to walk the dogs!

We want it to stay
around forever, just like
a real sandcastle.

A relationship
would be a 'thing' too many
to worry about!

I just can't quite get
emotionally engaged
with these images.

Meaningful progress
in the next frame?Five minutes
to go: place your bets.

I took it to be
he was doing more detailed
work on the castle.

I totally looked
up to see if 6 Flags owned
SandCastle today.

What a convenient
period of time! And your
battery just died?

Like sandcastles. And
time. And... stuff....yeeeeah, Imma
go cook some french toast.

We must go deeper.
(sorry) This is much bigger
than all of us now...

I find it hard to
believe that he'd expect us
to go so crazy.

Surely this is the
most important of all the
frames, it sets the scene!

I'm glad it didn't
end there. Augh! No! He's gone! Why
did he leave?!?! Mr.

Maybe that's part of
the hidden dialogue of
these two characters.

It's the perfect time
to leave. It should help me to
stop going crazy.

He started to, but
that one little piece is still
not quite wide enough.

It looks the exact
same to me, then again, my
eyesight is horrid.

One on the inside
of the gate, one on the third
turret from the left.

I know I said I
was leaving but that turned out
to be premature.

Calm before the storm.
Something catastrophic is
about to happen.

In the new one, the
entire castle shifted
a bit to the right.

lol There's a new flat
area of sand just to
the right of the bridge.

Only 50 more
replies to make this the most
replied to forum...

OK. I saw the
actual shift this time. That
has satisfied me.

wrote:Is this the most
-viewed thread of all time?

Wait for it The frame
definitely just shifted
slightly to the left!

Uhmm, does anyone
else see this as zooming out
very slowly now?

Been lurking for years
now. Anyways.All I
wanted to say is...

When you go through them
fast on aubronwood, it
looks almost fluid.

...running out of... things
to analyze... life support,
failing... send... new... frame...

I say y'all.I
live in the south and I say
both, y'all and y'uns.

Sorry.)EDIT: that
HOBBIT over there. NOW WE

Very interesting.
aack! more turrets and a
FLAG!wait for it.

Why now? Why not just
another zooming picture
with no new castle?

We Broke it! It changed!
Actually, properly
changed. I'm so relieved.

Did anyone save
the flag picture? Or do we
have to ... wait for it?

A flag? Nah, it would
be more rectangular. Looks
like a leaf to me.

But I guess, within
a spoiler tag, you might as
well bump the whole block.

It visibly moved!
it has come to this.

I wonder how much
money is being lost per
newpix (or newpic)?

It's a shame that the
wrong image slipped thru to spoil
the upcoming frames.

Why would you usedays
?I think days have something to
do with the Outside.

At least we still have
our sandcastle.I don't
know. Nobody does.

From the stories, I
expected the Outside to
be sad. And it was.

Do these 'Days' from the
'Outside' correspond with these
cycles of newpix?

On that note, I think
we may be just a bit off
topic at this point.

Is that like Outside?
(I am hesitant about
starting this again.)

I searched for a while
but after 20 minutes
I could not find it.

Over 300
people with way too many
newpix on their hands.

It is time not to
fight, but to live.I think
we need a motto.

I vote in favor
of Newpic for singular,
Newpix for plural.

Your article may
not last long.There is no
harm in the attempt.

Many of the oft
-repeated concerns (did we
get the javascript?

So the present has
finally caught up with the
future. Excellent.

I think I believe
in a religion for the
first time in my life.

There is no 'Outside'.
These 'natural instincts' are
nothing of the sort.

And bombard the two
sandcastles with whatever
a trebuchet hurls.

In the beginning
the Creator Randall brought
forth and gave us Time.

All that was left of
Time was the Sandcastle for
us to gaze upon.

Maybe if they had
organized themselves Jesus
could still be alive.

Not sure how you can
figure when it is suppose
to finish panning.

IIRC the panning
rate changed while the person was
calculating it.

Sad to see that the
article failed very soon
after it started.

She (and Cueball?) is
(are?) dead and is (are?) trying
to come back. To here.

SHE'S BACK!!! Phew that's a
relief to atleastsome
of the worse outcomes...

All the area
within the towers in the
old castle is flat!

I may want to go back and
review those pages.

maybe this one will
explain what the hell that thing
is on the left. YAY!

1 post in 40
should be an effectively
-content-free repost?

Woke up to see the
thread go from page 56
to 71.

Just, brilliant. How does
he do it?I sound like a
serious addict.

Hold on, I think I
swallowed a gerbil. Okay.
What was I saying?.

Keep awesome, but don't
invent too much new stuff while
I'm gone! Mornin',SWuh!

I slept a couple
of newpix after watching
the slow zooming out.

We will see you on
the other side So now I
know what mittfh stands for....

So now I know what
mittfh stands for....I can't believe
I just googled that.

VERY happy with
the flags. I was secretly
hoping the whole time.

I didn't dare dream
of such a world. Yet, here it
is in front of us.

I think that is the
first time we have seen that in
any of the pics.

SWuh wrote:What...
is that?!It's the squirrel, of
course. About time too.

Screw the Romans. The
first month of our new year is
now Randallary.

I have the teapot
and about 10 types of Tea...
Earl Grey anyone?

Kind of scary. But
I dunno what to.... OHNot
a laptop. MORE FLAGS!

I am frightened. Good
morning all... and why am I
suddenly hungry??

I really wouldn't
bother. All who have gone there
have come back mad men!

Cueball continued
developing on Earth, then
left to join Megan.

Ah, yes. On a par
with 21 as far as
setting the scene goes.

We found that he joined
her and they built up their world
together again.

Also, Oh me yarm,
did I just coin a name for
a new religion?

Riversong is a
level 1 guardian who's
never left Archet.

Then why did Cueball
dip his toe in the water
?Crunching ice is fun?

Proving that Time will
pass you by when you aren't
paying attention.

official religion theme
song for Timewaiting

I consider it
one of the most glorious
moments of Pre-Time.

Why are so few of
us catching on to this? Stop
waiting for the end!

I don't know. I do
hope this castle keeps building
until Monday, now.

I could be as long
as 48newpix. Which
is a scary thought!

You know, I think it's
just Randall being Randall.
There's no deep story.

Well... yes. Call me old
fashioned, but this thread would make
a hell of good book.

Perhaps it would be
indistinguishable from

Oh no... I was in
photoshopI guess I could
be the Joseph Smith??

If they hug I might
actually burst into
tears.Wait for it.

Kind of sad really,
but still good. I guess we'll see
soon enough won't we.

I love this answer
so much that I'm ok with
it being snow now

I'd just like to point
out that just because they said
"Wanna swim?

wrote:Words! Yay!

It took Cueball two
hours to stand up and turn
around earlier.

Perhaps it's oobleck?
That could get...weird.That would
be friggin' awesome.

(Um, I think. I lose
track of such things sometimes.) And
I have been working.

I think I'm gonna
need more caffeine. Ican'thave
seen this correctly.

Only the thousandth
time that has been asked since this
all started. : P So.

They're obviously
swimming out frame... Gotta keep
posting the new frames!

Because that's how long
I assume must've passed in
the comic-verseYes.

The period of
the tides are twelve hours (two
periods per day).

I'm not predicting
anything, merely keeping
all options open.

Wait for it. Hey! The
animated GIF has just
sped up! I giggled

Tell Me, what are you
Smokin'? Wait! No one else post
any more replies!

Clearly Megan is
more of a tea drinker than
a coffee drinker.

Anyone notice
that Cueball's voice is coming
from pretty high up?

You have to swim through
the sea of semen to reach
the sea of bacon

We can easily
reach 7 pages, but 8
seems unlikely....wat...

I'm actually
the only real person on
here.Dang. That's sad.

She, that is like sky
-fire, and the Donner of
voices proclaim her.

The solemn postures
and their distance apart tells
me something is wrong.

Cue ball is going
to suicide in the sea
of pregnant babies!

I'm a big fan of
lava and bacon. I think
java is just weird.

They built a castle
for semencancerbabies
to grow in. I.. hmm..

I personally
think the empty castle frames
are the most poignant.

I'm haunted by guilt
of not having posted to
this thread earlier...

Too bad someone else
said the same thing at around
20 newpages

Just trying to keep
people awake until the
next frame is displayed.

The Age of the Slow
Pixel is similar to
the Debut or What?

So... how did you learn
to take off your wedding rings
while doing field work?

Maybe by sprucing
it up, she can remember
those times more fondly.

Ghost? Where did the ghost
come from? What mechanism
is therefore needed?

wrote:How aboutThe
Age of the Slow Tide?

OR the knights coming
riding out of the castle
RIDING the raptors!

Hurry up time! In
the beginning, I wanted
to see the ending.

This could very well
be different because of it
being so simple.

Rule of 12 for tides
(an approximation that
can be dangerous.)

There's weeks and weeks of
conversation happening
here every hour.

This goes to show just
how far we will go to put
meaning into things

Short time lurker, first
time cultist. Pleased to meet you.
Or y'all. Or all y'all.

You'd be amazed by
all the features added in

Yeahhhh, I think the sleep
is getting to me.

I'm pretty sure I
just saw him move, but its been
less than a newpix.

At the rate this thread
is going, getting with the
Time is pretty hard.

Maybe instead of
trying to keep caught up I
should just post Time puns.

It might not get me
prophet status, but a kite?
(that's new isn't it?

Yay us! ... wait, what did
I just volunteer for? And
will it be gross? (please?)

I find I have to
repeat myself. C'mon, Megan,
come back, we need you!

Hm. Perhaps he's
not building a large central
tower after all.

By the way, why are
we using CamelCase? Why
not “Time Waiters”?Oops...

I don't havetimeto
examine every aspect
of my life right now.

Cuz we were told to
WAIT for it, 'member? So we're
the Time-Waiters. See?

By the way: was there
a new What-If after the
beginning of Time?

the one true Time Keeper!!! Shun
the non believer!!!

Cueball seems to be
carefully unsculpting a
crater of some sort.

If Megan has been
out of the Time Frame for that
long, it can't be good.

If the ocean was
moving, I think it would be
more noticeable.

Actually the
thread took from my sig, not the
other way around.

Original quote
(from Freaks) uses 'her.'Oooh new
frame in 3mins!

No worries. It just
adds to the many layers
of recursiveness

We should translate the
creed.OHMYGODweare such
NERDS!!!!! (this is AWESOME!)

it's way past midnight
now- I though it updated
at midnight. Humming

I only spotted
that when you mentioned it and
I now feel fulfilled.

But everyone knows
the Witches are the best part
of the Disc.Great.

Still not sure how to
confirm you all arn't just
Randall Holy Crap!

You have to have at
least 5 posts before you add
a sig, for one thing.

And... supposedly
I now have a signature?
Let's see if it works...

The whole religion
thing is a massive case of
misplaced attention.

Cueball! Why is the
tower to your right, our left,
not crenelated?

You have got to be

I see what you did
there.Well maybe. If that's
what you meant to do.

When a new comic
is posted, at that time I
footnoted above.

Looked like a curvy
arrow to me but yes I
think it's an archway.

I would seem like 'Ball
is digging from the other

Although, perhaps he
doesn't realize, she did
most of the building.

This day off for me
basically meant missing out
on fewer timeframes.

Who's joining the Time
Watchers?I cast my vote for
TimeWaiters. Splitter!

Who's joining the Time
Watchers?You'll have to go through
the Timewaiters first!!

You can't change it. I
mean literally, as you
cannot change your vote.

Those with posts in the
very early phases? Those
with more than x posts?

Those with more than x
posts? Those who contributed
to the liturgy?(

I just now voted,
thinking the poll be-did closed

I've heard the hours
be terrible.Then how
about Timewaiters?

Megan and Cueball
will finish it and then leave
to the left again.

Megan and Cueball
woll finish it and then leave
to the left again.

It's the snow (S N
O W) believers...
they are attacking.

Please enlighten me,
good sirs and madams: What the
bleeding hell happened?

Re-edited to
add: delayed ninja'ed by

Is this happening
automatically? Why? He
notices the ball!

What next? The Object
remains, and Cueball seems to
see it moving! Ah!

Why?Didn't you get
the memo? We all type like
this around here now.

Argh! They're coming too
fast for me to keep up with
in my replacer!

But maybe it'll
do so in the next one or
the one after that.

Cueballs Sand Castle
Engineering skill seems to
have inproved greatly.

Even if it does
not seem neccessary. squonk

A few juvenile
delinquents have ruined it
for the rest of us.

coffeesandsnowsemen ball
hit a turret! Augh!!

Augh!! Our beautiful
castle! Nooooo! Yarr, it be
-did a direct hit.

As a Cardinal,
I believe it is my vote
that decides the pope.

And it's AMAZING
I think we reached the Caffeine
Event Horizon.....

It's a good thing we
have Aubron's animation
to catch up with then.

However, if the
Things that are on my side for
600, Alex!

However, if the
Things that be on my side for
600, Alex!

-effect-yet. SecondTalon
wrote:Join FaDe.

And s a n d
be magic? I should store some
alongside friendship.

wrote:Join FaDe.

And I wonder what
the filters will do to the
bottom of my heart.

Cueball, when the walls
fell.LOL.Picard should
have build sandcastles.

What are you doing
measuring time in minutes?
We use newpix here.

Makes perfect sense to
me. You folks having trouble
reading the forums?

or i.s there
someone else attacking them?
maybe blackhat guy?

I did a thing. It
broke the mod panel. I fixed
it.The end.

Gotta have something
for the bots to mine when they're
lurking through the board.

But what??? Trebuchet
doesn't seem like a longshot.
Cueball looks concerned.

That's me not doing
anything productive for
the rest of the day

a mini trebuchet! It
is a trebuchet!!!

Coffee is black too.
benjsec wrote:Tiny
mini trebuchet!

Azrael just told
us he is not reading this.
Seriously. fweeeee

His fingertips are
holding onto the cracks in
their Magic Kingdom.

I call middle of
the big tower to the right
of the two arches.

I mean, this is fun
and all, but he clearly planned
this out in advance.

I mean, this be fun
and all, but he clearly planned
this out in advance.

And why be not the
Things that are on my side for
600, Alex!

I will wait for it
forever, as long as they
keep up the mayhem.

I recommend nukes.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to (re)start a war

in the future, some
Things that are on my side for
600, Alex!

Yes, of course we want
them to suffer... Wait... you did
mean it that way right?

I called it. Also
nice quote filter from castle
to Magic Kingdom.

Step 2. Sleep.Step
3. Wake up, 16 newpix
later.Step 4.

Step 5. Realize
that it'll take ~6 newpix
just to get caught up.

Step 2. Sleep.Step
3. Wake up, 16 fortnight
later.Step 4.

Step 4. Check needle
-pulled thing. 25 pages
to read.Step 5.

Step 5. Realize
that it'll take ~6 fortnight
just to get caught up.

This is where the nukes
come in. I feel like Megan
helps Cueball let loose.

I ask, because you
talk nonsense. Trebuchets don't
fire tennis balls.

Maybe even knock
down one of the big towers.
It's so exciting!

It could even be
a 3D-printed hollow
frame filled with coffee.

Yes, but you need to
remember the explosives
and electronics.

You woll-did need a
larger volume than the mass
strictly requires.

In which case we would
have reached the climax, and this
is the turning point.

Anybody else
think this new trajectory
is a bit too steep?

I fully expect
the thread to have doubled by
the time I return!

It.s french,
so try tré-by-ché, or tré

But the cats may-did
eat the hamsters, and the dogs
may-did eat the cats.

in the future, some
Things that be on my side for
600, Alex!

Ah, thanks. I never
really understood what he
meant with that reply.

We must decide soon,
because I'm working on a
tool to convert it.

wait, did I win?(Oh
the delicious irony(

brackets be changing
when quoted((((So if i quote
you i have to go ))))))))

WAIT! It just occurred
to me this may-did be some
kind of metaphor!

Finally catch up
with the thread and it's time for
more outsider things.

Wait, did someone say
something about having a
car full of salmon?

They crashed it. Because
they are salmon. And can't drive.
Because they're salmon.

On ice.be
that like Disney on Ice?Sounds
more entertaining

Hell, this hath go-done
on long enough thatwe have
our own inside jokes.

2]Song birds at the
Things that are on my side for
600, Alex!

York.^ Odile Redon et al

Is it wrong that I'm
hoping for schisms? Maybe
it's just a fun word...

To be honest I
used quite a few, but it was
in the name ofLOVE

I think I have to
go comatose for a while,
to brainy can't sleep

I really hope this
isn't going to end up
like the mole of moles.

I really hope this
be not going to end up
like the mole of moles.

that extended the
Things that are on my side for
600, Alex!

that extended the
Things that be on my side for
600, Alex!

SSecond'd as well
but cant update the wiki
from my phone iIdrat...

Europe online. Woke
up from coma with word swapped

has the world ended
and been devoured by sand?
Did the raptors come?

I wonder how long
it would take to go to once
a day? Once a week?

There's no proven way
to tell if a woman is
a virgin either.

evil creature took over
my hands! Timewaiter!

I tin't fight it,
it be too strong...... pray for me,
fellow Timewaiters!

I think that's it's just
another mound to go at
with the Trebuchet

cream and chocolate and
milk and babies...Tim Hortons

Why are the newpix
changing so?Ïa Ran'dall!
Ïa Cthulhu!

T/IME isn't what
it used to be. (Oh, and no
F5 on chromebooks.)

Sleeping on the job?
It's a towel, isn't it? Has
Time bifurcated?

Didn't really start
reading the forums until
Thursday evening though.

Even though I'm in
America. I just don't
sleep. i) I've caught up.

STOPIncluding the FULL STOPs
?Hmmmm, eow be right.

Makes sense, since that's what
the liquid to the right of
the snow-castles is.

More to the point, it's
not just about TV - that's
just one example.

It was being put
on in a different country,
for crying out loud.

And hey, why do we
really need moved times during
summer anyway?

A proper labrys
has two opposite blades, though.
I see but one there.

an proper labrys
hath two opposite blades, though.
I see but an there.

Didn't realize
it now switched to 1 at the
top of the hour.

If you've been gone for
a few days It's closer to
1/10th the volume.

We should begin to
have a walltext ritual
(like yesterday's pies).

Party req members
use newspeak, speak newspeak, write
newspeak, think newspeak.

B doer used oft,
unand. Ex of B doer
is goodthink, with, luv.

In newspeak, now is
onefulthink. Forex, BB
wanted is malrep.

Minitrue unoft
err. Minitrue rectify
plusungood malreps.

I be me. We be
us, or party. eow be
eow, oft comrade.

In newspeak, now be
onefulthink. Forex, BB
wanted be malrep.

I wonder… what-if
she is taking that sand from
below the castle?

Bumping because it
was literally the last
thing on the last page...

EDIT: Oh. Nüpiks?
[ninja'd by an edit.]Where
hath Megan go-done?

I reckon Cueball
is off making some super
trebuchet of doom.

Megan's dissappeared
again? Digging behind the
[substance name here] pile?

Past me trying to
catch up. It's like trying to
run a marathon.

I think I first saw
it around the fourth TimePix,

I already thought
of this as they started to
build the first castle.

Pretty much all I've
done this weekend is eat, sleep,
drink and wait for it.

Someone be-did still
wielding Hollerith cards in

say eow have to cut WAY
down on fatty foods.

Semenated is
still for the true orthodox
though)Ïa Ran'dall!

Never did, though. How
was the game supposed to end?
I can't remember.

You can loop back to
the last frame from the first frame
easily enough.

If you press left from
frame 1 it loops round to the

Regardless, this would
be an excellent base for
such a converter...

As usual, when
people can't explain something
they use religion.

Pretty sure I'm right.

edit: that's odd, I
thought Ididbreak it.. seems I
was unsuccessful

may never catch back upFULL
STOP But ic tin try.

Last time I posted
here I think it was still in
the 80s/90s...

Also ic'm
not really sure where ic stand
on the fortnight length.

It's when they mess with
the wordfilters.Changes
quotes and signatures.

Err...EDIT: And thanks
guys. It's all in a day's work
of being an ass.

It's all in a day's
work of being an ass. No
new comic yet though.

What queries doeth
await Lord Randall? Questions
for Lord Randall? Erm...

And doth it involve
virgins?Did we æfre get ænig
replacements for those?

But I think I wrote
the wrong address. Yeah, they
aren't coming back...

As Cardinals do
you get to wear fancy robes?
And perhaps a cape?

Wraithlord, the Anti
-PopeDon't ask the Demons
to give eow it.

STOPYou take two babies with
your cups of coffee?

[edit]- (post removed-
my time settings are wrong for
the forum I think)

No can see there. Whats
the general consensus
on what shes building?

We are down to one
newpix an hour instead
of 30 mins?

This religion thing
has gotten waaaaaaaay
out of hand now4.

We be down to an
fortnight an hour instead
of 30 mins?

This religion thing
hath gotten waaaaaaaay
out of hand now4.

But whose innermost
essence tin be sure.She
hath been building this.

If I'm reading the
data stream right, that's where I
think it would have gone.

Although it's weird that
Megan didn't move. is it
back to newpix now?

(Which is why I quote
a post that's close to 40
pages in the past.)

So we changed it to
Timewaiters. Why is Megan
building a mountain?

You don't need to be
a cardinal to be pope
in this religion

Or an or more of
her hats?I think we need Pope
Helper's help with this.

Oh, sorry, not yours
KarMann, you're good, just ALL THE

Still, it provides some
kind of metric for how long
it's been going on.

If cueball's slide was
the Fall of Man, is this the
Fall of Woman? WAIT.

Remember that one
time you took some Tylenol
and it tasted off?

He's helping out! oh,
I'm glad she's ok. I was
worried about her.

Large, central tower?
Taj Mahal in the middle,
or something like that?

Converted to post
-zoom pixels, that's about 9.
Currently, it's 5.

She's going back for
another taste. She has a
scientific mind.

Pretty sure it means
productivity will be
down again today.

She's asking because
she can't see over the big
block of sand she built.

All it has done is
add on more to our knowledge
of the (inside) world!

EDIT: Ninja'd by
the River Tam references...
and she IS far out...

Shouldn't that be 'Its
actually retreated'
(no apostrophe)?

That's okay - they're not
livinginit, just building
it.I wait

Things have slowed down but
the Timewaiters will not rest
until this thread is..

I totally jumped
the gun. I ran out of things
to post about lol

I've been lurking since
about 10 newpix from the
beginning of Time.

Personally, I
think all procrastinators
are...Well, never mind.

To be fair, that a
grammatical error, not

How's he going to
do the top?maybe they built
stairs into the back?

It's asymmetric.
What's the point? Of course. Have we
become mind readers?

Or, enter two things
once.Oh what path is
this going down on?

I can't wait to see
the people re-entering
this thread's reaction.

OK, done for now.)
KarMann wrote:So we
can beat it, of course.

So we can beat it,
of course.Why, doyouget
off on dead horses?

Where do you put it? ...
and I dare ask, when in use,
and when in storage...

We're sorry, but they
possessed you into swearing
in an anti-pope.

Yay me! Your hat's the
same as the last one. also,
why would we burn them?

So, what's everyone
think Megan is up to now?
Building more castles?

This is clearly 1
/4 of Mount Rushmore,therefore
I claim victory.

Also, it sounds like
you are saying 'wait here', which
is kinda funny.(

Waitier just sounds like
something is heavier, and
Waityer is enh.)

I think the coma
-induced hallucinations
have started early.

I'll try to come up
with something today during
breaks at the office.

You are wrong. The Past
did not exist until the
49th Newpix.

The creator of
that sign died of cancer, you
know what that means right?

Donnie Darko's Skull
by My brain hurts! on FlickrAnd
you know what that means?

The name we give to
the Creator aspect of
Time is Lord Randall.

A: A Frame is a
Revelation from Time through
the One True Comic.

Is he going to
put a roof on that structure?
Is this possible?

Done. Now outsider
days and night cycles appear
more obviously.

Nah, Sodium (Na)
does that.It also
explodes in water.

I believe they were
just speaking in tongues. Those may
be the same thing though.

Never, I've also
never dropped a piece into
a bottle of coke.

What I meant to say
was: IT WASN'T ME!!!Plastic
or Glass Coke Bottle?

More? He took two down
before, right? Unless you think
this tower needs three?


You two must fight to
the death! Whoever dies first
wins!I'm in!

Wait, we believe in
the in the resurrection
of the body, right?

PS: Pope Helper,
I suggest you readthis, you
could find it useful.

Wait, why do I need
I mean, I'm the Pope!

If your post is still
the newest in the thread, you
can just delete it.

I don't know what you're
talking about, HAL.Let's
not get into this.

I had to look up
Iron Giant, never saw
that one I'm afraid.

Dave Bowman: Hello,
HAL. Do you read me, HAL?HAL:
Affirmative, Dave.

You're saying that cold
-hearted manipulative
bitch is still alive?

Heard of it, that's it.
A coma's starting to sound
pretty good. Night all!

Scotland should always
be the kilt.Which would mean
the UK would be...

You forgot to say
[d/g/b]onghow many
do you have to do?

Somebody should stat
up some NPC sheets for
Megan and Cueball.

Wait a moment, you
also mispelled my name when
you ratified me!

The color brings out
the Cardinality in
your eyes...I dunno.

wrote:[Oh, are we doing this
all over again?

Or we could just kiss
and make up.A pun
chain and I missed it.

Do I at some point
become eligible for

you will have to warm
the governor's cold hart with
a hot island song...

Wish he'd get his shit
together, Megan made her
mound in this much time!

Is that a little
castle on the castle?note
to self: have eyes checked.

You can see the two
turrets on the left and the
mound in the center!

No, wait... That doesent
make sense... Loops back to the last
frame?... No... Maybe...? If...?(...)...

Which can only mean

Maybe I'll come back
and read it all when my comps
are over in June.

Black and white, baby.
Black and white.Bees are black
and yellow silly.

All those moments will
be lost in time like tears in
rain.Time to die.

That's an interesting
view, but to find out we just
have to Wait for it.

Looks like you grossly
underestimated the
passing of time. DONG

Won't it be grand if
we are not disappointed
by the denouement?

htom wrote:At
least it's a presentation
without PowerPoint.

It's a Droste Effect
(no one seemed to notice I
mentioned this last frame).

I stand corrected
Nice to see the jibberish
converter has stopped.

Well, we didn't mean
to beat you over the head
with it, exactly.

But it appears to
be a misunderstanding.
We now invite it.

And my eyes, come to
think of it. Still, I applaud
you, good Sir. Oh man.

You can call me the
JIT Ninja I feel like that
fly in A Bugs Life...

There is no 'f' in
'space'. The closest you get to
it is the 's' sound.

A tingling in my
left arm? Someone pass me my
nitro glycerine!

Thanks. Now make me a
sandwich.(kidding)Woah, the whole
sloping shore is gone.

But I don't know what
happens now.I am too
scared to close my eyes.

Dropping this on a
Friday? (The ocean doesn't
change behavior much.)

The kind you want to
hear when getting approval
of Seas of Semen.

But what if we had
more power? Does that mean the
end of Time is near?

Well 6 more pages
untill we reach 9 digits
Where's he off tonow??

Doesn't work for me
?It's working now.sadly
not quite worth the wait.

Again, I just woke
up, I could be way off, but
I don't think I am.

Now what is THAT?/Lasse
Battering ram? Or wood to
build a palisade?

Run! Strunk and White have
made it absolutely clear
that commas are puce.

EDIT: Changed he to
she. There's your other tripod
leg... Another one!

With rainbow colored
butterflies.The height of
fashion perfection.


My favourite is
the rising phoenixYou are
forgiven, my child.

Who am I kidding,
I'll pay top-dollar for a
signed 1st ed. copy.

Well excuse me for
not reading all of the last
200 pages!...

Damme, you're right. There's been
a major lapse of time since
I saw the movie.

Ühhh... pfff,
yëh, nëvërmïnd. Ï
müst bë sëëïng thïngs...

There was this schism
on another board, see, and...
oh, nevermind... Oh!

Or, you know,not. But
still, to have died in Time? Not
a bad way to go.

But still, to have died
in Time? Not a bad way to
go. TIme to coma.

Do we know what the
box was all about?Whats in
it? what does it do?

It could almost be
at the end, but I doubt it.
This is forever.

Is that a tiny
Megan on the left edge of
the center model?

At least we learnt one
thing this weekend - Time isn't
made of strawberries.

* I'm assuming, based
on your first name.Yes, yes,
I remember too!

As it happens, I've
finally caught up to the
current midseason.

Are you placing an
order? Please provide size and
color preferences.

Oy. And I thought I'd
heard (and duly retailed) most
of the old groaners.

udscbt wrote:What
could this be? A power line?
A mast for a sail?

udscbt wrote:She's
gearing up for one awesome
game of tetherball.

So now they will have
a real flag and not those fake
plastic little flags.

Which isawesome. I
wonder how powerful her
trebuchet will be?

Maybe there is a
larger sand-castle that she
can fire upon.

She carried in poles,
what looks like a sheet, and what
looks like cans of paint.

Do you know what I
would put between those 4 poll's
she is putting up.

Maybe they forgot
about the model and will
update it later.

This may be tricky
using wet sand, but hey, wait
and see. Morning all.

The thrown sand would give
us a max frame rate, but not
the min or set rate.

Raptors would be most
welcome.BHG would
be. Not the raptors.

Totally different
idea. Not a looping
/cyclical theory.

No, it doesn't, it
actually retreated
a little this week.

Would be a crude type
of sail. The poles are arranged
in pairs? masts and sails???

And yet I've seen you
guys post images. What gives
?Anti-spam measure.

That way if the key
was known then the timestamp of
each frame would be, too.

No, no, you're right on.
Catching is all instinct, and
gut-based reflexes.

Definitely a
stair... or a rail? Well, it's not
Roman numerals.

Good point.Bits of
castle used to fall off when
you just looked at them.

Three coplanar points
are sufficient to define
a parabola.

I don't think I need
to provide references, youse
guys are on the ball.

(Has anyone else
suggested that yet?)Wow, this
is a great theory.

Gallows, one for each
of them. cmyk wrote:AM

But what if it is
a snow-globe? I think there will
be a dinosaur.

Air molecules?I
propose that sand grains be the
currency of Time.

Added: All we can
say for sure is that it has
at least four edges.

Hum. By the way. This
four vertical strokes don'thave
tobe poles, after all.

Looks like Cueball is
trying to understand what
the sea is doing...

Anybody else
think ChronosDragon's thing looks
a bit like a bra?

How exciting! We
will finally find out if
it tastes like coffee!

Therefore, a monologue is
not a dialogue.

But asynchronous
communication is not
under discussion.

Although there would be
some sand, it's pretty tasteless
compared to the brine.

There was this, a mere
50ish pages ago...
Is this what you seek?

Unrelated: where
is the Pope? It's been a while
since the last time /s?

Looks like some frames of
nobody approach. Maybe
another zoom out?

When was the last time
the Brothers Chaps updated
that site, anyway?

Ah, you are correct,
and I apologize for
my errant snipping.

I second that vote.
I confirm the second of
that vote to confirm.

Ball's color is fine,
as long as it's visible
under all the hair.

That would be the First
and Second, Third and Fourth, and
the Seventh and Eighth.

The Ninth refers to
the object they are watching,
not a proper noun.

Is it just me or
is the forum really slow
all of a sudden?

If you prove yourself
worthy, you can join the ranks
of the Knight Watchers.

Will she be able
to get that Planck on top of
the Poles on her own?

Do you feel in, my
child? If so, then no. Silly
Megan, you need help.

Hold on, I think I
swallowed a gerbil. Okay.
What was I saying?

EDIT: drat, this is
my 100th post. Need to
post something inane.

People like you make
reinventing the world all
the more difficult.

Shouldn't that be the
Worm?Edit: This would make an
awesome Worms landscape...

You're saying we should
beware a rift in the Space
-Time continuum?

At the time it was
speculated that Cueball
was adding himself.

If a Mome and a
Pope owned a shop, would it be
a Mome and Pope shop?

Promotion to Pope
is just a minor bump in
pay grade.Wait what?

That is true. Maybe
someone could re-write it. Do
you know anyone?


But in light of there
being a developing
religion (or three?)

But, yes, I was right,
she needed Cueball to put
his hands on her box.

Oh?! Did I call it?
your answerClever.

If you just want to
join, I can shun you as an
unbeliever. Shun!

Nothing new under
the sun?Oops. The link to The
Time Warp did not work.

The link to The Time
Warp did not work.Do
you need a Church Dance?

No one is using
that one.You can have it.
If you can find it.

I had a vision
today (it was a dream, but
it doesn't matter).

Thank The Randall, I
have caught up with the scrolls of
The One True Comic.

It's not really that
complex. You're imagining

Agreed! This may at
first glance seem off-topic, but
it prolly isn't.

New theory: Very
short bungee jumps (or fairly
painful ones, perhaps).

Only way to be
sure. Which means, of course, that it's
out of the question.

Maybe the baby
has cancer?Of course. That's why
it was miscarried.

Of course. That's why it
was miscarried. Maybe the
baby has cancer?

Maybe the baby
has cancer?Are we back to
that era...again?

Acting in a way
that exhibits, contains, or
exemplifies prol.

I really want to
be a Knight Temporal! What
do I do to join?

Dude, this must be a
power question, 'cause I'm all,
like, "Mega??

One of them has a
sergeant's stripes.Sergeant: Squad!
Eyes front! Stand at ease.

I would guess not. She
carried them in by herself,
and they seem quite large.

Right top board raised and
positioned by MeganWhat's
wrong with this picture?

The top boards are shown
to have width, about 6x
the width of the poles.

I would have thanked you
sooner but I was checking
my eyelids for holes.

No, the Knighthood, as
per it's inclusion in Time,
is gender neutral.

Which is as it should
be.In fact, I
defy you to try.

Maybe a ninja post will
bump me?Don't worry.

Maybe a ninja post will
bump me?You're welcome!

My future self is
still essentially myself.
Can one knight oneself?

Can one knight oneself?
And what about bestowing
a Knightly title?

I'm a knightAnd is
Megan carrying something
cmyk wrote:[snip] ...Want in?

Ah. Well, in that case,
it happened because Randall
wished it to be so.

We knew in our hearts
that something would happen by
sunrise. And it did!

Yes it is just crap
I re wrote from the first few
forum posts on time.

The important thing
is that you're on good terms with
people of all faiths.(

Our creed is simple,
and ordained by The Great Lord
Randall: Wait for it.

Anyway, it sounds
like a throwback, and not for
the poster alone.

As an Outsider
religious argument, it
is quite a good one.

That will teach me to
mess with such dark powers when
in need of coma.

I think my 16
-year-old daughter may have hit
the nail on the head.

I don't think this is
a porch or a hut or an
observation post.

Seems to be holding,
so far...No way sand could hold
back water like that.

It would only look
like a ship when the 'sea' was
up to the decking.

Welcome Flotter! I
immediatly promote
you to HigherGrain!

I think shit will get
real very very soon....THE

Megan is pointing
out that the change due to the
river would be small.

Nesci- err...what's that?
We've outlawed retroactive

Guess while I'm here I
could jump a little further
back and kill Hitler.

That's not the first time
I're read that in the One
True Thread. Just sayin'.

Time is love… Time is
life.Philip Glass is a
loaf of bread! NO CHANGE!

Aha! So that's where
Pope Helper went! It was the

Has anyone kept
track of the creation dates
of the images?

But I feel like there's
got to be a small river
connection somehow.

However, since you
insist, go ahead and send
me your money twice.

FTFM cmyk
wrote:A thought...

I think this thread has
jumped the shark, Blitzgirl's posts are
my favorite thing.

No big ass-pictures,
i beg you, just no...No small
ass-pictures either.

May your TimeFrames be
filled with Trebuchets, as they
say back in this Time.

Can it be called an
observation post if it
is merely observed?

And optionally
add a line of dialog
in the second gap.

And also thank you!
Now give all your money to

Newpix. Caswallon
wrote:The water is
starting to seep through!

Gods, the horror. I
see what you did here, and it
made me nauseous. T_T

Cardinals ubscdt and
udscbt are, unknown to themselves,
the same entity.

well, what I said earlier
about no money?

Is there a form to
fill out? Or a check-sheet like
ordering sushi?

Also where is the
missing vertical feature
from the mini scene?

FTFYErm ... well, I think
those are actually vines
/leaves but ..... Wait, no, yes!

It'll become a
Blitzgirl Threadological

What do you call a
bass player that broke up with
his girlfriend ?Homeless.

Does BuffyGirl have
a 2015 McFly
Hat yet* ?

For the Writing ofThe
Ancient Textshas begun! A
prophesy fulfilled!

So, yes. I am as
well. aubronwood is not
working right either.

I am getting the
image. I'm not getting the
site or your image.

This is what happens
when you start screwing around
with the Time Whistle!

Clearly the work of
the intelligent raptor
overlords from space.

bills are enormous.How
do you keep it cool?

File creation dates
are often messed up by file
copying software.

Japanese, dontcha
love 'em? So, is there a new
animated gif?

I do have my first
quibble with the Division
of the Periods.

Just because you can't
see it, it doesn't mean it's
not there....or twelve poles.

Also, who is this
Davidy who's stealing my
name?It is I (me).

I'm starting to think
he isn't taking his pope
-ing seriously.

So in another
twenty-one pages, we'll have
a new Mome! Huzzah!

They prod with the Thrice
Timed Fork. Or is it the Twice
Tined Fork? Whichever.

That's one of the best
sentences I've ever heard.
Might need to sig that.

The Thrice Tined Spork?Spork
would be better for castle

An Ordered List? or
perhaps a Quarrel? (Tho I
could live with Fortknight.)

Must coma, and then
many NewPix of labors
in my own castle.

I humbly put forth
my application to join
the Knights Temporal.

So the sea is the
main character again in
the One True Comic...

Yes, I'm sure that's it,
right? mscha said:Or it's
hydrophobic sand.

No, no no! Of course
they would dothis.Of
course. What ELSE IS THERE?!

Cheers The psalm has been
updatedLeader: Wanna
swim?People: Yeah!

Yuck.People: I've
had worse.Leader: Guess one
of us should climb down.

don't know.Several beats of
silence are observed.

Funnily enough,
Aubronwood really is
comforting right now.

fhorn wrote:ARE
THERE???????? cmyk wrote:fhorn
wrote:ARE THERE????????

Might the water rise
be constant, and the frame rate
be variable?

Hmm. float. hmm.I
had thought the same at some point
a while ago too.

Whether I'm doin it
from the actual comic
page, or in the thread.

Whoever's castle
gets destroyed first loses. (Or
maybe they'll count points.)

I think they are just
going to haul up building
materials though.

Perhaps my nightly
coma will bring messages
of explanation.

Remember thou the
First Commandment, and keep it
wholly: Wait for It.

But we need to keep
a record of alternate
timelines for BlitzGirl

future is just around the
next page!Quite true!

Fortunately the
NewPic has already been
posted in this thread.

Let's all jump over
to what-if! ( XKCDADD)What if we
tried more Ritalin?

Interesting how Time
-forum-posting has stabilized
and yet -- It hasn't.

What happens after
you've been doing it a long
time?Cueball: Shut up!

He may now be just
watching and waiting along
with the rest of us.

I like this theory!
I mean, I would, if not for
the lack of raptors.

As for Cueball and
Megan ... stop gabbing and get
on with it.. (or It?)

I must rescind my
earlier suggestion as
to her Pope/Mome-ship.

htom wrote:Have
the mini-castles always
been different sizes?

It wouldn't be the
first bizarre thing that happened
in the Thread of Time....

Thanks to theBook of
Aubron. A plot of the great
Blitzgirls epic quest.

I think this could be
a very promising health
research area.

Sorry but you were
ninja'd as I already
said I was ninja'd.

In the interim
case, chosen by the random
stroke of a pen(post).

Wait--now that I no
longer think I'm mad, does this
prove the contrary?

Now get on your knees,
all of you, and quietly
pray for leniency.

So what, NewPix is
changing again, or is it
just a server bug???

Now I'm confused. Does
Randall not have the newpix

Wait. Why is Megan
rebuilding that part of the
sandcastle? Unless...

Hopefully back on
our regular schedule. Time
is behaving weird!

Wait. What? Valley HAL???
Gag me with a processor
module... Totally...

Mr. Ed? That was
on almost circular b
/w tv!

The few who have seen
the True First Frame perhaps have
some special insight.

The first (or appears
as the first) frame. No past, all
future. Wait for it.

The final frame to
come gifted to us by the
Almighty Randall!

Also: Frame one. It's
the only one that makes sense
for a connoisseur.

Seriously, tears.
It's been going on for quite
a few minutes now.

I always felt like
one of the Time-religions
needed a mufti.

That would explain why
they don't know anything. Yesss!!
I'm the PFAP! Woo-hoo!

Aha! Ten minutes
later, I can post! All hail
PFAP Asthanius!

So, in that regard,
no promises, and with all
due credit of course.

I... I'm totally
fangirling now. And I'm a
guy, so...yeah. lol

But I still think I
need a hat to do the job
properly. Ah, well...

It looks rather plain
to me. Still, nothing much is

Too long! You just have
towait for itWait for
it? Sounds familiar.

the number of comics he
has ever posted.

What purpose could that
serve? Braking in case they lose
their grip on the rope?

Ooh, I have not heard
of this Croissant-gifting, but
it sounds delicious.

Cannot remember
who, and he seems to have changed...
And I reverseed it...

you can leave me as Pope Of
The Hat Pillar. (POTHP)

Oh dear, for the sake
of the Anointed One, we
should take alongnap.

No! No! Noooooo...Well,
maybe I was just being

The bukkit goes up
and also down and also
up and also down...

Also fixed a few
errors I made in the Book
of Time Forum links.

EDIT: fixed the pic
link, glad to know the problem's
not just meI'm PFAN!!!!

Of course. Good luck on
that.I thought I could build
a flip-book from Time.

Maybe we could send
it one page per outside day
(24 LongPix).

Blitzgirl? Blitzgirl Time!
Time time time! Blitzgirl blitzgirl
Blitzgirl!!! Time? time! Time!

What's the gcc
parameter for linking
to past libraries?

There might be some sort
of Time-needle-pulling-thread
application here...

Yep, getting ready
to build the next level of
the chessboard.Uhh..

A re-recursion?
Let's try and examine to
get the fractals straight...

Do you remember...
Thunderhead? Storm powers? Nice
man, good with kids...But...

Metaman, express
elevator! Splashdown, sucked
into a vortex!

I lol'd Exodies
stops at Frame 19.

Haha, you should have
just let me believe it. It
was blowing my mind.

I do get a hat,
don't I?I guess I have to
settle for a hat.

Less a typo and
more a forum formatting
thing. Sorry bout that.

I suspected as
much. The ellipses threw me
off initially.

It's something I came
up with myself, and wrote a
program to create.

We don't want them! Er,
wait, I mean we do want them,
so send them to us!

She will be fine. Says
nothing about decrypting
or comprehending.

(Prays silently for
her resolve.)He does have a
valid point, you know.

That's all, honest. No
reason at all to smite me
with thine Holy Hat!!!

Now come on out and
let us see how you look with
your nice new pope hat.

Oh, and here's Occam's
Razor back. Sorry, it might
be a little dull.

I hope THIS will change
the world, and together we
can realize It.

Is Cueball on the
side or above that thing-whose

Heresy! He has
been Cueball since before the
beginning of Time!

You may as well ask
to give Time or The Great Lord
Randall proper names.

If fact, from what I've
read, maybe his name is Rob?
I miss Quantum Leap.

EDIT: five more posts,
please.EDIT 2: I see
BlitzGirl is online.

In other words, just
another span of newpix
on the thread of Time.

Noooo, who did that? You
do realize that I am
reading it ALL, right?

I've been along for
the ride since before the first
toe-dip by Cueball.

My heart stutters when
I get a glimpse of a new
dialog bubble.

In fact BlitzSpeed has
been gradually climbing
as her posts advance...

(Internally, in
Excel.) Although there are all
of those links to fix.

I think it's the first
metaphor explanation
that I've agreed with.

I wasn't going
to bother anyone, but
since you're offering!!!

I can't decide if
this is really messed up, or
really wonderful.

Opus! Yes! I LOVE
Opus, and running across
him in t

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