Not the greatest week for the sports side of things. I did manage to hit a trifecta with the horses that paid out a massive return, but I am keeping those records separate. Some Sportpunter models are giving me real concerns lately. I will continue with them till season end, but need to look at what else is out there in regards to Tennis and Baseball. I will probably stick with Sportpunter as he very rarely has two bad seasons in a row. When I say a bad season for Sportpunter, that usually means breaking even or a small loss. Not really much to talk about this week, still working on my Football portfolio, and researching a few new Horse tipsters. You’ll also notice that there are now no affiliate ads on the site at all. I will write about that if I have time this week.

Sportpunter Tennis lost $2,000 on ATP and $1,300 on the WTA. There wasn’t much bet on the AFL but it made $2,900. The baseball totals fell off a cliff this week, A massive $9,500 loss. Never seen anything like that before. The Rugby season ended with yet another win for $1,350 profit and I will do my season review soon. The NRL continues on its winning ways with a further $500 profit.

ClubGowi has been on a fantastic run recently. $3,600 profit this week and over $10k profit for the last month and a bit. Life is a lot more relaxing when I’m not bothered with placing bets the second his emails come out. I now know I can’t beat a 5-30 second time disadvantage so don’t even bother. As long as I stick to my rules in regards to odds, then it should still be profitable.

Diamond Edge had a standout week with $4,700 profit and PCG lost $300. Again I was close in the Golf with a big bet on Sergio Garcia who led by 3 going into the final round, he crumbled and Rory took it out. At least it helps the long term GOWI bet which will return $6,000 if Rory wins the race to Dubai. Jason Kelly lost $400 and BetSWOT lost $600.

My first new add to the Soccer portfolio started this week. I am following Owltips at $100 a unit (most bets are 5 units). This service only provides bets on the Portuguese league and I am testing for a month to see if odds are attainable and if I like the general feel of the service. This week we lost the two opening bets of the season for -$1,000.

Sorry about the very short update, way too much going on at the moment. If you’re an aussie reading this, read the previous post about my new services results and second intake. You have until the end of today to join.

Good luck with this weeks punting.

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Total Loss for the week was $2,103.40

Stats Year 5

Total bet amount: $620,608.00

Profit/Loss: $(7,267.21)

POT: -1.17%

Bets Placed: 790

Won: 356

Lost: 398

Half Payout: 4

Refunded: 32

Winning %: 47.2%

Total profit per day: $340,257.63 / 1497 = $227.29

Total Turnover: $14,963,351.37

Total ROI: 2.27%

ATP – SP $134,861.00 $(10,553.69) -7.8%

week profit/loss: -2017.24

WTA – SP $92,440.00 $(1,026.38) -1.1%

week profit/loss: -1328.22

AFL H2H – SP $21,629.00 $8,537.10 39.5%

week profit/loss: 1018.50

AFL Line – SP $124,060.00 $(13,460.54) -10.9%

week profit/loss: 1917.75

SP MLB $83,684.00 $(9,342.08) -11.2%

week profit/loss: -9522.94

Rugby SP $12,378.00 $(671.50) -5.4%

week profit/loss: 1360

NRL SP $12,337.00 $5,181.30 42.0%

week profit/loss: 533.75

ClubGowi $52,349.00 $10,251.10 19.6%

week profit/loss: 3588

GOWI $2,157.00 $869.00 40.3%

week profit/loss: 0

Diamond Edge $49,000.00 $4,856.50 9.9%

week profit/loss: 4682

PCG $29,785.00 $2,039.98 6.8%

week profit/loss: -285

Jason Kelly Golf $1,825.00 $(1,225.00) -67.1%

week profit/loss: -425

Betswot $3,103.00 $(1,723.00) -55.5%

week profit/loss: -625

OwlTips $1,000.00 $(1,000.00) -100.0%

week profit/loss: -1000

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