I’ve been enjoying my free time way too much ever since I graduated from college (wow that sounded like a long time but actually that’s just 2 months ago haha). I’d like to share with you how I spent the first two weeks of 2013. It was very special because I celebrated my birthday and I had quite a number of trips already (thats the reason why I haven’t been posting that often). But my 2013 mantra is “work hard, play hard” so I’m definitely doing that. So, here’s what I’ve been up to!

Had some fancy schmancy tea with Nikita and Miko at TWG. Nikita, the tea expert, was nice enough to teach us proper tea etiquette. Felt so stiff! Haha then I was back to my jologs self and did some catching up with the gang!

Celebrated my birthday with family and close friends. Aaaaand they got me a cake! Haha it’s a pretty big deal to me because I never get a cake for my birthday! Since my birthday’s just 2 days after new year, my family would always serve leftover food from the holidays! Hahah!

Met up with my good friends Dani, Kyle and Miko! We get along so well because we’re all jologs! Haha!

Booked a flight to Bicol for my birthday! It’s one of my favorite cities so I was very excited to spend the weekend there. In other news, Miko and Gerd’s bags get special treatment. lol

Touchdown Bicol! Of course, you can’t go to Naga without eating at Bigg’s Diner!

Stayed at Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) for the weekend! I’ve always wanted to experience living in a trailer and I’m glad I did! Not bad at all. The best part? Free wifi everywhere haha! You can check out the rates here.

Since CWC is a tad bit far from the city proper, we had dinner and drinks there instead. Bicol is the land of coconuts so almost all our food had gata (coconut milk) in it. We got to try their famous laing pizza too! It’s crazy good!! You guys should try it!

Day 2: Went to the deer farm (30-minute drive from CWC). We didn’t know what to expect because it was our first time to see one! Scratch that, a herd! Herd ba tawag? Hahaha

This year I’m investing on experiences so I’m all up for traveling, trying new things and meeting new friends. That day, I met a deer. They’re pretty hardcore—they kept poking us with their antlers! #hipsters

I encountered the most aggressive deer in the farm! Medyo na-off ako sakanya kasi feeling kangaroo siya hahah

Obviously I was having so much fun. Hahah I wanted to bring home one! Akala ko kasi sa north pole lang meron hahaha

Next up, trekking at Mt. Isarog! There used to be a better trail but because of the landslide, it was no longer passable—but we’re up for the challenge! I also read somewhere that there are a lot of blood leeches and poisonous plants here! Better keep your eyes open!

After 30 minutes of balancing on slippery moss-covered rocks, we made it to the falls! Good thing I wore my trusty pair of trail/surf shoes from Cushe! Naks segue!

We were the only ones there so we had the lagoon all to ourselves!

What a view! It’s like a scene from a karaoke video! Haha! We didn’t swim too long because the water’s freezing! Instead, we took a hike and checked out the two other waterfalls (Mabalsay and Nabuntalan falls).

After our trekking trip, we were all so hungry so we went back to the city and had lunch at Red Platter (one of the best restaurants in Naga). Bumped into some friends too!

Our last stop for the tour: the pili nut factory! We hoarded a lot of their products! Ang wholesome ng trip namin ‘no? Hahah!

Had to go back to the hotel trailer a little too early because I had to prepare for an event! Came across this tarp while on our way back! Modeled for Bicol-based brand Mr. Kenkoy!

Attended the launch of Mr. Kenkoy at The Avenue Plaza Hotel in Naga City. As a blogger, my job is to get the word out about trends, events and other things but more than that, I always try to support advocacies such as this one. I had a great time with my co-ambassadors and volunteers! Congrats to everyone!

Mr. Kengkoy is a social enterprise owned by young visionaries which offers quality backpacks made from Bicol indigenous materials while helping struggling communities be self-sufficient. This is me trying to weave! You can order the bag I designed (photo on the right) here.

Capped off the night with dinner and drinks at Bob Marlin! Hands down my favorite restaurant/bar in Naga! They have the best crispy pata!!! Sobrang sarap!!! Located along Magsaysay.

Ghost hunting trip! Para tipid! Hahaha! It was pretty intense. Medyo na-pussy kami nung may lumabas na mga orbs sa picture haha!

Our last day in Bicol! We had no plans in leaving CWC because we just wanted to wakeboard all day! Plus, the cabs in Bicol are crazy expensive (php300+)—much better to take the tricycle (php50+). I’ll miss the laing pizza :(

Met up with the winner of my Ray-Ban giveaway, Jamie! Check out her winning entry here. Enjoy your limited edition wayfarers from Ray-Ban!

Wakeboarding the whole afternoon with Miko and Gerd! Woohoo!!!

Got sunburned skin and a sore body the day after but it was all worth it!! Had an awesome birthday weekend with great company! We were supposed to take the train home (Bicol Express lol) but it was closed! Should definitely try that next time when I go back!

Came home to this huge cake from my Crocs and Skullcandy family! They always remember! Thank you Perk Comm! Naks parang nasa-ASAP! Haha!

Back to work but still on vacation mode! Good thing all my meetings that day were only 2-3 blocks away from my house! Ha! Was also surprised by the M2COMMS team during a meeting! Thank you so much guys!!

Accompanied Lissa for her conditioning training. Felt pretty bad eating all these while watching her workout! No actually I don’t feel bad. Haha!

While waiting for my next meeting, I killed some time by satisfying my cravings. This time it was Dear Darla pizza. Then I tried the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. I’m not a cupcake person but their cupcakes are really good! I like it cuz it’s not too sweet!

Thank you so much to my SM Accessories family for the gifts! You guys really know me so well! All my favorite junk food in one package! Finished all these in 3 days! Haha!

Basic House is finally here in The Philippines! They have a wide selection of basic shirts, sweaters, button downs, cardigans, chino pants, etc! Visit them at The Shops, Greenhills Shopping Center and Robinsons Metro East.

Went on a spontaneous trip with a few of my college friends! The original plan was to go wall climbing and go kart racing at The Fort but we ended up going to Subic. First up was the Tree Top Adventure!

We tried the Silver Surfer (php250/person). You’ll be standing on one end of a metal swing while your friend stands on the other. The metal swing will glide 500 meters to the other side, back and forth. It would move faster and make a sudden stop at every end. Pretty fun!

We also tried the Tree Drop Adventure (php150/person)! You’ll be dropped face-first from a 60-feet tall tree in just 2 seconds! Definitely felt the adrenaline rush on this one! If you guys wanna try it out, check out their website for special promos!

Had lunch at our favorite restaurant in Subic, Xtremely Xpresso! I think we ordered way too much. We even ordered two huge burgers + pasta! Definitely the highlight of my day lol.

Spent the afternoon at the beach. As much as we all wanted to relax, monkeys kept stealing our food! Haha too bad I didn’t get to take photos!

Went to Facial Care Centre for Men for my monthly facial. The treatment involves cleansing, scrubing, toning, with massage, steam, extraction and a collagen mask for 30 minutes. I didn’t care about skincare before but thanks to Lissa for introducing me to this! #nopainnogain

Surprised by my Facial Care Centre family after my treatment! Thank you so much NJ, Bea and Nica! You can call 892-7546 for a free consultation.

Went to Quiznos with Gerd, Angel, Pao, Lissa, Seph, Tracy, Miko, Christine and the Perkcomm team! Quiznos is located at One Parkade, 7th St. corner 28th St, Bonifacio Highstreet (just at the back of R.O.X.)! Try their signature subs, tag me, @quiznosPH and let me know what you think!

Adidas threw a party to officially open its newest store at Bonifacio Global City! Finally!! The outlet carries various lines of Adidas shoes and apparel including: basketball, running, training, football and Originals.

The new Adidas outlet will further promote the importance of having an active, healthy lifestyle. Check out all these cool workout clothes! Definitely motivated me to hit the gym!

I want the shoes on the left!!! Must save up for it!! The new Adidas store is located at Two Parkade, 30th St. corner 7th Ave., Bonifacio Global City. Make sure you check out the new store!

Tried the famous ribs from RUB Ribs & BBQ with Miko after working out. Ordered the Raki’s BBQ Ribs Family Brunch (php685). It’s good for 4 persons but it’s actually just enough for one. Haha! It comes with 3 side dishes of your choice (potato salad, potato fries, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, coleslaw, buttered vegetables, bacon and/or texas toast). Located at Scout Rallos, Tomas Morato.

SM Mall of Asia hosted a shopping giveaway for my readers last month. Since I was out of town for the holidays and my birthday, I only got to accompany them last week. Pretty strange that almost all the winners are girls! I wasn’t able to help them out with their shopping. The only help I could offer was to carry their shopping bags! Haha yun lang natulong ko!

Felt like I haven’t seen my family for such a long time so it was great to bond with them over some donuts and coffee! Syempre kain ulit!

Tried this new Filipino-Mexican restaurant called Madeca. Try their bestseller—the sisig burrito! While you’re at it, have some dalandan mojitos too! Everything’s designed by my good friend AJ. The food’s delicious and instagram-worthy! Haha! Visit them at The Podium.

Raved all night to Swedish House Mafia’s One Last Tour with Cheyser, Dani, Kyle, Steph, Miko, Crissy, Kurt, etc! What a great way to start the year!!! I hope this makes up for my lack of updates! I’m back to regular programming tomorrow—but I’ll be posting more of my trips here on the blog for sure! Hope you enjoy them. Happy 2013 everyone! Make the most out of it!

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