Just go to the board index. Click on the logbook section you prefer (e.g. logbook about 30 kgs or whatever). Add a new topic. Keep posting replies to that topic. That is how you start a log. There is a thread on this website that tells you how to create a ticker and a chart. Look under "Question to Admin and Technical Support." Good luck! I started the Dukan Plan to prevent heart disease in myself. High cholesterol runs in my family, and my 49-year old brother died of a heart attack last summer. I started loosing weight the week after his death, and am now down 42 lbs. (around 20 kilos, I guess). Good luck! Don't give up in the first couple of months. I wanted to quit in the first couple of months because changing old habits is so hard. Luckily, I had announced to everyone in my life that I was going to lose weight, so I felt obligated to continue. Now I'm glad that I did.

You can do it!

Statistics: Posted by Valkyrie — Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:47 pm

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