Delta, a world-class provider of industrial automation solutions and a global leader in thermal and power management technology, is featuring a broadly diversified portfolio of industrial automation products and smart factory solutions from 22-24 November at SPS/IPC/Drives/Nuremberg 2016. Delta highlights integrated factory control and EtherNet/IP solution adopting its focused new compact non-backplane mid-range PLC, compact drives and industrial 3G cloud routers, as well as the cloud solution to realize real-time monitoring and system management for future manufacturing.

Delta’s leading-edge industrial automation technologies are focused on its broad spectrum of AC motor drives, AC servo drives, PLCs, industrial PCs and panel PCs, HMIs, IIoT routers and industrial Ethernet switches, products for power regeneration units, smart sensors, machine vision solutions, power meters, flow meters, temperature controllers, and more. With its key components and technologies, Delta fulfils current and future manufacturing trends and presents two major solutions:

* The Integrated Factory Control and EtherNet/IP Solution integrates the new Non-backplane Mid-range PLC AS300 Series and Hot-Swappable Mid-range PLC AH500 Series as host controllers, the SCADA System DIAView for real-time manufacturing process monitoring, and other field devices including new Compact Drive MS300 Series, power meters and network converters to form a complete smart factory solution via EtherNet/IP communication. All equipment operation data is managed by the industrial PCs and is uploaded to Delta’s internet cloud service via the new Industrial Ethernet Cloud Router DX-2300 Series for customers’ real-time management. This system architecture fosters higher productivity and flexibility in a wide range of manufacturing processes with its “customer-centric” logistics management approach. In addition, the solution is constructed with EtherNet/IP for fast, stable and reliable industrial communication among facilities.

* Delta’s Smart Factory and Cloud Solution provide a remote control and monitoring platform for real-time management of factory facilities. This solution adopts Delta’s brand new Industrial 3G Cloud Routers DX-2100 Series to collect facility operation data from PLCs and industrial controllers in factories, and upload it to Delta’s DIACloud internet cloud service platform for management. It allows managers and customers to acquire real-time facility operation and manufacturing execution information from worldwide factories anywhere, anytime. With high security technologies, the DIACloud ensures data safety for all users. Currently, Delta has setup DIACloud servers in 7 locations around the globe, and will have 10 more built by 2018 to serve worldwide customers.

To fulfil the needs for future manufacturing solutions, Delta has the key new products on display:

- Delta’s new MS300/MH300 series compact drives are compact design with up to 40% size reduction, and provide open/closed loop control for both IM and PM motors up to 2,000 Hz. This series support the control over EtherNet/IP, E-Stop & STO safety and a fast deceleration feature with reduced regeneration energy. The MS300/MH300 series are perfect for Delta’s integrated factory solution with EtherNet/IP communication.

- The Non-backplane Mid-range PLC AS300 Series is Delta’s new advanced modular-design controller for automation machinery. With new 32 bit SoC (System on Chip) CPUs, the AS Series is excellent in performance with program capacity of 40k steps/ms and supports up to 32 extension modules or max. 1,024 I/O points. It is able to control max. 8 axes via CANopen motion network / max. 6 axes via pulse control (200kHz). It also supports the EtherNet/IP and various communication for industrial applications.

- For future smart manufacturing, Delta presents its brand new IIoT routers - the Industrial 3G Cloud Routers DX-2100 Series and the Industrial Ethernet Cloud Router DX-2300 Series. The DX-2100 and DX-2300 Series are able to support the DIACloud platform and DIACloud App with built-in MODBUS RTU, MODBUS ASCII and MODBUS TCP to collect data and provide transparent transmission for remote access. Both series provide reliable, safe industrial communication via 3G and Ethernet connections to protect all traffic enroute and provide SDK for integration with users’ existing programs.

Focusing on the requirements for industrial integration and system setup, Delta introduces two new industrial software packages: the ISPSoft version 3.0 for PLC programming and the EIPBuilder for EtherNet/IP communication system settings. The ISPSoft version 3.0 supports 5 languages, user-defined data structures, and multiple POU scan settings. This new controller programming software not only programs Delta’s complete line of PLCs, but also its M300 and C2000 series AC motor drives with built-in PLC. The EIPBuilder is a platform for EtherNet/IP communication system settings and connection among the automation products of Delta and other brands that support EtherNet/IP communication. It provides a user-friendly operation interface and can effectively reduce setting time for users.

For advanced machines, Delta launches the new Open CNC Solution to the European market for the first time at the trade fair. The new Open CNC Solution provides open structure for hardware and software and allows user-friendly customization for CNC machine makers. It adopts Delta’s new Open CNC Controller NC30EM Series, which provides programming PC tools and an editing platform for CNC machines when integrated with Delta’s Motion Control Panel PAC MP1 Series or a third party value-added software on IPCs. The NC30EM Series realizes digital communication and noise suppression when matched with Delta’s high speed servo motion and spindle systems. This solution provides highly flexible configuration for CNC special purpose machines and a standard operation interface to save development cost and time for CNC machine makers.

Delta will be present at SPS/IPC/Drives/Nuremberg 2016, Hall 3, stand 3-220 between November 22nd to 24th, 2016, in Nuremberg, Germany.

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