Objectives: We downloaded our Web Server software and tested to see if it worked accurately, then we downloaded FTP daemon for file sharing across the webserver.

Equipment List: at least two computers, Apache Web Server Program, and Filezilla FTP Daemon. I also remembered to bring my brain. 

Notes and Observations: I worked with Stephan, and we first checked to see if the Apache software was on our computer. After confirming it wasn’t, we downloaded it from the website. We then set up our server and tested it by typing http://localhost into our address bar. With the confirmation on the page (“It works!”), we then moved forward and created a different homepage for our server, simply by creating a different index file. The next step was to download Filezilla, an FTP Daemon. After the download and initial setup, we were required to create a username and password. I think I chose something silly, like propane, for my password. Then we went to a different computer, and logged into the FTP with our username and password. Last, we had to reach the FTP using the command prompt.

Diagrams, flowcharts, and figures: N/A

References: The lab handout 

Questions: What is the corresponding IP Address of localhost? Ours was

What does the default homepage on your web server look like? What happens if you type in your machines regular IP Address? Displays html page with a header of “It works!”

What is the path to the Document Root Directory? C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache 2.2/htdocs

How many languages does Apache natively support? Change the language on Apache to ensure it does recognize multiple languages. What language did you choose? Apache supports 10 languages, we chose French and it worked.

Do you think Apache would be a good server for a commercial application? Why or why not? What costs would be involved with operating Apache? It’s great because it’s free, but I feel like many people would have no clue how to use the software, or what it is even used for.

After creating the FTP Server, what is the default address it wants to connect to? Is this the address of your FTP Server? If some one on another host wants to connect to your FTP Server, what should they type in?, this is the address of our FTP Server. If another would like to connect to this server, they would type FTP:// into the address bar.

When accessing the FTP Server from Command Prompt, what does the “ls” command do? What commands would you use to Receive or Open a file, or to Send a file via command prompt with FTP? The “ls” command opens the data channel for the Directory List. Other commands as requested are as follows: Receive-recv, Open-open, Send-send.

Conclusions: We successfully set up our webserver, learned the different ways we can access the local host homepage, altered the index file,, downloaded Filezilla, set it up with a user name and password linked to the Document Root, accessed it from another computer on the network and with Command Prompt.



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