Bloggers often complain that their traffic isn't growing as quickly as they'd like it to. But have you really been doing everything you can to improve your clicks? It's not as simple as reading up on search engine optimization and waiting for the techniques you try to work. If you really want to grow traffic, you have to commit time and effort to the cause.

That means trying some techniques that are a little outside the box. Just as you make a commitment when you join a church, you have to commit to growing your traffic. Here's how.

Interact with Other Bloggers

Bloggers can help grow each other's traffic by posting on each other's sites, sharing links and swapping guest posts. The goal is to expose your blog to people who might not have otherwise found it. Make a commitment to commenting on at least five other sites per day, and make sure to include your blog's URL in your comment.

Don't be pushy or annoying in your comments. Don't demand that people come visit your blog. Contribute a thoughtful and intelligent argument if you have good insight on the topic at hand. This will encourage people to check out what you write on a daily basis.

Gamble a Little

Try experimenting with sites like StumbleUpon, which can bring in a flood of traffic if used correctly. This site invites people to "stumble" upon interesting content that they think others would enjoy. But you have to be careful with the way you use it. If the site thinks you're trying to flag your own content for stumbling, they might ban you from posting.

Depending on what kind of content you publish, consider creating a Pinterest for your blog. Create pictures that capture the essence of your posts or even take a quote from your post and lay it out visually.

Write About Blogging

Want to know a topic that bloggers find irresistible? Themselves. And considering how many bloggers there are, that can add up to a lot of traffic. Write a post about something relevant to blogging, such as where to find topic ideas, how to grow traffic or even something more technical, like which blogging software to use. It's guaranteed that traffic on that post will take off. People love to read something relevant to themselves, and bloggers tend to be the biggest blog readers.

Don't forget to blog in your own niche and family of bloggers. Guest posts are a great way to target the right traffic to your own blog. Offer other bloggers in your vertical a post swap.

Pick an Obscure Topic

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be the 4,567th blogger to write about Kim and Kanye's new baby. Sometimes to stand out you have to try something really different. If you write about an obscure topic that doesn't get a lot of coverage on the internet, you'll draw in people looking for information on said topic. They won't have a lot of resources to choose from, so they may pick yours.


After you become buddy buddy with some of the other bloggers in your niche, ask them to include your blog in their blogroll. This will become a great way for readers interested in what your write about to find you.

Just like a post swap, offer to put their blog in your blogroll as well. Many times, you'll find a community of bloggers in your niche that interlink to everyone else.

Test out these five ways to increase traffic to your site. Be sure to track your progress in Google Analytics or some other form of analytics for your blog. You'll be amazed at how much traffic you can get with just a little effort.

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