“Honey, remember that 1990 Range Rover I was looking at on eBay? Guess who had the winning bid?”
That is basically how Shannon Davis broke the the news to his beautiful wife, Angie, after learning he was the highest bidder of the 1990 Range Rover Great Divide Expedition replica that was built and restored by a special crew at Land Rover, then setup as a charity auction with our eBay Giving Works team. All of the proceeds from Shannon’s generous bid for the Range Rover was given to Tread Lightly!, a non-profit organization that promotes safe and responsible off-road driving. So when we caught up with the couple from Missouri, they were guests of Land Rover traversing the Continental Great Divide in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado in a caravan of 2014 Range Rovers last week, where we eventually learned the Range Rover GDE replica had landed in a deserving home.

Shannon (eBay id sydavis) is a self-admitted eBay addict and eBay user for over 15 years. He takes great pleasure browsing the listings and being an active buyer and seller when he isn’t busy taking care of family business. With four kids, ages 4 to 17, Shannon and his wife Angie were happy to be guests on a 9-day Land Rover Experience adventure that was part of the package when they won the Range Rover GDE replica.
One of the amazing deals Shannon purchased on eBay was a diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz Sprinter big enough to hold the entire family and their gear for a ski vacation this past winter. The Sprinter van barely had any mileage and had a custom interior complete with a 40-inch screen. Already painted black with a red diagonal stripe, and outfitted with red wheels, the Sprinter was dubbed the B-Team in relation to the A-Team’s black van. Angie even had decals put on the front bumper that said, “I pity the fool!” in true Mr. T spirit.

Hanging out with the Davis’ and everyone else on the 25th anniversary trip of the original Great Divide Expedition was a fun time. Shannon owns five other Land Rovers, all of them used regularly, in addition to the 1990 Range Rover GDE replica. It’s comforting knowing that the Range Rover found a happy home and won’t be hidden away in someone’s private collection. In the future, the Davis’ promised to bring it out for special occasions like Pebble Beach automotive week or an international auto show. Thanks for sharing, Shannon and Angie!

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