Google, actually Blogspot, try to improve their spam policy and day by day many blogspot.com blog ends deleted. This is an automatically operation made by some bots which have some standard criteria's for deletion.
What should be done if you get this message:
Hello, Your blog at http://your-blog-name.blogspot.com/ has been reviewed and confirmed as in violation of our Terms of Service for: SPAM. In accordance to these terms, we've removed the blog and the URL is no longer accessible. For more information, please review the following resources: Terms of Service:
http://www.blogger.com/go/terms Blogger Content Policy: http://blogger.com/go/contentpolicy -The Blogger Team

Fist, I know it might be a pain if you have a blog where you posted hundreds or thousands of posts and you've worked on it many many hours/days/years. Your traffic goes instantly to zero and also your incomes from adsense or other networks fall.
Take a deep breath as this will take few days to get back your blog IF it was deleted by mistake!
Otherwise think to other solution like starting from scratch with other blog...

Now, the steps I've followed when I received this messages are below:
1. Consider to submit an appeal. Go to your blogspot.com dashboard and you will see on the menu "Deleted Blogs" go there and you will find your blog title with "appeal" next to it.
Selected and submit the appeal as it will help your blog to be reviewed by a Blogspot legal member. See the image below:

Source: blogspot.com

2. You can go to https://productforums.google.com on "Something is Broken" section and try to get the Nitecruzr help; he's there always :-)
If you read this, thank you again Nitecruzr  for your support and help!
3. Post a question where you mention exactly the blogspot.com address and that you submitted and appeal
for review as your blog was deleted by mistake!

4. Follow the Nitecruzr advice's:
"Please, read the linked articles, to help us to help you.  This will give you a better idea of the basic requirements for abuse / malware / spam review - and may help you to help us.

[FAQ] Does The Blogger Abuse Mitigation Policy Violate The Rights Of The Blog Owners? 

Please tell us what you are seeing.  This will help us to determine what the problem may be.  Please read and respond.
Can you login to Blogger?  If so, do you have a dashboard link labeled "Deleted blogs" / "Locked blogs"?
When possible,  you submit a Restore request, and wait 24 to 48 hours.  You post back here after 24 to 48 hours have passed - if necessary - and we take the next step.


If at all possible, please provide a screen print of the "My blogs" dashboard display, so we can properly report your problem.  Read the FAQ, for instructions.

[FAQ] How do I provide screen prints, to aid in diagnosis of my problem? 

Knowing some details of your problem may improve chances that we can do something useful about your problem.  Screen prints may be invaluable, in discovering the details.






deleted-its-good-to.html "

5. Consider the list of examples you can find here, or below this link  http://productforums.google.com/forum/?
and answer to each of them if  your blog respect it or not!

Affiliate marketing (Please, don't confuse this with "affiliate networking"!).

Automated traffic redirection, to another Blogger blog, or to non Google hosted content.

Commercially funded adult content (monetized adult content, aka "porn spam").

Content created with scripts and programs, rather than by hand.

Content or links which reference account hacking / password distribution / password sharing.

Content or links which reference code deconstruction / reverse engineering, to bypass normal use of proprietary software.

Content or links which reference referral-based activities such as GPT ("Get Paid To"), MLM ("Multi-Level Marketing"), MMF ("Make Money Fast"), MMH ("Make Money from Home"), PTC ("Pay To Click"), or PTS ("Pay To Surf").

Content scraped (stolen), or syndicated (copied, with permission), from other blogs / websites. Content scraped or syndicated to other blogs / websites.

Content subject to copyright infringement reports, or other DMCA violation notice.

Crapola.  Content of poor quality, or low / vague / zero relevance to the subject of the blog.

Large blogs with multiple, unfocused / unrelated subjects.

Links to Illegal Downloads / Streaming / Torrents.

6. They will try to find a copy of your blog with the content to see if respect the rules above or not and after that your blogspot.com blog might be submitted for a review.
Remember that if your blog was deleted and then restored doesn't mean you can't have it deleted again! So take care to review all the posts and also take care what you will post in future.
Also, before you request a review consider to review first all your blogs if you have more than one under your blogspot.com account! Blogspot members might check your other blogs to see if it was a mistake for real and all your other blogs are legit or your run spam or crapola blogs!!

Take care and keep your blogs clean! I'm starting to clean mine :-)

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