A Top Ten list was solicited by each of our members at the time and here is what surface..ha ha (that was a fun .ning website we used to display home page and music jukeboxes we each had, I would enjoy listening to those and even post my 'greatest hits' from my recent ripped posts.  I think having Donut Duck II fill two of  our posted Wanted List recently got me looking for this list ha ha and actually I think Donut Duck is on this list and I tacked on some other stuff at the end .

WANTED !!!! / SUCHE !!!!
STÖRUNGSDIENST - Los Angeles/Laos 7"
BASEMENT 21 - s/t EP
STEREOTYPES – Countdown 7''
RUS – Pop-Stars 7''
STAR CLUB - Toll Gate Ahead 7''
MAXIMS TRASH - Disco Girls 7''
THE RIBS – Man With No Brain 7''
V/A - Heartwork Live Klubb 2000 LP
THE MIRRORS – Dark Glasses 7''
THE BUZZ - Asylum LP
PVC - Emile Berliner LP
VOXPOP - Tak For Alle Kyssene 7''
V/A - Kovimmat Takaiskut LP
U.K.SUBS - Live at the Music Machine (Bootleg) 1979
HÆRVERK - live Tape 1980
SID VICIOUS – Naked 7''
V/A - Effenaar EP
SUNSET BOYS - Wreck My Bed 7''
V/A - Dialäkt Rock LP
HI JINX - Punk Rocker 7''
V/A - Lasta II EP

1. The Magnificent Dance - The Magnificent Seven
2. Justice Tonight / Kick It Over - Armagideon Time
3. Robber Dub - Bankrobber
4. Living In Fame - If Music Could Talk
5. Silicone On Sapphire - Washington Bullets
6. The Cool Out - The Call Up
7. One More Dub - One More Time
8. The Escapades Of Futura Dub - The Escapades Of Futura 2000
9. Version Pardner - Junco Partner
10. Outside Broadcast / Radio 5 - This Is Radio Clash
11. Mustapha Dance - Rock The Casbah
12. Mensforth Dub - Something About England
13. Return To Brixton - The Guns Of Brixton

Bazooka Joe
Amebix - anything especially Monolith.

Koma Kolonne - Any

Woven Hand - Any

Hank III - Any

Ritam Nerda - First 2 Lp's

Mistreat - Any but first stuff the best

Hova Lett Nagyfero Bikini

Neurotic Arseholes - Angst

My wife & mother-in-law are yelling too much for me to think of more,sorry. Nishan

Misfits - Walk Among Us the band can't play, Danzig can't sing, the lyrics are..but what a great album
Bad Brains - Rock For Light I like the reggea songs too
Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables California über alles, Holiday In Cambodia, Forward To Death..every song a classic
Social Distortion - Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell I saw them 1996 here in Berlin. The frontman asked the audience :" Do you want to hear good old punk rock?" Nothing more to be said
Exploited - Troops Of Tomorrow Iros, colored hair, leather jackets, rivets and the sound of UK 82
Toxoplasma -S/T sounds a little bit like the German answer to GBH great album
Oxymoron - Fuck The Ninetees.. Listen to the mohican tunes
Slime - S/T Political punk from Germany not my attitude but great music
Avengers -S/T We are the one
Youth Brigade - Sound And Fury

De gustibus non est disputandum               MAX

this is my top 10 list....i have more favorites, but they said only 10...........

01. Massacre 68-"No Estamos Conformes" lp
02. Ataque Frontal-"S/T" ep
03. Maggot Sandwich-"Dead To My World" ep
04. R.I.P.-"No Te Muevas" lp
05. Kaaos-"Nukke" ep
06. Gepopel-"Paracide" ep
07. Colectivo Caotico-"Chupando Sangre...Para La Gente Pobre" ep
08. Confuse-"Contempt For Authority And Take Off The Lie" ep
09. Destrucktions-"Vox Populi" lp
10. Larm-"Straigh On View" lp

talo is above

OK, lemme try again!

DEAD KENNEDYS - Plastic Surgery Disasters (one of the real classics)

CRASS - The Feeding of the 5000

BAD BRAINS - Rock for Light (original LP version)

ANGRY SAMOANS - Back from Samoa (no need for words)

VICTIMS FAMILY - Things I Hate to Admit (I love it still...)

DICKS - These People (timeless stuff)

D.O.A. - Bloodied but Unbowed LP (you had this classic already)

TOXIC REASONS - Killed by Remote Control (clearly better than Independence)

LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT - Day by Day (great singer)

REAGAN YOUTH - Youth Anthems for the New Order (blowed me away the first time i heard it)

Guess that's it...  Busa

Uhhh, I possibly can't trim it down to just 10 records...
Well, at least I can try...

DEAD KENNEDYS - Plastic Surgery Disasters (one of the real classics)

CRASS - The Feeding of the 5000

SLIME - Yankees Raus (German classic, at least)

G.B.H. - City Baby Attacked by Rats (metal people like it too, they said)

BAD BRAINS - Rock for Light (original LP version)

NEUROTIC ARSEHOLES - ...bis zum bitteren Ende (another German classic)

ANGRY SAMOANS - Back from Samoa (no need for words)

EXTRABREIT - Ihre Größten Erfolge (not exactly punk...)

VICTIMS FAMILY - Things I Hate to Admit (I love it still...)

YOUTH BRIGADE - Sound and Fury (you just want to sink with california after listening to it)

RAZZIA - Tag ohne Schatten (just listen to the first track... great)

DICKS - These People (timeless stuff)

D.O.A. - Bloodied but Unbowed LP (you had this classic already)

TOXIC REASONS - Killed by Remote Control (clearly better than Independence)

M.D.C. - Millions of Dead Cops (yeah, you had this one too)

DAG NASTY - Wig out at Denkos (just listen to 'am i safe')

BEYOND POSSESSION - Is Beyond Possession (loving it)

INDIGESTI - Osservati dall Inganno (Italian classic)

POISON IDEA - Kings of Punk (essential)

PRONG - Primitive Origins (their first is their best, others don't even come close)

SPECIAL FORCES - World Domination (great stuff, period)

LIFE BUT HOW TO LIVE IT - Day by Day (great singer)

REAGAN YOUTH - Youth Anthems for the New Order (blowed me away the first time i heard it)

As I suspected, I can't limit myself to just 10 records... ;)


Some time ago some interviewer asked me my top 10 records of all time and i came up with about 60 records.... There are so many good records but i narrowed it down to 10 (in alphabetic order.... i can't number them from 1 to 10! IMPOSSIBLE!!!)

I like to know everybody's top 10, so react! It`s fun (and hard!) to do.

This is my top 10 that blew me away when i was just a little shitkid......

BAD BRAINS - Rock For Light (first time i heard it i would't believe they were rasta's!)

BLACK FLAG - Damaged (Music to jump a couple of times off your tv set and then throw the tv out the window!)

DAMNED - Damned Damned Damned (Impossible to not like this one!)

DOA - Bloodied But Unbowed (the original LP version, the CD is totally different! The best songs of Hardcore '81 and Something Better Change!)

DRI - Dealing With It! (with a touch of metal....)

EXPLOITED - Troops of Tomorrow (I looked like wattie back in '82, Mohawk punk....)

MDC - Millions of Dead Cops (A Classic!!!!)

METALLICA - Kill 'em All (my first real introduction to speed metal....)

MOTORHEAD - No Sleep 'til Hammersmith (the album of ALL Live albums!)

TOXIC REASONS - Kill by Remote Control (was hard to choose between Independence and this one, I chose this one because i heard it first....)

It`s pretty simple: (hahaha, figure that out!) If an omnipotent power took away everything in your life except for a sixpack of grolsch, a bottle of wodka, some bierworstjes en 10 records, to what would you listen for the rest of your life?

Oeb MadSkull

I'm kinda with Oeb MadSkul above/below but I'll right now how's that...wait just a moment.
1. 7 Inch Punk Website ALL
2. Punk Friction Website ALL
3. Killed By Death Website ALL
4. PunknotProfit Website ALL
5. Social Distortion
5. Circle Jerks - Wild In the Street (Original Vinyl or Cassette with Headphones at elderly cross the street family friends Herb and Gail''s cabin trip with my little bro the slap bass stand-up electric chip programmer Flea lovin' dude and seein' Al Capone's cabin in Fall and sleepin' in an old fashun hotel up in Wisconsin there me on the bottom bunk..up late..listening to my MAXELL tape of the album...great meal the next day in a log cabin or something.
7. Boy on a Roof 7 Outnumbered
8. Suicibal Tendencies LP with Cyco shirts and my playground jungle gym with them hangin' from it. Avery my hero.
9. 7 Seconds - ALL with emphasis on my post of Live '86 Just One Day.
10. SST GODHEAD IN-STORE TAPE DEVICE #4 I will post in NEw Year How's that Fiends.

GOTHIC SLAM - Killer Instinct album
old NITWITZ stuff:
"The Worst of..." 7"
"Yeah/Dig it!" 7"
"Wielingen Walgt" (split lp with Gotterflies)
For UHF (and more punk from Portugal) original vinyl please ask: neonrecords@hotmail.com

1. Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock
2. "Planet Rock" by Afrika Bambatta and the Soulsonic Force
3. Numbers(komplete mix) - Kraftwerk, Label - EMI. ( i saw their concert in Tokyo, Japan awesome )
4. Lords of the Underground - Chief Rocka
5. Man Parrish Boogie Down Bronx
6. Grandmaster Flash - The message
7. Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight) Lyrics by KRS-One
8. Rock Steady Crew - Uprock
9. Planet Patrol - Play at your own risk
10. PLANET PATROL - Rock At Your Own Risk
11. Eric B. & Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
12. Jimmy Castor Bunch - it's just begun
13. Play that Beat Mr Dj - Mc Globe & Wiz Kid
14. UTFO Roxanne Roxanne
15. RUN-DMC-It's Tricky ( Embedding disabled by SonyBMG )
16. Buffalo Gals - Malcolm McLaren & The World's Famous Supreme Team
17. Kraftwerk - Tour De France
18. Kraftwerk - musique non stop
20. Rapture - Blondie 1981
21. Kurtis Blow Basketball ( Embedding disabled by universalmusicgroup request )
22. The Treacherous Three - Feel The Heartbeat
23. Treacherous Three The Treacherous Three - Love Rap
24. A Fly Girl - The Boogie Boys ( Embedding disabled by request )
25. Rapper's Delight - The Sugar Hill Gang - Sugar Hill Records ( I got the album, its the bomb )
26. Afrika Bambaataa Renegades Of Funk ( lyrics - Renegades of this atomic age )
27. Afrika Bambaataa - Looking For the Perfect Beat
28. Rockit - Herbie Hancock and Grandmaster D.St. ( luv the video )
29. That's the Joint - Funky Four Plus One
30. Jam On It - Newcleus Wicky Wicky Wicky! Oh Yeah!
31. Cooky Puss - Beastie Boys
32. Eric B. Is President Eric B and Rakim
33. Run DMC Sucker MC's ( Embedding disabled by request Song BMG )
34. Whodini Freaks Come Out At Night

Adrenalin OD
Let's Barbeque (Buy Our Records 7", must be red ink sleeve and NM/NM condition)

Afrika Korps
Music to Kill By (Iron Cross LP, original only)

Bobby Soxx
Learn To Hate / Scavenger Of Death (VVV 7", original only)

Orgasm Addict / Whatever Happened To? (United Artists UP 36.316 7", French pressing only)

Child Molesters
Wholesale Murder / I'm Gonna Punch You In The Face (Ace & Duece 7")

Circle X
Heartbreaker / Look At The People (Circle X 7", plain white label)

Dead Boys
split with Heartbreakers (Sonic Reducer / Born to Lose) (RCA Italia PXB 6122 7", Italy-only promo with custom title sleeve)
Tell Me / Not Anymore (Sire Japan SFL2371 7", must be Japanese press with picture sleeve)

Dead Rock 'n' Rollers / El Salvador (Rigor Mortis 7")

Into The Night / Eighth Avenue (Wolfsschanze 7")

Robert English
Experiments in Relativity (Blunt LP)

Exit (Chicago)
Who Asked You / Out In The Street (City Rock 7")

Flesh Eaters
Disintegration Nation / Agony Shorthand // Twisted Road / Radio Dies Screaming (Upsetter 7", 1978, must have white label, not yellow)

Killer Man / Radio Flic (Egg 7", 1977, France)

any test pressings, unusual promos, original demo tapes, etc.

Who Needs Wildlife Anyway +3 (Kracklin' Granny 7")

Population Zero / Zombie Lover (Ric Mar 7")

Is It Late? / Out Of My Hands (Demos-Tones 7")

Kris Methe And The Mistakes
Autopsy EP (Bombay 7")

Black Monk Time (Polydor International LP, original 1960s press)
Complication/Oh, How To Do Now (Polydor International 7", w/ picture sleeve)
Love Can Tame The Wild/He Went Down To The Sea (Polydor International 7", w/ picture sleeve)

Elton Motello
Jet Boy Jet Girl / Pogo Pogo (UK promo with altered lyrics, German 2nd and 3rd pressings in red or white ps, both Holland pressings: Negram '77 and Lightning/Atlantic '78, Italian pressing on Durium DE2960, Greek sleeveless pressing, New Zealand pressing in company innersleeve, and any others I don't already have -- please ask)

Neck Tie Party
Stranger Still // Little Darlin' / Squash (Splat) (Yuck) (Oh My!!!!) (Little Borris 7", 1981)

New Bomb Turks
split with the Onyas (Full Toss 7" - white vinyl original press only)
any test pressings, unusual promos, original demo tapes, etc.

Panics (Florida)
Press The Button (Superdisc LP)

Plain Jane And The Jokes
The Joke's On You (Sick Sound LP)

Pop Rivets
Back From Nowhere (M.T. Sounds/Hipocrite 7", not the split with Sulphate, no sleeve issued)
Back From Nowhere double pack (M.T. Sounds/Hipocrite 2x7", first 2 singles packaged in a poster bag for the Germany/Switzerland tour)

Jimmy // Disco Sucks / Hacker (Etc. 7", no sleeve)

Horizontal Action / Wild Weekend (Wallaby Beat 7")

Rats (Portland, OR)
S/T (Whizeagle LP, 1980)
In A Desperate Red (Whizeagle LP, 1983)

I Want Sex / Seduction Center (Meltdown 7")

Revenge 88
Alone / Neon Light (J.D.M. 7", 1981, Belgium)

Rock Bottom And The Spys
Rich Girl // No Good / Death Trap (Bottom's Up 7", original only)

You're So Boring EP (Point Blank 7")

Savage Eyes / Lay You Down (CNR 7", 1977, Holland)

I'm Stranded / No Time (Fatal 7", original press, no picture sleeve)
Lipstick On Your Collar / Demolition Girl (EMI-Bovema 7", Netherlands press with picture sleeve)

Seems Twice
Non-Plussed (Doublethink 7", 1980, Australia)

Teddy Crashes Blond Dies / Some Other Boys (Congressional 7")

Thought Criminals
Hilton Bomber EP (Doublethink 7")
Food For Thoughtcrimes EP (Doublethink 7")

Atomic Blonde / A Television Reality (VHF 7")

Vast Majority
I Wanna Be A Number // God's Groin / Throwdown (Wild Dog 7")

Vertical Slit
Slit and Pre-Slit (LP)
Your Wife is Licking My Strobe Light and Grinning (Iron Press cassette, 1991)

Victims (Australia)
"No Thanks to the Human Turd" 5 Song EP (self-released 7", must have fully-painted outer sleeve)

Victims (New York)
Annette / I Want Head / Behind The Times / Nervous (Plan 9 7")

Young Identities
Positive Thinking (Shake 7")

Zero Boys
Livin' in the 80s (Z-Disc 7")

Various Artists
Yes L.A. (Dangerhouse LP, one-sided picture disc)

CLE - #1
Forced Exposure - #s 1-9
Mongoloid - any issue
Superdope - #s 1,3
Ugly Things - #s 1-12, 14
Your Flesh - #33

Vinyl Only Wanted!

I own these sleeves, but am missing the records. So I'm looking for vinyl ONLY or decent condition vinyl in trashed sleeves.

Alley Cats - Too Much Junk / Night Along the Blvd
Bangs - Getting Out of Hand (orig press with orig name)
Bangles - Getting Out of Hand (2nd press with new name)
Black Market Baby - Potential Suicide / Youth Crimes
CIA - God, Guts, Guns
Fartz - Because This Fuckin' World Stinks (AT repress only)
Government Issue - Legless Bull
Llygod Ffyrnig - NCB // Sais / Cariad y Bus Stop
MDC/Stains - John Wayne Was a Nazi (2nd press with both band names)
Minor Threat - Filler (1st press yellow label or 4th press silver label with no slogan, but will consider any pressing)
Minor Threat - In My Eyes (3rd press light blue label, but will consider any pressing)
Moral Majority Dance Band
Ashley Morance
Pagans - Not Now, No Way (original Drome issue only)
Prevaricators - No Kidding EP
Ramones - We Want the Airwaves / You Sound Like You're Sick (UK)
Replacements - I'm in Trouble / If Only You Were Lonely
Teenage Filmstars - I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape
Testors - Together / Time Is Mine
Tronics - Shark Fucks / Time Off
Viletones - Screamin Fist
Zeros - Wild Weekend / Beat Your Heart Out
Various - SF Underground 2

Picture Sleeves (and Photocopies) Wanted!

For this first list of records, I need either original sleeves or quality color photocopies. For photocopies, I can trade other copies, or maybe a minor record. Let me know what you need.

Avo-8 - Gone Wrong // Target One / No Hesitation
Beluga and the Human Ashtrays - Mars Needs Woman / High 'n' Tight
Celibate Rifles - But Jacques, the Fish? (insert only)
Claude Coma and the IVs - Junkman / All Day Suckers
Futurisk - The Sound Of Futurism (What We Have to Have / Army Now)
Edith Massey - Punks, Get Off the Grass / Big Girls Don't Cry
Schoolgirl Bitch - Abusing the Rules / Think for Yourself (either sleeve design)
Shrapnel - Combat Love / Hey
Unclaimed - Time to Time / Run From Home // The Sorrow / Deposition Central
Voodoo Idols - Do The Kirk // Grunt Grunt / Pretty Face
Wasteland - Want Not EP
Zeros - They Say That (Everything's Alright) / Getting Nowhere Fast
Various Artists - Virgin Hormones

For the following records, I need original picture sleeves only! (I already have photocopies, thanks.)

Avengers - We are the One / I Believe in Me // Car Crash (target design)
Jim Basnight and the Moberlys - I Want To Be Yours / Cinderella
Blitz Boys - Eddies New Shoes // Eddies Friend / She Told My Friends
Consumers - We're American "Coke Please" EP
Defnics - 51% / Hello From Berlin
Dogs (Michigan/California) - John Rock / Younger Point Of View (promo insert only, no sleeve exists)
Endtables - Process of Elimination +3 (must be textured paper, not smooth)
Kaos - Alcoholiday +2
Law - King Size Cigarette
Max Load - X-Rod / Magazine Sex
Gregor MacKenzie and the Misanthropes - Torture That Girl / Contact Overdose
Mentally Ill - Sex Cells (Soldier 19 / American Dream)
Nervous Eaters - Just Head / Get Stuffed
Nick Pagan - This is Not a Test
Regular Joes - Flying Butterfly / She Don't Drink
Undead - Nine Toes Later EP (Post Mortem Records issue, not Stiff)
Young Identities - New Trends // Instant Feelings / Threats

We've got all the early "punk rock" ones!

KILLING JOKE - Live at the Forum parts 1 & 2
Nihilistics stuff ? I`m looking for Merry Christmess EP, Fuck Guns N Roses and the Truth EP. That would be a nice little surprise :-) I`m always interested in rare GDR Punk demo/live tapes.
Hinks or The Hinks (it means Half Income no Kids). Some People from band played later on Oxymoron. I was in Cologne a few years ago (band is from late 90's or early 2000 i think) and I couldn't find some cds in any shop
world in shredds 7" comp. series
Reducers SF - "Crappy Clubs & Smelly Pubs

corrosive crowd (switzerland 1981) - masokism

corrosive crowd - sad or mad

corrosive crowd - what do you want to me

Hugo Klang (Ollie Olsen) - Grand Life For Fools and Idiots

Hugo Klang - beat up that old shack

Hugo Klang - The final akt (1983)

kinetic ideals(Canada 1981-82) - fade away

kinetic ideals - Life in shadow

kinetic ideals - maze of ways

Mania D - tempodrom konzert berlin 07or 08-1980

Mania D - Rundschlag (only known from the tempodrom concert 1980?)

Monoconics (1980) - breakdown

Monoconics - exit stage left

Sad among strangers - here come the caesars

Sad among strangers - I know nothing of the jungle

Sad Among Strangers - My Kind Of Loser

Sad Among Strangers - It's So Good It's Incest

Sad Among Strangers - Sparks Fly Upwards

Sad Among Strangers - A better view of Baxter

Sad Among Strangers - The Gongs

Sad Among Strangers - Taking off the brakes

Sad Among Strangers - I salamander

Smack - come again

The Suspicions (aka Flying Lizards) - suspicion

the weirdos - adulthood

X Quadrat - Immer und Ewig

various - A Taste of the Bizarre 1983

7 Inch Boots -Death Over Mülheim Tape
Act Of Heresy - "Anything"
Psychic Violents - "Anything"
The Living End - The Dark
Das Klown -Live At Zed, Laughing Stalk & Holy Crap
Christian Death - Heavens & Hells
Rhythm Pigs - I'm Not Crazy I'm An Airplane
DEADLY PALE - "Anything"
U-boats - (The 7'' not here)
BRATS - Unreleased demos 1979
London SS - Demo
Jack The Lad - "Anything"
V/A - Concert Of The Moment Compilation (3LP)
THE WOMBELS - Fast & Bouncy
Funeral Oration / Gepopel - Split Tape
Rescues In Future - Something Happened Today EP
THE HATES - Contamination
Dixie Waste - Start the Madness
Abalienation - Shoot Cops Not Dope & Drunkin' State
Germs - Let The Circle Be Unbroken
GYMSLIPS - Rockin' with Renees
V/A - A Guaranteed Mug Free Zone
The Magnificent - Hit and Run
ZERO POINT - Hooligans With Cheap Guitars
NK 6 - Keep On Keeping
Asphalt - Midnight Pain
Transgression - Cold World
Suburban Death Trip - Mind Shattering Power Blasts Demo
Pop-O-Pies - White
V/A - From the Valley Within
V/A - Cracks In The Sidewalk
Working Muthas - Acid Rain Ep
Armicide - Demo
Charlie Kaputt/ Ulrike Am Nagel - Split Demo
Misspent Youth - The Punk Years 1976-1980
Hype - Both Lps
Damage (florida) - Anything
Half Life - Lp or Eps
Cranky Rocknicks - S/T
V/A - Crashlanding In Hell
Toast (japan) - Anything
Hammer (japan) - Anything
Prevaricators -SnubCulture (Me)
The Moonatics {A childrens album I had when I was really little} If you find it...Oooo I owe you one big time

The Killjoys - Give Me Recognition
The Rings - 100 Club 1977
Joe Cool A The Killers- Joe Cool A The Killers
The Unwanted - The End Is Nigh!
Blitzkrieg Bop-Top Of The Bobs
The Cuban Heels-Work Our Way To Heaven
The Jerks-The Jerks Compilation
Passion Killers-See The Whirl
Radio Stars-Songs for Swinging Lovers
Dead Fingers Talk- `Storm The Reality Studios
Rudi-singles Collection


Adrenalin-TV Violence/No Love (In The Modern World)/Don't Tell Your Parents
The Axidents-Life's Too Short'
Bullets-Girl On Page 3 / Grammar School Girls (Big Bear 1978)
Defiant-Social Climber
Fruit Eating Bears-Chevy Heavy' / 'Fifties Cowboy
Grinder-Spider Man / Furry Dice / Other People (Wax Records 1979)
Intravein-Speed Of The City
The K9's-Idi Amin / Sweeney Todd
Matt Vinyl & The Decorators- Punky Xmas
Misspent Youth-The Punk Years 1976-1980.
Nazis Against Fascism-Sid Did It / Sid Did It ( radio version)
Predator- Punk Man / Paperboy Song
Red Letters-Sacred Voices / Shot In The Dark / Science Has The Answer
Stage B-Recall to life / Light On The Hillside
The Surprises - Jeremy Thorpe Is Innocent / Flying Attack / Little Sir Echo (Dead Dog Discs 1978)
The Addix-Too Blind To See / No Such Thing As A Bad Boy
Drug Squad-Operation Julie / Switchcleaner (nebo album perversion st.)
Arctic Frost-Nothing Left/Seen a lot of People/Tight Strings
The Atrix-The Moon Is Puce/Wendy's In Amsterdam (Mulligan 1979 and produced by Phil Chevron)
Avant Gardener-Gotta turn back/Strange gurl in clothes/Back door/ Bloodclad Boogie
Belsen Horrors-Car Crash Victim/Pin-Up Boy/On The Beach/Bride Of Frankenstein/Chant/Premonition
Cane-Suburban Guerrilla / Dice/ DK Dance (Lightning 1978)
Darlex-"Terrorist/Sod The Jubilee/I Hate Work/Born To Rule
Dave Goodman & Friends-The Friendly Hopeful's Tribute To The Punks
Demolition-No Feelings/Gangrene/Living In England Today
Demon Preacher-Royal Northern / Laughing At Me / Steal Your Love / Dead End Kids (Illegal records 1977)
Demon Preacher-Action By Example / I Wish I was a Dog
The Skunks-Good from the Bad / Back Street Fighting (Eel Pie 1978)
The Innocents-So they said yes!
The Lazers-Incest is best/Try so hard/Misfit/Light houses in the bath/Strike shortage/Even love songs like Bitter Thoughts
The Meat-Pints Of Lager/A Packet Of Crisps
The Mistakes-Iguana/Boredom
Open Sore-Vertigo/Eyes on You/ Open Sore
Plastix-Tough On You/9-5
Public Zone-Naive/Innocence (Logo Records 1977)
The Ripchords-Ringing in The Streets' (Cells Records 1979)
Security Risk-Action Man/Deep Freeze/Sign Us Up/Hypocrite
SOS!-No Time/Brainwashed/Noise/Live Wire/Nineen
The Spurts- Keep On Coming/Sexperience/Wild Thing
Stage B-Recall to life / Light On The Hillside (1979)
Studio Sweethearts-I Believe /It Isn't Me (DJM Records 1979)
The Sussed-I've Got Me Parka
Tax Exiles-Rough in the Valley/Miracles/Attack and Destroy
The Zips- Radioactivity/I'm Not Impressed (1980)
The Zips- I'm In Love/Over and Over/Take Me Down/Don't Be Pushed Around


AC DC "Let There Be Rock"
Acetone "York Boulevard"
Aerosmith "Rocks"
Amon Duul II "Yeti"
Angel City "Face to Face (US version)"
Art Bears "Winter Songs"
Ash Ra Tempel "Ash Ra Tempel"
Avengers "Avengers"
Average Whit Band "Soul Searchin'"
Ayers, Kevin "Whatevershebringswesing"
B.T. Express "Do It ('til You're Satisfied)"
Bachman-Turner Overdrive "Not Fragile"
Band, The "The Band"
Barrett, Syd "The Madcap Laughs"
Beach Boys "Sunflower"
Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique"
Beat Happening "Jamboree"
Beatles "Introducing The Beatles"
Bee Gees "1st"
Berry, Chuck "Greatest Hits"
Big Star "Radio City"
Big Youth "Screaming Target"
Black Lips "Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo"
Black Oak Arkansas "Raunch n' Roll"
Black Sabbath "Masters of Reality"
Blacklight Braille "Blacklight Braille"
Bland, Bobby 'Blue' "Two Steps from The Blues"
Blue Cheer "Outsideinside"
Blue Oyster Cult "Tyranny & Mutation"
Blue Phantom "Distortions"
Bohannon, Hamilton "Insides Out"
Boiled in Lead "The Ladle to The Grave"
Bowie, David "Station to Station"
Brown, James "Sex Machine"
Brownsville Station "Yeah!"
Buckley, Tim "Blue Afternoon"
Bull, Sandy "Inventions for Guitar, Banjo, Oud..."
Burke, Solomon "Rock n Soul"
Burnette, Johnny & The Rock n Roll Trio "s/t"
Buzzcocks "Another Music in a Different Kitchen"
Byrds "The Notorious Byrd Brothers"
C.A. Quintet "Trip Thru Hell"
Can "Tago Mago"
Captian Beefheart "Clear Spot"
Cash, Johnny "Sings the Songs that Made Him Famous"
Charles, Bobby "Bobby Charles"
Charles, Ray "Rock and Roll"
Cheap Trick "In Color"
Cheater Slicks "On Your Knees"
Cheech and Chong "Wedding Album"
Cherry, Don "Hear & Now"
Chills "Brave Words"
Christ Child "Christ Child"
Clash "London Calling"
Clean "Compilation"
Cluster "II"
Coleman, Ornette "Science Fiction"
Coltrane, John "Coltrane Plays the Blues"
Commodores "Movin' On"
Cooper, Alice "Love it to Death"
Cosmic Psychos "Go The Hack"
Coyle & Sharpe "On the Loose"
Cramps "Songs the Lord Taught Us"
Crap Detectors "Victims of the Media"
Cream "Disraeli Gears"
Culturcide "Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary..."
Culture "Two Sevens Clash"
C*nts "The Fires of Spring"
Cure "Three Imaginary Boys"
Cut Chemist "Brainfreeze"
Daft Punk "Homework"
Daggermen "Dagger in My Mind"
Davis, Miles "Kind of Blue"
dBs "Stands for Decibels"
Dead Boys "Young, Loud, & Snotty"
Debris "Static Disposal"
Deep Purple "Machine Head"
Del the Funkee Homosapien "I Wish My Brother..."
Deviants "Ptoof!!"
Devil Dogs "Devil Dogs"
Devo "Are We Not Men? We Are Devo!"
Dictators "Go Girl Crazy"
D.O.A. "Hardcore 81"
Doctor Feelgood "Down By the Jetty"
Doctor John "Gris Gris"
Doors "L.A. Woman"
Dr Bossman "Steez to Please"
Dream Syndicate "Days of Wine & Roses"
Droogs "Stone Cold World"
Dylan, Bob "Blonde on Blonde"
Earth, Wind, & Fire "That's the Way of the World"
Eddie & The Hot Rods "Life on the Line"
Eih, Damin, A.L.K. and Brother Clark "Never Mind"
Elton Motello "Victim of Time"
Embarrassment "Hey Day 1979-1983"
Emerson, Lake, & Palmer "Brain Salad Surgery"
Eno, Brian "Here come the Warm Jets"
Eric B & Rakim "Paid in Full"
Erickson, Roky "Roky Erickson and the Aliens"
Evans, Bill "Sunday at The Village Vanguard"
Evans, Gil "Out of the Cool"
Everly Brothers "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us"
Fabulous Thunderbirds "What's the Word"
Faces "A Nod is as Good as a Wink..."
Fagen, Donald "The Nightfly"
Fahey, John "Blind Joe Death"
Farirprt Convention "Unhalfbricking"
Faith/Void "Faith Void"
Fall "Live at the Witch Trials"
Farren, Mick "Vampires Stole My Lunch Money"
Faust "So Far"
Fear "The Record"
Feedtime "Shovel"
Feelies "Crazy Rhythms"
Flame "The Flame"
Fela & Afrika 70 "Upside Down"
Five Day Week Straw People "s/t"
Flamin' Groovies "Shake Some Action"
Fleetwood Mac "Then Play On"
Flesheaters "A Minute to Pray, a Second to Die"
Flipper "Generic Album"
Foghat "Fool for the City"
Franklin, Aretha "Aretha's Gold"
Freddie Fresh "B-Boy Stance"
Fugs "Tenderness Junction"
Funkadelic "Greatest Hits"
Gang of Four "Solid Gold"
Gasolin' "What a Lemon"
Gaye, Marvin "What's Going On"
GBH "City Baby Attacked By Rats"
Gentry, Bobbie "Touch 'em With Love"
Germs "(GI)"
Go, The "Whatcha Doin'"
Godz "The Third Testament"
Godz "Rock n Roll Machine"
Gong "Camembert Electrique"
Grand Funk Railroad "Grand Funk"
Green "Green"
Green, Al "Greatest Hits"
Green, Peter "The End of the Game"
Groep 1850 "Paradise Now"
Groundhogs "Who Will Save the World?"
Gun Club "Fire of Love"
Guru Guru "UFO"
Guthrie, Woddy "Dust Bowl Ballads"
Hampton Grease Band "Music to Eat"
Harpo, Slim "The Best of Slim Harpo"
Hawkwind "Doremi Fasola Tedo"
Head Machine "Orgasm"
Heartbreakers "L.A.M.F."
Hell, Richard & The Voidoids "Blank Generation"
Hellacopters "Payin' the Dues"
Hendrix, Jimi Experience "Axis: Bold as Love"
Henry Cow "Unrest"
Heptones "In Love With You"
Hitmen "Tora Tora DTK"
Hollies "Hear! Here!"
Holy Modal Rounders "Good Taste is Timeless"
House, Son "Legendary Father of Folk Blues"
House of Large Sizes "My Ass-Kicking Life"
Humble Pie "Smokin'"
Hurley, Michael "Snockgrass"
Hurriganes "Roadrunner"
Hypstrz "Hypstrzation"
Impressions "Greatest"
Inmates "First Offence"
Isley Brothers "Forever Gold"

Jackson, Joe "I'm the Man"

James, Etta "Tell Mama"
James, Tommy & The Shondells "The Best of...."
Jandek "Somebody in the Snow"
Jerky Boys "Jerky Boys"
Jesus & Mary Chain "Psychocandy"
Jobim, Antonio Carlos "Wave"
John's Children "Orgasm"
Johnson, Linton Kwesi "Dread Beat an' Blood"
Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures"
Judas Priest "Sad Wings of Destiny"
July "July"
Kass, Norm "Buckaroo & Other Guitar Country & Western Favorites"
KC and the Sunshine Band "KC and the Sunshine Band"
Kids "The Kids"
Killing Joke "Killing Joke"
King, Albert "King of Blues Guitar"
King, B.B. "Live at The Regal"
King Crimson "In the Court of the Crimson King"
King Tubby "King Tubby Upsets the Upsetter"
Kinks "Kronikles"
Kiss "Dressed to Kill"
Kleptones "A Night at the Hip-Hopera"
Koerner, John "Spider Blues"
Koerner, Ray, & Glover "Blues, Rags, & Hollers"
Kool & The Gang "Wild and Peaceful"
Kraftwerk "Radio Activity"
Kweskin, Jim & The Jug Band "Jim Kweskin & The Jug Band"
La Salle, Denise "Trapped By a Thing Called Love"
Last Poets "Last Poets"
Lee, Arthur "Vindicator"
Lewis, Jerry Lee "Jerry Lee Lewis"
Lightnin' Slim "Rooster Blues"
Litter "Distortions"
Little Richard "Here's Little Richard"
Loney, Roy & The Phantom Movers "Out After Dark"
Loop "A Gilded Eternity"
Love "Forever Changes"
Lynyrd Skynyrd "Second Helping"
Lyres "On Fire"
Mad River "Mad River"
MC 5 "Back in the USA"
McCartney, Paul "Ram"
Messiaen, Olivier "Quator Pour La Fin Du Temps"
Mighty Diamonds "Right Time"
Miller, Roger "Golden Hits"
Mingus, Charles "Mingus at the Bohemia"
Minor Threat "Out of Step"
Mission of Burma "ONoffON"
Moby Grape "Moby Grape"
Modern Lovers "Modern Lovers"
Monk, Thelonious "Brilliant Corners"
Monks "Black Monk Time"
Montrose "Montrose"
Moped, Johnny "Cycledelic"
Morells "Shake and Push"
Morgen "Morgen"
Moroder, Giorgio "From Here to Eternity"
Mothers of Invention "We're Only in It for the Money"
Motorhead "Ace of Spades"
Mott The Hoople "Rock and Roll Queen"
Mountain "Live at the Fillmore East"
Move "Best of the Move"
Moving Sidewalks "Flash"
MX 80 Sound "Out of the Tunnel"
My Bloody Valentine "Loveless"
Negative Approach "Total Recall"
Negitivland "Helter Stupid"
Neu "Neu!"
New Race "The First & The Last"
New York Dolls "New York Dolls"
Newman, Randy "Sail Away"
Nicholls, Billy "Would You Believe"
NRBQ "Scraps"
Nugent, Ted "Ted Nugent"
Ohio Players "Skin Tight"
O'Jays "Family Reunion"
Opal "Happy Nightmare Baby"
Orbison, Roy "The Very Best of Roy Orbison"
Orchid Spangiafora "Flee Past's Ape Elf"
Oswald, John "Plunderphonics"
Outsiders "C.Q."
Pack "Pack"
Pandora "Space Amazon"
Parker, Charlie & Dizzy Gillespie "Bird and Diz"
Parliament "Mothership Connection"
Pastels "Sittin' Pretty"
Penn, Dan "Nobody's Fool"
Pere Ubu "Dub Housing"
Pickett, Wilson "Greatest Hits"
Pink Fairies "Never Neverland"
Pink Floyd "Piper at the Gates of Dawn"
Pirates "Out of Their Skulls"
plasmatics "New Hope for The Wretched"
Plastic People of the Universe "Egon Bondy's..."
Plasticland "Wonder Wonderful Wonderland"
Prado, Perez "Havana, 3AM"
Pretty Things "Parachute"
Pop, The "Go!"
Pop, Iggy "The Idiot"
Price, Lloyd "Mr. Personality's Big 15"
Price, Ray "Greatest Hits"
Prisoners "The Last Fourfathers"
Public Image Ltd. "Metal Box"
Radio Birdman "Radios Appear"
Rain Parade "Emergency Third Rail Power Trip"
Rainy Day "Rainy Day"
Ramones "Leave Home"
Rank & File "Sundown"
Ray, Dave "Snaker's Here"
Real Kids "Real Kids"
Really Red "Teaching You the Fear"
Red Crayola "The Parable of Arable Land"
Red Cross "Born Innocent"
Replacements "Stink"
Residents "Commercial Album"
Robbins, Marty "Gunfighter Ballads"
Rocket from the Tombs "Rocket Redux"
Rolling Stones "Their Satanic Majesties Request"
Rose Tattoo "Rose Tattoo"
Rundgren, Todd "Something/Anything"
Rush, Bobby "Live at Ground Zero"
Rutles "All You Need is Cash"
Sage, Greg "Straight Ahead"
Saints "(I'm) Stranded"
Schaubroeck, Armand Steals "Live at the Holiday Inn"
Scientists "Weird Love"
Sconce, Jeff "Ludic Despair"
Secret Syde "Hidden Secrets"
Seger, Bob System "Ramblin' Gamblin' Man"
Sex Pistols "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's..."
Sherman, Alan "My Son the Folksinger"
Shiny Gnomes "Wild Spells"
Shoes "Black Vinyl Shoes"
Simply Saucer "Cyborgs Revisited"
Slade "Slayed?"
Slaughter & The Dogs "Bite Back"
Sly & The Family Stone "Greatest Hits"
Small Faces "There are But Four Small Faces"
Smith, Huey "Piano" "Havin' a Good Time"
Snivelling Shits "I Can't Come"
Soft Boys "Underwater Moonlight"
Soft Machine "Third"
Sonic Youth "Daydream Nation"
Sonic's Rendezvous Band "City Slang"
Spacemen Three "The Perfect Prescription"
Specials "The Specials"
Spedding, Chris "Chris Spedding"
Spence, Alexander "Oar"
Spirit "Spirit"
Springfield, Dusty "Dusty in Memphis"
Sproton Layer "With Magnetic Feilds Adjusted"
Stalk-Forrest Group "St. Cecelia"
Stark Reality "Now"
Steely Dan "Aja"
Stereolab "Transient Random Bursts With Announcements"
Stewart, Gary "Out of Hand"
Stooges "Fun House"'
Stranglers "Black & White"
Subhumans "Incorrect Thoughts"
Suburbs "In Combo"
Suicide "Suicide"
Suicide Commandos "Make a Record"
Super Furry Animals "Rings Around the World"
Surf Punks "Surf Punks"
Sweet "Desolation Boulevard"
Swell Maps "Collision Time Revisited"
T.C. Atlantic "Live at The Bel-Rae Ballroom"
Tamba 4 "We and The Sea"
Television Personalities "The Painted Word"
Th' Faith Healers "Lido"
Thirteenth Floor Elevators "Psychedelic Sounds of..."
Thomas, Irma "Wish Someone Would Care"
Thompson, Mayo "Corky's Debt to His Father"
Thunders, Johnny "So Alone"
Thundertrain "Teenage Suicide"
Too Short "Life is...Too Short"
Toots & The Maytals "Funky Kingston"
Trashmen "Surfin' Bird"
Turner, Ike & Tina "River Deep, Mountain High"
Turtles "Golden Hits"
Twilley, Dwight "Sincerely"
Twink "Think Pink"
U-Roy "Dread in a Babylon"
UFO "No Heavy Petting"
Undertones "Undertones"
Union Carbide Productions "In the Air Tonight"
Vaughn, Sarah "In the Land of Hi Fi"
Velvet Underground "White Light White Heat"
Vibrators "Pure Mania"
Visitors "The Visitors"
Vodka Collins "Tokyo New York"
Von Lmo "Future Language"
Wailers "Catch a Fire"
Walker, Peter "Rainy Day Raga"
Walker, Scott "Scott 3"
Washington, Dinah "The Swingin' Miss D"
Wayne, John "Texas Funeral"
Weirdos "Weird World Vol. One"
West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "s/t"
Who "Sell Out"
Wilson, Brian "Smile"
Wilson, Dennis "Pacific Ocean Blue"
Winter, Edgar "They Only Come Out at Night"
Wipers "Over the Edge"
Wire "154"
World War Three "World War Three"
Wyatt, Robert "Old Rottenhat"
X "Aspirations"
X "Los Angeles"
Yo La Tengo "And Then Nothing Turned Itself inside Out"
Yonkers, Michael "Microminiature Love"
Young, Neil "On the Beach"
Young Rascals "Young Rascals"
Zolar X "Zolar X"
Zombies "Odeysey & Oracle"
ZZ Top "Tejas"
v/a "18 King Size Rhythm & Blues Hits"
v/a "Big Hits of Mid-America Vol. III"
v/a "Chocolate Soup for Diabetics"
v/a "Electric Sugarcube Flashbacks Vol. 4"
v/a "Never Mind the Bootlegs"
v/a "Sixties Beat Italiano"
v/a "The Perfumed Garden"
v/a "The Psychedelic Snarl"

C.J. In no particular order:
Poison idea-Pick your king...(something about shaving the head!)
Rudimentary Peni-EP/RP (CrazycrazycrazyChain!)
Dr Know Plug in Jesus (cause it came with a Burn 7")
Dayglo Abortions-Feed us a Fetus (very religious with the organs on "I am my own god".)
Agression-Best of Lp (So I'm never alone, and Guillotine c'mon)
RKL-Its a beautiful feeling (yes it is)
Angry Samoans-Right Side of my Mind (no comment)
Cryptic Slaughter-Stream of Consciousness (a pinnacle of speed- thrashdom Last Laugh y que!)
The Zeroes-Don't push me around or Getting nowhere fast 45. (just listen to it an see if I'm lyin.)
X-Under the Big Black Sun (romantic sounds for lonely nights)
The Plugz-Lp (Bezerktown Vatos locos!!!)
Legal Weapon-Your Weapon (Hit em with a pow-pow)
I'm taking extras

For me it seems my top 10 is constantly changing with the discovery of awesome bands. But these ten I have been into for a while!




GANG GREEN - Another Case of Brewtality

SICK PLEASURE - Dolls Under Control

D.R.I. - Dealing with it!



RAW POWER - Screams from the Gutter

AC/DC - Powerage (I still say this is a punk as fuck album)

That is my top ten as of this week

AC/DC - Le There Be Rock
Discharge - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
Killing Joke - 1st LP
Rezzillos - Can't Stand the...
Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material
The Ruts - The Crack
The Avengers - LP
UK Subs - Another Kind of Blues
U.X.A. - Illusions of Grandeur
Wipers - 1st LP

Zyklome A: made in Belgium lp(Belgium punk)
Alle 24 goed lp v/a(Belgium punk)
G.B.H.:Leather, Bristles, Sick Boys, No Survivors .. ..
Disorder:Complete Disorder
Condemned 84:boots go marching in
Conflict:there is no power without control
Existance:while backs are turned
Crass:penis envy
Belgian Associalty:astemblief(Belgium punk)
De Boegies:parels voor de zwijnen(Dutch punk)

1-The Adolescents-s/t lp
2-Toxic Reasons-killed by remote control
3-The Misfits-Walk Among Us
4-Social Distortion-Mommys Little Monster
5-Agent orange-living In Darkness
6-Angry Samoans-inside my brain
8-stiff little fingers-inflammable material
9-the clash-s/t lp
10-aggression-dont be mistaken

asf - damsels in distress
cancerous growth - back from the grave
dri - dealing with it
black flag - damaged
minor threat - out of step
subhumans - incorrect thoughts
necracedia - i can see clearly now
dead kennedys - fresh fruit for rotten vegetables
razzia - tag ohne schatten
bgk - jonestown aloha

the vibrators first lp : puremania
the adverts : crossing the red sea
999: first
damned : damned
pil first issue
siouxsie the scream
ramones :ramones
clash : clash
stooges fun house
old school does'nt it ???

Any Skrewdriver from “Voice of Britain” on.
Brutal Attcak
Big Balls and the Great White Hope
The Alcoholics 7? So Cal 81 I think.
Edith Massey punks Keep Off the Grass
Oh, some band I remember seein in the early 90’s that changed their name to “Your Mom”
Circle One cause they were hardcore, a gang, and were Christian as seen in Another State of Mind
Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys
Johnny Chingas
Redd Foxx and Rudy Ray Moore Records
Stukas Over Bedrock
Zolar X glam spacerock
Klansmen with Ian Stuart
The Sterilles doing “I’m On the Rag”
Sons of Steven
The Kids of Witney High first album but second is OK
Thats what I can think of offhand!

Sneakers (1968)
Supersnazz (1969, Epic BN 26487)
Flamingo (Kama Sutra KSBS 2021, 1970)
Teenage Head (Kama Sutra KSBS 2031, August 1971)
Slow Death (June 1972)
Still Shakin' (Buddah Records BDS 5683, 1976)
Shake Some Action (Sire Records, June 1976)
Flamin' Groovies Now! (Sire Records, June 1978)
Jumpin' in the Night (Sire Records, July 1979)
One Night Stand (July 1987)
Groovies Greatest Grooves (August 1989)
Rock Juice (1992)
Rockin' at the Roundhouse (1993) (live recordings from 1976 and 1978)
Bucket of Brains (1995) (the original 1972 Rockfield sessions plus the original version of Shake Some Action)
Flamin' Groovies At Full Speed - The Complete Sire Recordings (2006 compilation)
The Flamin' Groovies In Person (1971 live recording) (2006)

didaskalos = Jesus = higher teacher

Shady Lady - Raving Mad
Adrenalin-TV Violence/No Love (In The Modern World)/Don't Tell Your Parents
The Axidents-Life's Too Short'
Bullets-Girl On Page 3 / Grammar School Girls (Big Bear 1978)
DEAD FINGERS TALK- `Storm The Reality Studios
Defiant-Social Climber
Fruit Eating Bears-Chevy Heavy' / 'Fifties Cowboy
Grinder-Spider Man / Furry Dice / Other People (Wax Records 1979)
Henry Essence-14 Year Old Lover / Margarita (Ellie Jay 1979 see Psykik Volts)
Intravein-Speed Of The City
Joe Cool & The Killers-I Just Don't Care
The K9's-Idi Amin / Sweeney Todd
Martin And The Brownshirts-Taxi Driver / Boring
Matt Vinyl & The Decorators- Punky Xmas
Misspent Youth-The Punk Years 1976-1980.
Nazis Against Fascism-Sid Did It / Sid Did It ( radio version)
Neo-Tell Me The Trut
Predator- Punk Man / Paperboy Song
Red Letters-Sacred Voices / Shot In The Dark / Science Has The Answer
Rudi-singles Collection
The Scabs-Amory Building/Leave Me Alone/Don't Just Sit There/ U.R.E
The Stoat-Office Girl / Little Jenny
The Surprises - Jeremy Thorpe Is Innocent / Flying Attack / Little Sir Echo (Dead Dog Discs 1978)
Trash-Priorities / Look
The Addix-Too Blind To See / No Such Thing As A Bad Boy
Drug Squad-Operation Julie / Switchcleaner (nebo album perversion st.)
Lucas Trouble (Vietnam veterans) pour le label Nova Express
the Rowdies-ACAB/negative multifunction/free zone
monomania (i'm weird 7")
tomrerclaus and boline (any EP)
Hey Taxi (I Hate dogs 7")
infections (i'm not funny 7")
classy punk (french can can 7")
Johnny palermo (saturday night 7")
strings (love me 7" or back to you 7")
Wolfgang EP
the fixations-The Sound of Young London.
small world-Slight Detour.


7 Inch Boots -Death Over Mülheim Tape
Act Of Heresy - "Anything"
Psychic Violents - "Anything"
Das Klown -Live At Zed, Laughing Stalk
Christian Death - Heavens & Hells
DEADLY PALE - "Anything"
U-boats - (The 7'' not here)
London SS - Demo
V/A - Concert Of The Moment Compilation (3LP)
THE WOMBELS - Fast & Bouncy
Funeral Oration / Gepopel - Split Tape
Rescues In Future - Something Happened Today EP
THE HATES - Contamination
Dixie Waste - Start the Madness
Abalienation - Shoot Cops Not Dope & Drunkin' State
V/A - A Guaranteed Mug Free Zone
ZERO POINT - Hooligans With Cheap Guitars
Suburban Death Trip - Mind Shattering Power Blasts Demo
Working Muthas - Acid Rain Ep
Armicide - Demo
Charlie Kaputt/ Ulrike Am Nagel - Split Demo
Damage (florida) - Anything
Half Life - Lp or Eps
Cranky Rocknicks - S/T
Hammer (japan) - Anything
V/A - I've Got My Friends
Misspent Youth - The Punk Years 1976-1980
Horst Fan Club - S/T
System - S/T 7"
Moors Murderers - S/T
The Wombels - S/T
The Chuckleheads - Any
Contraband - Girls Of All Nations
Anti Heroes - ...And the Government Laughs
Subversion - s/t 7"
Kanalkotzer! - Any
Mutantes Del Kaos - Any
Images - Fall From Grace
Blind Approach - 7"
Bloodline - 1st 7"
VAGRANTS - (any)
Gregorys Funhouse - Obey
Summer Camp '79 (Movie)
Hell's Belles Lp (Former Discharge members)
Cheetah Chome Motherfuckers - Live In SO36 LP
Conservatives - Kill Hirb Cane 7"
Naked Lady Wrestlers - 7" flexi
Street Kidz - 7"
TST - Väktarnas Värld 7"
The Business - In and Out of Business
Nisses Nötter - Hammerhill Holocaust
Swamp Zombies - Frenzy of Music & Action!
The Jerks (U.K.)

13th Floor Elevators (1)
4 PK (Dutch Freakbeat) (3)
5 Kinetics (1)
7th Seal (1)
Aces Combo (1)
Age Of Reason (1)
August (1)
Beefeaters (1)
Blue Bus (1)
Butch Engle and The Styx (1)
Cannibal and the Headhunters (1)
Chocolate Watchband (2)
Dara Puspita (Flower Girls) (1)
Don and The Goodtimes (1)
Don Craine's New Downliners Sect (1)
Easybeats (4)
Electric Banana (1)
Embalo R (1)
Equipe 84 (1)
Fantastic Dee-jays (1)
Fever Tree (1)
Fire (UK) (1)
Five Americans (2)
Five by five (1)
Five Emprees (1)
Five Empressions (1)
Frank Webber (1)
Garage Beat 66 - 5 Vol. (6)
Gene Latter (1)
Good Feelings (Canada) (1)
Grapes of Wrath (1)
Half Tribe (1)
Het (1)
info (2)
Jack London and the Sparrows (1)
Jade Of Stone (1)
Jay Jays (1)
Jelly Bean Bandits (1)
John E Sharpe And The Squires (1)
Jokers Wild (1)
Kinetic Energy (1)
Kings Arthur Quart (1)
Kinks 45s (7)
Kinks Eps (2)
Knights 5+1 (1)
Lemon Fog (1)
Les Baroques (3)
Les Jaguars (Canada) (1)
Les Lutins (1)
Les Problemes (1)
Les Sinners (1)
Link Wray (1)
Los Bulldogs (2)
Los Cheyenes (1)
Los Flippers (1)
Los Gatos Salvajes (1)
Los Hooligans (1)
Los Saicos (Sadicos?) (1)
Los Shains (1)
Los Shakers (Uruguay) (1)
Los Sonnys (1)
Los Yorks (1)
Mark Leeman Five (1)
MC5 (6)
Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels (1)
Mogen David and The Grapes of Wrath (1)
MPD Limited (1)
Mystery Meat (1)
mza-acid blogs note (4)
NV Groep 65 (1)
Paul Revere and The Raiders (10)
Pretty Things (1)
Q65 (2)
Quatrain (1)
Randy Holden (1)
Rasputin and The Monks (1)
Ronny and The Daytonas (1)
Sandy Coast (1)
Sandy Nelson (1)
Scotsmen (1)
Scott Morgan (1)
Shadows of Night x 3 (1)
Shake Spears (1)
Skip And The Creations (1)
Sky Saxon (1)
Slam Creepers (1)
Sons of Adam (2)
Steve and The Board (1)
Superfine Dandelion (1)
T.C. Atlantic (1)
Teddy and The Pandas (1)
Teen Beat 30 Instrumental Songs : 5 Albums (3)
The Alarm Clocks (1)
The American Breed (1)
The Apostles (US) (1)
The Arkay IV (1)
The Atlantics (2)
The Attack (1)
The Bachs (1)
The Barracudas (Highland Springs-Richmond) (1)
The Basement Wall (1)
The Beachers (1)
The Beat Merchants (2)
The Blazers (1)
The Bluestars (NZ) (1)
The Bojax (1)
The Bonne Villes (US) (1)
The Boots (2)
The Bush (1)
The Chants R and B (1)
The Choir (1)
The Creation (6)
The Dave Clark Five (1)
The Dearly Beloved (1)
The Deep (1)
The Dimensions (1)
The Dovers (1)
The Downliners Sect (10)
The Druids (1)
The E-Types (2)
The Electras (1)
The Electric Prunes (3)
The Fender IV (1)
The Finders Keepers (1)
The Five Canadians (1)
The Flies (1)
The Foul Dogs (1)
The Friends (1)
The Gables (1)
The Gestures (1)
The Gonn (US) (1)
The Grodes (1)
The Guess WHo (1)
The Guilloteens (1)
The Hangmen (2)
The Haunted (1)
The Human Beinz x 3 (2)
The Iguanas (1)
The Jacks (Japan) (1)
The Jades (1)
The Jades of Fort Worth (1)
The Kinetics (1)
The Kingsmen (3)
The Kinks (early years) (11)
The Klan (1)
The Koala (1)
The La De Las (1)
The Light (1)
The Litter (3)
The Livebirds (1)
The Loot (1)
The Marketts (1)
The Master`s Apprentices (1)
The Misunderstood (1)
The Mojo Men (3)
The Monks (1)
The Motions (1)
The Music Machine (2)
The Mustangs (1)
The Mystery Trend (1)
The Namelosers (1)
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V.A. Collection of Scarcest Garage Records (1)
V.A. Garage Punk Unknowns Part 1 (1)
V.A. The Fenton Story (1)
V.A. - Fuzz Guitars Garage Beats (1)
V.A. - South Michigan Avenue (1)
V.A. A Fistful Of Fuzz (1)
V.A. Acid Dreams Epitaph (1)
V.A. Baltimore´s Teen Beat A Go Go (1)
V.A. Bury My Body (1)
V.A. collector items from Belgium (1)
V.A. For A Few Fuzz Guitars More (1)
V.A. Its happening here (US N.Jersey amateur bands) (1)
V.A. New Orleans Garage Band Greats (1)
V.A. On the scene (UK release) (1)
V.A. Psychy Microdots 2 Texas twisted (1)
V.A. Psygaelic french freakbeat (1)
V.A. Purple Pill Eaters (1)
V.A. Texas Flashbacks (2)
V.A. The Big Freeze 1 (1)
V.A. The Big Freeze 2 (1)
V.A. Tucson 60s Sound (1)
V.A. Unearthed Mid-’60s Sacramento Garage (1)
V.A. US songs covered by Danish Bands (1)
V.A./ Cowabunga The Surf Box (4cd boxset) (2)
V.A./Back From The Grave (2)
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Theme from I Need Help..........
Rare Album Compilation I Dentify

Tracks List
The First Family Of Funk
1. The Dapps - There Was A Time
2. Hank Ballard - How You Gonna Get Respect (You Haven't Cut Your Process Yet)
3. The Dapps - Bringin' Up The Guitar
4. Bill Doggett - Honky Tonk Popcorn
5. Marva Whitney - I Made A Mistake (Because It's Only You)
6. J.B.O. - Use Your Mother
7. Marva Whitney - He's The One
8. Beau Dollar - Who Knows
1. Steve Soul - Popcorn With A Feeling
2. Hank Ballard - With Your Sweet Lovin' Self
3. Vicki Anderson - Answer To Mother Popcorn
4. J.B.O. - The Drunk
5. Bobby Byrd - Hang Up Your Hang-Ups
6. Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s - Use Me
7. A.A.B.B. - Pick Up The Pieces One By One
8. Bootsey Phelps & Complete Strangers - Fun In Your Thang Pt. 1

By mid-1960s, James Brown had developed his signature groove that emphasized the downbeat -- with heavy emphasis "on the one" (the first beat of every measure) -- to etch his distinctive sound, rather than the backbeat that was familiar to many R&B and soul musicians.[4] Brown often cued his band with the command "On the one!," changing the percussion emphasis/accent from the one-two-three-four backbeat of traditional soul music to the one-two-three-four downbeat -- but with an even-note syncopated guitar rhythm (on quarter notes two and four) featuring a hard-driving, repetitive brassy swing. This one-three beat launched the shift in Brown's signature funk music style, starting with his 1964 hit single, "Out of Sight" and his 1965 hit, "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag."
Brown's innovations pushed the funk music style further to the forefront with releases such as "Cold Sweat" (1967), "Mother Popcorn" (1969) and "Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine" (1970), discarding even the twelve bar blues featured in his earlier music. Instead, Brown's music was overlaid with "catchy, anthemic vocals" based on "extensive vamps" in which he also used his voice as "a percussive instrument with frequent rhythmic grunts and with rhythm-section patterns ... [resembling] West African polyrhythms."[5] Throughout his career, Brown's frenzied vocals, frequently punctuated with screams and grunts, channeled the "ecstatic ambiance of the black church" in a secular context.[5] Although "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag" and "Cold Sweat" were widely credited as the prototype songs that launched the funk genre, "Out of Sight" was the breakthrough hit that signaled the shift in Brown's sound to establish funk as a distinct genre.[6]
In a 1990 interview, Brown offered his reason for switching the rhythm of his music: "I changed from the upbeat to the downbeat ... Simple as that, really."[7] According to Maceo Parker, Brown's former saxophonist, playing on the downbeat was at first hard for him and took some getting used to. Reflecting back to his early days with Brown's band, Parker reported that he had difficulty playing "on the one" during solo performances, since he was used to hearing and playing with the accent on the second beat.[8]
Other musical groups picked up on the riffs, rhythms, and vocal style developed by James Brown and his band, and the style began to grow. Dyke & the Blazers based in Phoenix, Arizona, released "Funky Broadway" in 1967, perhaps the first record to have "funky" in the title. Meanwhile, on the West Coast, Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band were releasing funk tracks beginning with their first album in 1967, culminating in their classic single "Express Yourself" in 1970.
The Meters defined funk in New Orleans, starting with their Top Ten R&B hits "Sophisticated Cissy" and "Cissy Strut" in 1969. Another group who would define funk in the decade to come were The Isley Brothers, whose funky 1969 #1 R&B hit, "It's Your Thing", signaled a breakthrough in African-American music, bridging the gaps of the rock of Jimi Hendrix and the upbeat soul of Sly & the Family Stone and Mother's Finest.

Punk 8-Tracks

One of the more bizarre artifacts of the early years of punk is the punk 8-track tape. There were no more than 5 years between the birth of punk and the death of the 8-track, and few companies bothered to produce them (Sire being the most notable exception.) There are few truly "punk" 8-tracks, but the numbers grow if one includes the associated genres. For the purists, I've separated out the proto-punk and new wave carts. No modern small-press releases are are listed, but some of the links on the bottom cover that. So far most of this is based on what I've seen on eBay. Other contributers are listed at the bottom. If you have something to add, please email band name, title, year, record label, catalog number and a scan or digital photo (if possible) to webmaster@collectorscum.com.
Clash - S/T (recorded 1977 but probably only a 1979 USA release, Epic JEA 36060)
Clash - Give 'em Enough Rope (1978, Epic E2A 35763)
Clash - London Calling (1979, Epic E2A 36328)
Clash - Sandinista! (1980, Epic EA 37038 / EAX 37037 & EA 37039 / EAX 37037)
Clash - Combat Rock (1982, Epic FEA 37689)
Dead Boys - Young Loud and Snotty (1977, Sire 8147 - 6038 H)
Dickies - see the "No Wave" comp in the New Wave section below
Diodes - S/T (1977, Columbia)
Generation X - S/T (1978, Chrysalis 8CH 1169)
Radio Birdman - Radios Appear (1978, Sire-GRT 8147)
Ramones - S/T (1976, GRT/Sire 8147-7520, Canadian press has slightly different label, pictured at right)
Ramones - Leave Home (1977, Sire 8147-SA 7528, both with and without "Carbona Not Glue" exist)
Ramones - Rocket to Russia (1978, Sire 8147 6042 H)
Ramones - Road to Ruin (1978, Sire 8147 6063 H, black cart is WB/Sire SIR M8 6063)
Ramones - End of the Century (1980, Sire M8S6077)
Ramones - Pleasant Dreams (1981, Sire)
Ramones - Rock 'N' Roll High School Soundtrack (1981, Sire, also features songs by Nick Lowe, Brian Eno, P.J. Soles, Devo, Eddie & the Hot Rods, Brownsville Station, Chuck Berry, and Todd Rungren)
Ramones - also see the New Wave various artists listings below
Rezillos - Can't Stand the Rezillos (1978, Sire GRT 8147-6057)
Saints - (I'm) Stranded (1977, GRT/Sire 8147 6039 H)
Saints - Eternally Yours (Sire)
Sex Pistols - Nevermind the Bollocks (1977, Warner Bros. WB M8 3147)
Sham 69 - Tell Us The Truth (1978, Sire GRT 8147-6060H)
Slaughter (& the Dogs) - Bite Back (1980, back of LP says 'also available on 8-track', can anyone confirm?)
Stiff Little Fingers - All the Best (1983, Chrysalis)
Stranglers - Rattus Norvegicus (1977)
Stranglers - No More Heroes (1977, United Artists)
Stranglers - Black and White
Teenage Head - Frantic City (1980, Attic 8AT-1081, Canada)
Undertones - S/T (1979, Sire SIR M8S 6081)
Vacants - England's Punk Rock Craze (1978?, Charm Originals CC-2062, Canada only?)
Vibrators - Pure Mania (Columbia JCA 35038)
Wire - Pink Flag (1977)
X - Under the Big Black Sun (1982, Elektra)
Proto-punk/Garage (Just a selection -- this deserves its own discography.)
Brinsley Schwartz - Despite It All (1970, pub rock with Nick Lowe)
Count Five - Psychotic Reaction (Double Shot DST-8001)
Deviants - Ptooff! (Sire)
Dictators - Manifest Destiny (1977, Elektra/Asylum ET - 81109)
Dictators - Bloodbrothers (1978, Elektra/Asylum)
DMZ - S/T (1978, Sire)
MC5 - Kick Out the Jams (Elektra EKM 84042, both censored and uncensored versions of "Kick Out the Jams" exist, also exists as a Muntz 4 track)
MC5 - Back in the USA (Atlantic TP 8247, both censored and uncensored versions of "Teenage Lust" exist: lyric "girl" vs. "bitch")
MC5 - High Time
New York Dolls - S/T (1973, Mercury MC 8-1-675)
New York Dolls - Too Much Too Soon (1974, Mercury)
Iggy Pop and James Williamson - Kill City (1977, Bomp)
Stooges - S/T (Elektra M 84051)
Stooges - Fun House (Elektra ET 84071, note that cover photo is from inside of gatefold LP)
Stooges - Raw Power (Columbia)
Stooges, Iggy and the - Metallic KO
Thirteenth Floor Elevators - Psychedelic Sounds of (International Artists)
Thirteenth Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere (International Artists)
Thirteenth Floor Elevators - Bull of the Woods (International Artists)
Thirteenth Floor Elevators - Live (International Artists)
Velvet Underground is well documented here (plus 4-tracks too.)
Various Artists - Michigan Rocks (1977, Seeds and Stems, w/ Stooges, MC5, Detroit, SRC, Frost, Third Power, Rationals, Ted Nugent, Amboy Dukes)
Various Artists - Nuggets (1972, Elektra T-82006, w/ Electric Prunes, Standells, Mouse, Blues Project, Sagittarius, Chocolate Watch Band, Shadows of Knight, Seeds, Barbarians, Remains, Magicians, Castaways, Thirteenth Floor Elevators, Count Five, Michael & the Messangers, Cryan Shames, Amboy Dukes, Blues Magoos, Leaves, Strangeloves, Vagrants, Mojo Men, Third Rail, Premiers, Magic Mushrooms)
New Wave/Art/Pop/Etc.
Adam and the Ants - Price Charming (1981, Epic AEA 37615)
A's - S/T (1979, Arista 4238)
B-52s - S/T (1979, Warner Bros. M8 3355)
B-52s - Wild Planet (1980, Warner Bros.)
B-52s - Mesopotamia
B-52s - Whammy!
Pat Benatar - Crimes of Passion (1980, Chrysalis)
Bizarros - S/T (1979, Mercury MC8-1-3776)
Blondie - S/T (1976, CRC)
Blondie - Plastic Letters (Chyrsalis)
Blondie - Parallel Lines (Chyrsalis 8CH 1192)
Blondie - Eat To The Beat (Chyrsalis 8CE 1225)
Blondie - Autoamerican (1980, Chyrsalis BCE 1290)
Blondie - Best of Blondie (1981, Ch

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