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I was tagged by alienpod and keenpea! :3

Name: Ella

Nicknames: My mum calls me Ella boo. :L

Zodiac sign: Aquarius.

Height: 5 ft 10 maybe It was roughly this last I checked.

Orientation: Asexual. Not sure about my romantic orientation though I’ve never been in a relationship before.

Ethnicity: Caucasian.

Favourite fruit: Since I don’t actually like fruit only fruit flavourings due to my texture hypersensitivity I really like raspberry,blueberry, black current, cherry..

Favourite season: Autumn/Winter. :3 I can’t choose between the two.

Favourite book series: I’d have to say Harry Potter as I haven’t really read any books recently as my library selection isn’t very good. :(

Favourite flower: The deathflower. ;;;;) I’m not sure about irl though there are so many beautiful ones. :3

Favourite scent: The smell of freshly baked cookies perhaps. I’m sure I have one I just can’t remember it. xD

Favourite colour: I love blue and purple.

Favourite animal: I have a lot of favourite animals D:

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: None. I don’t like hot drinks.

Average sleep hours: 8-9 I think. I sleep a lot but I’m always tired.

Cat or dog person: I adore dogs but I think i’m a cat person. Dogs are a wee bit too energetic for me.

Favourite fictional characters:

Number of blankets you sleep with: I have a duvet. If it’s super cold i can sleep with a blanket on top but that is very rarely.

Dream trip: Perhaps Egypt? I love ancient Egyptian history and mythology. :3 I’ve never really thought about it.

Blog created: 2012 I think. I’ve been here a looong time.

Number of followers: Over 8000! I feel like a lot of them aren’t active though.

Time right now: 12:11pm

Last thing you googled: “Sims 4 merged packages cause crash?” For some reason my toddler defaults when merged cause my game to crash, they’re fine unmerged and every other default merges fine.

Fave music artist: I’d have to say Bruce Dickinson. Chemical Wedding is one of my all time favourite albums.

Song stuck in my head: Icarus - Diablos.

Last movie I watched: X-Men Apocalypse. I especially enjoyed the bit with Metallica. xD

Last TB show I watched: I’m assuming this is television show? If so it was Hollyoaks. xD My brother got me into it as he is an avid fan.

What I’m wearing right now: My supernatural t-shirt and some pj bottoms.

The kind of stuff I post: Sims, other games, ramblings, worries and emotional breakdowns. I try to keep the last ones to a minimum.

Why did I choose my url: Because I am really uncreative and I tried to think of something sim related that also matched me. And someone took deathflower.

Gender: Non-binary.

Hogwarts house: I like slytherin best because sneks are adorable but I got Gryffindor. I guess lions are cute too.

Pokémon team: From pokemon Go I chose BLUEE but team skull is my favourite team after team rocket.

Lucky number: 26 as it’s my birthday number.

Dream job: I don’t know. I’d like to do something beneficial and fulfilling but I also don’t want a job as i’m in constant pain and i don’t feel qualified for one. ;-;

Relationship status: Lonely.

Pets: One little doggo who is very grizzly named Obi Wan. x3

Last song you listened to: Eyes behind the wall - Orchid.

Favorite TV Show: Gravity Falls. <3

First Fandom: Sims! Before they were even called fandoms.

I tag anyone who likes this post who wants to! ;D

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