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  • [Caution: very long] The experts on Evolution who show up here have made some serious errors, including claiming that whatever I write is wrong. It’s not as if I made these facts up; I did not. The problem is that the experts on Evolution who show up...

  • My best papers: Biology, part II (2000-2009)
    via rationallyspeaking.blogspot

    by Massimo Pigliucci This is the second installment (you can find the first one here) of my favorite technical papers, selected among those I published during my first academic career, as an evolutionary biologist. The period covered below goes from...

  • Anna Sauerbrey writes: Berlin — GERMANY is not lacking in right-wing sentiment these days, but most people are careful about how they deploy their anti-immigrant rhetoric. And then there’s Björn Höcke. Last month Mr. Höcke, a leading figure of the...

  • Clippings
    via superfamous

    Superfamous Clippings Marshall McLuhan, The Playboy Interview, 1969McLuhan’s observations — “probes,” he prefers to call them — are riddled with such flamboyantly undecipherable aphorisms as “The electric light is pure information” and “People don’t...

  • One of the most mind-expanding books that you’ll ever read is Evolution in Four Dimensions by Eva Jablonka and Marion Lamb. They remind us that evolution is about variation, selection, and heredity, not genes. Genes provide one mechanism of heredity...

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