Carl Hustedde

In the wake of Treyvon Martin, “Neighborhood Watch” groups had sprung up all over the country where perhaps there were none before. And because of 9/11, there are more menacing aspect to what used to be nothing more than people simply being “alert” to what’s going on in their neighborhoods, and maybe calling police when they see something out of the ordinary.

But now, “Neighborhood Watch” groups are literally being funded by the same people who brought us the paramilitarized police—Homeland Security. And just like with the paramilitarized police, who are not being created to “serve and protect” but instead are being trained in SWAT-team tactic, house-to-house sweeps for tiny towns with populations of less than a thousand souls, this is not a GOOD move….this is the kind of thing that brings out the wannabes, the ones who wouldn’t otherwise be able to “serve” and “protect” the general populace they are employed by to do a job…instead, they use created positions in order to lord it over others, and bring forth “their” version of vigilantism that is creating problems for law-abiding, libertarian-minded people who wish to protect themselves without interference from a government entity.

This is what’s happened in the Saline County town of Carrier Mills….and this is what’s featured in the next Read the Lead piece, “Unstable wannabe tries Watch group“:


SALINE CO.— The public’s differing view of whether or not George Zimmerman, who brought more fame as well as shame on the Neighborhood Watch program than any single individual, did the right or wrong thing in his situation not withstanding, the case has spawned a plethora of unhinged, untrained, vigilante cop-wannabes determined to patrol their neighborhoods enforcing whatever laws they see fit, how they see fit.

Such appears to be the case with the arguably unstable twin brother of Harrisburg Detective Curt Hustedde.

Curt’s much larger brother Carl Boyd Hustedde, 45, resides in Carrier Mills and has been busy recently attempting to start his own gun-toting patrol in the Mills with a promise to spread out to “bigger things.”

Hustedde’s efforts were brought to Disclosure’s attention after more than a few concerned citizens began reading his Facebook page wherein he promoted “recruitment meetings.”

The comments began in early-to-mid October, and proceeded through early November.

Amongst the first, Carl Hustedde posted:

“Neighborhood Watch Recruitment meeting tonight at the Carrier Mills Municipal building at 7 pm.

“This will not be long at all. Just need your name, addy, phone #, social security #, drivers Lic #, and times you can volunteer to patrol. Then you can go home now how easy is that : )

“We will be having meetings in the future and will have Police coming in to give us direction/maybe some training on what we can do to help them and legal issues and all kinds of stuff.”


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