It’s cold, overcast and, for me personally, I am traveling through a truly mean season.

But there is always something to be thankful for such as: today is the halfway point of winter ~ also known as Candlemas…or it’s American cousin, Groundhog Day.

Here are five other things currently getting me through the day.

1. A Pretty Bouquet of Flowers.

This bright and happy collection was found at the grocery store in the floral clearance bin for $2.49. A quick snip of the stems and adding some plant food to the water perked the wilted wallflowers right up.

2. Comfort Food

This is how Monday morning started. But I didn’t even care.

Because the steel cut oatmeal with dried blueberries was totally worth it.

This morning was biscuits and gravy. Truly, this got me out of bed. I’ll worry about weight gain later. Right now I’m thinking fried chicken for lunch. Who’s with me?

3. Having Something To Look Forward To

It can be BIG or small.

My son calls me everyday at 4:05 to chat while he walks home from school.

This weekend I made a date with the Fashionista to go see this movie:

4. A Little Red Wagon

Every single day around 1 pm I load up my terminally ill dog Franz in his wagon. His red headed companion, Rudi, walks for most of the way.

It may be the exercise.

It may be the fresh air.

It may be the happy honks and waves we receive from passing cars.

Whatever it is, there is joy for many, and that is a good thing.

5. Beautiful blogs and wonderful readers

The inspiration for this post came from Modern Mrs. Darcy who encouraged her readers to focus on the things that give you life RIGHT NOW. You should try it, it’s a day brightener.

Every day I am inspired by the beauty that is freely given by creative and inspiring bloggers.

I also have to say, with tears in my eyes, I have the BEST bloggy friends and readers in the world.

About a month ago I posted on FB that I was interested in obtaining some copper molds so I could try my hand at mastering some Victorian Era dishes that required them. #historynerd

My dear friends Sarah, Carolyn and Darla responded with such lovely kindness. Thank you ladies ever so much! Your generous gifts truly brightened my day.

I also have to say that so many of you left me such heartfelt comments on Sunday’s post that my love bucket is overflowing. You truly warmed my heart. Thank you so much.

So tell me, what is saving you right now?


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