As much we try to protect our mobile devices and keep it secure with screen protectors, solid cases and pretty covers – we tend to have those moments where it just slips out of our hand, drop some liquid onto it or knock it against something and eventually damaging the device. As soon as we discover that there’s significant damage to the device, we immediately consider taking the easy way out and buying a new one device. However, there are many benefits to repairing rather than replacing.

These are a reasons why you should opt to repair rather than replace the device:

Let’s face it. Buying a new cell phone outright is often times an extremely costly venture. You’ll find that the awesome phone with all those attractive new features will cost you nothing less than R5000 once-off. As technology changes, the price of smartphones will be increasing

If you’ve ever had to unexpectedly switch phones in the past, then you know that it can be a stressful and tedious process. You have to transfer your contacts, re-download apps, move files, and in some cases, you could even lose important information. Is buying a new phone really worth losing information that you’ll likely never retrieve?

Not only is repairing easy, but it’s not time-consuming. Many people assume that when they get a repair done, they’ll have to wait for days on end without a cell phone to fall back on. The most common repair for modern smartphones is the cracked screen repair, and it can take be done very quickly. This is not a very long wait compared to the amount of money you could shell out on a brand new piece of technology when it’s not even necessary. Educate yourself on the specific type of repair that you need, and you might be surprised to find that you could have your phone back and working within as little as the same day.

Lastly, a major reason to repair and not replace is because of the personal attachment that you might have to your cell phone. You go through practically everything with your cell phone. Your phone may have been with you when you fell in love with your first sweetheart, or it may have helped you achieve difficult goals that would have otherwise been impossible. Whatever the reason, don’t let go of something you have a personal attachment to just because you want to replace.

This is why the The SMARTlab team has been put together! They are industry leading phone repair specialists. They brought Berryfix to the South African market to take BlackBerry repair and service to new levels. They also introduced iRepairs to deliver comprehensive repair solutions for Apple iPhone & iPad products. They have been servicing mobile devices with the highest level of expertise for over 15 years. As a leading service company within the South African cellular industry, their commitment to excellence and quality ensures unparalleled service and customer satisfaction.

They provide repair services to the following mobile manufacturers:

BlackBerry Repair

From the creators of Berryfix comes their BlackBerry repair offering. They address issues such as installing BlackBerry® App World®, track pad and keypad issues, frozen BlackBerries®, BlackBerry® email set up, software upgrades, software errors, unlocking, cracked or damaged LCD’s and cover replacements to get your BlackBerry working to the highest standards. They have been providing independent Out Of Warranty BlackBerry® services since February 2010 under our brand name “Berryfix®, a brand which the market has come to love and trust.

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Repair

They have provided Out Of Warranty Apple® repair services since 2011 through their iRepairs online service partner. They cater for a wide range of Apple products; namely: for iPhones, iPads and iPod. From cracked screens, faulty speakers, power button repairs, software problems, reception and network issues and other common and not so common Apple® device issues, their experienced technicians are ready to assist.

Samsung Galaxy, Note and Tablet Repair

They are an accredited Samsung Warranty Service provider, and your warranty repairs are covered by them if they meet the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. South African Samsung Galaxy S4 and the new S5 as well as the Note 3 are part of a world first Accidental Damage due to Handling warranty. ADH offers users of these devices 2 FREE repairs which SMARTlab are able to service on behalf of Samsung South Africa.

Visit their dedicated Samsungrepairs website for more info on the ADH in warranty repairs and how to register your Galaxy S4/S5 and Note 3/4.

LG Repair

They are a LG Authorised Service Partner using only original parts direct from LG mobile. In order for your device to qualify for in-warranty service, please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions or contact them for assistance with your repair.

NOKIA Repair

They are a Nokia Authorised Service centre on behalf of Nokia South Africa. SMARTlab is able to repair your Nokia device in warranty according to the maanufacturers terms and conditions. Their partner NokiaRepairs website has recently opened and caters to all Nokia Devices. Visit NokiaRepairs for a fast FREE quote for all in and out of warranty Nokia repairs.

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