Iraq as You Won’t Believe Your Eyes | Parisian Gentleman

Erbil is the capital city of Iraqi Kurdistan – a region of Iraq bordered by Iran to the East, Turkey to the North, and Syria to the West.

Erbil is also home to many refugees – including Christians – fleeing ISIL, and is located exactly 47 miles from Mosul.

One year ago (February, 2016), within this very peculiar environment, 22 young men decided to create Iraq’s very first gentleman’s club, and named the club “Mr Erbil”.

Back then, the whole region was in even greater turmoil than today : on the frontline of the fight against ISIL and prey to a hostile economical environment—with efforts to preserve the city’s citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, halting to a standstill.

Despite the less-than-ideal circumstances of the time, the Mr Erbil Gentleman’s Club arranged to host its first photoshoots around the city’s spectacular sights.

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Wow, I’m at a loss for words, this is one of the most original #menswear stories I’ve ever read.

Judging from the pictures, these guys are doing a pretty damn good job at putting their Italian counterparts to shame.

If there was ever any doubt that the iGent phenomenon is global, this is the final proof.

It seems like these guys are on everybody’s radar locally – when I forwarded the story to a classmate who works at the US Embassy in Erbil, he’d actually already met with them, thinks they’re great, and the Embassy works with their beard grooming startup.

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