I posted this here because the Classifieds seems to be the place where many can't figure out how to add pics to a FS thread and apparently don't know how to google search the topic (that will be a different tutorial).

Here are 2 ways using Photobucket (I'm sure it is similar with other photo hosting sites and I know some think Photobucket is horrible.....if you don't like it, use something else)


1) Upload the pic to your computer from whatever electronic source you took the pic (polaroids/film won't work unless you scan them into your computer).

2) Go to Photo and image hosting, free photo galleries, photo editing and create an account. Sign in using your Username and Password.

3) Click the blue "Upload" button on the toolbar

4) You can drag and drop the photo file from where you saved it on your computer to the "drag and drop" section OR you can click the blue "Choose Photos and Videos" button and find the picture file on your computer

5) Copy the IMG link below the pic and paste it into your post


1) Download the Photobucket App and Launch the App

2) Sign in using your Photobucket Username and Password

3) Click the + in the bottom left hand corner

4) Click the "Upload" button

5) Select which Folder the pic is in

6) Select the pic you want to upload

7) Select which folder in Photobucket you want to upload the pic to

8) Select the pic you want to upload into DIYMA and click on the IMG link (It will now say "Link Copied")

9) Go to your thread on DIYMA and paste the link

That's It!!! Good Luck!

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