Hey. Remember when I hand-picked all those great gadgets for your Christmas Wish List? Were any of ya’ll lucky enough to find them waiting for you under the tree this year?

Because I was.

Well, not under a tree because I didn’t put one of those up. Nope. I didn’t decorate one single solitary iota. Not unless you count the ceramic Santa that’s been sitting on the shelf next to the stove for well over a year anyhow. And it’s not because I’m a Scrooge either. Back around Halloween, we decided to pack up and head West to celebrate my birthday in lieu of wrapping paper, wreaths and lights this year.

Just before we left I pulled an all-nighter to finish up the commissioned projects I was working on. I delivered Jami’s boy’s shelves, Lily’s nightstand, Eddie’s sign and Olivia’s jewelry chest just in time to pack, drop the pups off and catch our flight – where I promptly caught some zzzz’s. When we landed, Dave and I assumed our opposing positions in the ongoing “Where Will We Live When We Finally Move to Colorado” debate.

It’s a pretty easy choice for me. We can either have this…

Or this.

An alternate option might be available to us here

but I’m not sure I could handle this happening all the time.

Even though the trees dance

and we already have friends there.

So the debate continues. We’ve got a couple of years until
I get my way
we have to decide.

Somewhere along the way I picked up one hell of a bug that hit me hard 3:00 am Christmas morning. We were already planning to be on a 7:00 pm flight home but I felt so bad that Dave upped our flight to the afternoon. People, let me tell you something. If you think it’s uncomfortable to pee on an airplane try puking at 30,000′. I should receive my Mile High Upchuck Club pin any day now.

Needless to say, the last thing I cared about was opening up presents when we made it home. I crawled in to bed and slept the entire next day. And the next day. And the next.

I think it was New Year’s Day that we finally got around to exchanging gifts. Er, gift in Dave’s case. Yeah – I fail as a wife. But hey, in my defense everyone knows how much I hate Christmas and I do say, every year (even when we were divorced) that I do not want anything; don’t get me anything; don’t expect anything. So the fact that I gave him something is a bonus for me. And, I hand painted it to boot. So there.

I should have taken pictures of the wrap job that man did on the gifts. As I was opening this stuff up he was touting how he ‘repurposed’ paper from last year.

At least the stuff inside was brand new.

Do you see this haul? It’s like straight out of some awesome blog post about crap that chicks like me would totally love. That man is a genius. Is it any wonder I married him twice?

I know. He’s a keeper. Even if he does have odd friends.

Oh and here’s something else. Those awesome wheely things in the center of the photo? Those aren’t mine. Everything else is but those puppies are going to be finding their way in to some lucky person’s hands. Soon. After I use them a time or two to ensure they’re solid you know? I’m sure you don’t mind. We’ll call it my personal quality assurance testing or something k? {wink}

All you’ve gotta do to win is fill out the info below. Yes, I know, it’s a pain that I’m making it mandatory but dude, these things are too freaking awesome to just *give* away.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I’ll run the giveaway from now until midnight Sunday night. That gives you time to sign up, confirm your email and share with your friends. It also gives me time to relocate some heavy stuff. See? It’s win, win.

Good luck!

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Santa delivered the goods and I’m giving them away originally appeared on deeconstructed on January 9, 2014.

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