Gaming is a part of our lives now; you just can’t simply call a gamer an outcast. These games can be reached either through consoles, mobile devices, and our computers. Many games developed now. Ranging from the action, sports, simulation, and every game genre that makes players locked into their seats. The development of each game has drastically improved over the last decade. It can be proven by how graphically and immersive a game now. Games just look real and alive.

But that is not that case for Agario. Although not realistic and graphically good, it still packs a punch and readily accessible via Agario net and you may find Agario game online alternatives.
So, let us play Agario.

First, you are going to need to open your browser or install the app on your mobile device. Since Agar.io is an online game, you are going to need an internet connection, preferably active ones.

Search “agar.io” in your browser, don’t bother about the browser it will be compatible. Now that you are inside the game, mostly, you would see a simple background with circles. You might say this game sucks, but don’t judge yet, now enter a name and choose your avatar and hit start.

Simplicity and mechanics that is what this game is all about. You start small, just like lone bacteria, and you only have two choices. Kill or be killed. That is quite harsh, but killing doesn’t include stabbing, beheading, or decapitating someone. You just have to move only over to another “bacteria”. Not so fast there, you can only kill another if you are bigger than them. To get bigger, just eat and eat and eat. Be careful, though, as you get larger than you can also see the big players and chances are you are going to get eaten. Also, being big means reduced speed and mobility. You either die small or live long enough to become fat. Good manoeuvre and dodging ability is your key to success here; now we are getting serious. Remember to use viruses and splitting to your advantage; now that is some advance strategy.

Simple as it may look, this game is not a joke. The circles you are trying to eat and those that have eaten you are not some coded AI (Artificial Intelligence); they are human just like you. So, you might call this game Agario PVP (Player versus Player).

The game developer has taken separate ways and different strategy in developing this game. Although quite repetitive and no features to unlock, it became a hit amongst users. Just look at the success of Flappy Bird, repetitiveness is what sky rocket to its hits and overall success.

To get more fun, you can try a good tip to play it with friends on a private server. Mixed emotions can be expected to range from happiness to frustration that sometimes might lead to rage quitting. People right now have short attention spans; a simple game is the best choice rather than playing 500 hours of an RPG game. A game doesn’t have to be grand, as long you have that smile on your face, the game is great and worth remembering and replaying.

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