It’s Thursday, September 22, 2016, and this is your weekly early morning eSports & Gaming brief.

ESL is taking its Brooklyn event where none have gone before, announcing a deal with Sliver.tv and WonderWorld VR to make ESL One New York the first-ever eSports event to be live streamed to fans worldwide in virtual reality using a platform agnostic method as it will be viewable through a website, on a mobile device, or a VR headset. For a premium experience, users are also able to download the SLIVER.tv GearVR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive apps to watch in full VR. Deals will see WonderWorld VR produce producing the "arena experience" while SLIVER.tv taps its LiveVRCast technology for the “in-game 360 experience.”

"We’re very excited to launch our very first VR live stream from ESL One New York with the help of Sliver.tv and WonderWorld VR,” said Stuart Ewen, Product Manager ESL. “This new method of broadcasting gives viewers a taste of what it’s like to be in the arena at an eSports mega event, and a brand new perspective on top level CS:GO through in-game virtual cameras. Esports helped pioneer online video streaming, and we couldn’t be more proud to take the next step into the future of broadcast media with this initiative."


Athletes continue to converge on eSports opportunities. The latest, NBA star Jeremy Lin, sees the athlete lock in a deal with China Digital Group and ViCi Gaming to create a new Dota 2 team, according to Mashable, with Lin also serving as the honorary captain of Vici Gaming J and a roster that includes Zheng "Agressif" Sun, Xin "Nono" Wang, Fan "rOtK" Bai, Zhi "hym" Xu and Chao "Fenrir" Lu.

Sky is betting on eSports audience growth, investing $2 million in Ginx TV, parent company of the 24-hour eSports TV channel GINX eSports TV. That equates to a 16.5% stake in the company, with Sky now joining ITV as backers of the channel. Both ITV and SKY have the option to pick up further holdings in Ginx TV, according to Reuters. “We’re really excited to have followed up our commercial partnership with Ginx with this investment, which will help us deepen our understanding of eSports and its audience,” said Emma Lloyd, group director of business development and strategic partnerships at Sky. “At Sky we are committed to bringing new programs and channels such as GINX eSports TV to support and extend our leadership position in content.”

MOBA Legends is coming to eSports courtesy of a partnership between Kick9 and ESL. The duo will host 19 tournaments this year with over $20,000 worth of prizes including an all-expenses paid trip to China to compete in the world championship where teams will compete for an additional $30,000 worth of prizes. “All of us at Kick9 are super excited to be breaking MOBA Legends into eSports with ESL,” said Chris Castagnetto of Kick9. “We’re happy to be providing players with the opportunity to compete at a professional level for the chance to receive cash, fame and other great prizes and who better to do it with than ESL.”

WESA’s new Players Council determined that the ESL Pro League finals needed a shakeup, announcing that the event, which takes place from Oct. 26-30, will feature a new play format. The tournament will now see 12 teams instead of eight competing for $750000 with six from Europe and six from North America. “The initial plan for a LAN-final with 8 teams felt outdated," said Viktor ‘vuggo’ Jendeby, Players Council Chairman. "The scene is now more competitive than ever, and so it feels natural to extend a tournament of this caliber to enable more teams to attend the finals. We also suggested more guaranteed LAN-matches for the teams attending, and proposed a format with 2 groups of 6 – like it is used at IEM events. ESL listened and we, the WESA Player Council, are very happy with how the new format looks like, and I hope the community will appreciate it as well."

Tespa is deepening its collegiate roots, announcing a partnership with Blizzard to host college tournaments for Overwatch, Hearthstone, as well as Heroes of the Storm for the upcoming season. The Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm fall seasons will both serve as Training Grounds tournaments, open to any eligible college players and schools with scholarship prize pools of $50,000 and $100,000. Overwatch’s fall season serves as a Collegiate Series tournament, which only allows one team per school. Meanwhile, the spring season will see the titles swap formats. Competition starts for all three games on Oct. 1.

The Vainglory World Championship is ready to rumble, with a dozen champion teams from around the world hitting Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre from Dec. 2-4. The new tournament will be overseen by Twitch and Super Evil Megacorp. In addition, the publisher is partnering with the Collegiate Starleague for an official Vainglory collegiate league that launches in Oct. with scholarship money on the line.

With 16 teams competing for $300,000 in the Overwatch Open, FaceIt and ELeague locked in casters and on-screen talent to cover the tournament with names set to include the likes of Anders, Semmler, Mr. X and Goldenboy. The finals take place on Sept. 30 in Atlanta at Turner Studios.

UC Irvine sees the grand opening of its much-discussed eSports arena tomorrow, where the university will introduce its first-ever varsity League of Legends players. The venue offers 80 custom PCs from iBUYPOWER as well as a live webcasting studio in the 3,500-square-foot arena. Meanwhile, UCI’s new team will compete in next year’s University League of Legends season. “Video games often get a bad rap, but research increasingly shows the positive impacts that games can have in science, medicine and education,” said Rebecca Black, UCI associate professor of informatics. “UCI’s eSports initiative can foster team building, effective communication and critical thinking in nontraditional ways. These skills should serve students well for the rest of their lives.”


Source: Superdata


As TwitchCon approaches, the social video platform company unveiled a slate of activities for the annual gathering, including that return of TwitchCon: The Party, which will see producer/DJ Steve Aoki join a lineup that includes Darude and T-Pain at Petco Park on Oct. 1. Other areas will see Inclusivity City, designed in partnership with AnyKey to raise awareness of multiple causes. TwitchCon Arena allows fans can play games against each other and watch their favorite streamers and pro gamers compete with tournaments running all three days of the show, while TwitchQuest will see attendees participate in a convention-long scavenger hunt while the Bob Ross Company hosts a paint-along on Oct. 2 at 10:30a. Meanwhile, the Amazon Game Studios Unboxing Event & Afterparty takes place on Sept. 29 at 6p.

ESL announced that Microsoft, Alienware and Cyberpower will serve as official equipment partners for ESL One New York 2016, with Windows 10 serving as the official operating system in all tournament PCs, while Alienware and Cyberpower equipment will be used at the venue. In addition, fans will have the chance to experience product demonstrations from both Alienware and Cyberpower at the venue in a dedicated experiential booth.

Intel Extreme Masters is buddying up with iBUYPOWER for its LAN CS:GO qualifier on Nov. 12 and 13 in Costa Mesa. In addition to the qualifier event, the sponsorship will see the company join IEM Oakland as an official sponsor. “Teaming up with iBUYPOWER Masters allows us to accomplish a long term goal of ours: a LAN qualifier for IEM with prize money for teams and players,” said Michal Blicharz, VP of Gaming at ESL. “This partnership is an important step towards evolving the IEM model and structure that we want to have in the future.”

Blizzard is pulling back from the Battle.net brand, announcing a transition away from its gaming service and instead refer to the technology as Blizzard tech. “When we created Battle.net, the idea of including a tailored online-gaming service together with your game was more of a novel concept, so we put a lot of focus on explaining what the service was and how it worked, including giving it a distinct name,” the company said in a post. “Over time, though, we’ve seen that there’s been occasional confusion and inefficiencies related to having two separate identities under which everything falls-Blizzard and Battle.net.”

AOC partners with Team Liquid in a new deal and will now provide the eSports team with AOC’s “premium lineup” that offers “refresh rates of 144 Hz and higher, an extremely low response time of 1 ms, and Adaptive-Sync or NVIDIA G-Sync available, Team Liquid can battle their opponents in high-level esports competitions without stutter, screen tearing, or motion blur. “

The upcoming release of The Magnificent Seven received an eSports twist as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, Columbia Pictures and Twitch served up a showdown featuring seven of the top Counter-Strike: Go online players in a Saviors vs. Bandits battle on a special Western-themed map. Twitch broadcast the first ever Counter-Strike: Go exhibition game yesterday. Elias Plishner, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Digital Marketing for Sony Pictures, said "Twitch has never before brought so many respected and skilled gamers with such a huge following together for a single game. As these seven face off, this is an unparalleled opportunity to bring the action, intensity and fun of The Magnificent Seven to millions of fans worldwide."

Bud Light released the fourth entry of its five part series that explores the lives of five eSports athletes, known as the Bud Light All-Stars. Produced by Machinima, the next episode spotlights Jason “Amaz” Chan, who talks about his rise within the competitive Hearthstone scene, his decision between continuing his competitive gaming career and becoming a full-time Twitch streamer, and more. The ep can be found on Machinima’s YouTube Channel.


EA’s Battlefield 1 beta drew armies of gamers, as the 10-day event delivered 13.2 million players to the title. In a post, EA Dice noted that the number was actually more than double the strength of the British and Ottoman Empires deployed in the Middle East during WWI.

Netflix is checking into Skylanders Academy, picking up exclusive rights to the Activision game-based show. The series will be available to stream on Oct. 28, Voice talent includes: Justin Long as Spyro, Ashley Tisdale as Stealth Elf, Jonathan Banks (as Eruptor and Norm MacDonald as Glumshanks.

Microsoft confirmed to USA Today that Microsoft Studios Publishing titles will not be upscaled for the upcoming Xbox Scorpio, with GM Shannon Loftis noting that “Any games we’re making that we’re launching in the Scorpio time frame, we’re making sure they can natively render at 4K.” The statement comes after Sony’s Andrew Boss told Digital Spy that the “majority (of titles) will be upscaled” for their new console.

Ubisoft Entertainment is gearing up to sell about $445 million of convertible bonds that would help finance product development and pay for potential acquisitions, according to Bloomberg. The five-year bonds will be sold in a private placement, with the sale serving as an attempt by the publisher to take advantage of low interest rates.

Supercell picked up a 51% stake in Frogmind. The Badland developer posted that the agreement comes as the Finnish studio readied its first free-to-play games with Venturebeat writing that the deal was worth $7.8 million. Frogmind will operate independently from Supercell,.

Most streamed gaming categories for the week ending Sept. 18, per Gamoloco…


League of Legends with 17,775,116 hours streamed


Hearthstone 8,232,081


CS:GO 7,783,444


World of Warcraft 5,165,358


Dota 2 5,147,233


Overwatch 3,827,918


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2,166,362


Destiny 1,754,312


For Honor 1,547,397


Gaming talk shows 1,162,729

POWER PLAYERS: Zachary John, Yahoo! VP of Video and Esports

Just six months after launching Yahoo Esports, recent weeks have seen the brand announce new alliances (such as ESL), partnerships with non-endemic brands (General Mills), as well as new series (Late Night League) in its coverage. This week, the division announced a move into collegiate eSports via a new partnership with Riot Games called uLOL Rivalries. The tournament pits 10 teams that represent five college rivalries every week for five weeks at university sites with fans able to vote on the rivalries they want to see square off. Cynopsis asked Zachary John, Yahoo’s VP of Video and Esports about the company’s recent dealings and how they will impact the brand.

On lessons learned since launch: The industry is scaling quickly, with many industry sources reporting a total audience of 300M fans globally this year. We are seeing tremendous interest across major titles from fans globally to our site and social channels. Key tentpole competitions are driving viewership spikes to exceed 1M viewers in a weekend. Our media strategy is focused on authentic voices covering these main events and extending the conversation during the week from people who live and breathe eSports, and enabling them do 24/7 coverage that matters to the community. Getting key talent on board like Travis Gafford has helped Yahoo Esports be a part of the community and tell great stories, and deliver on exclusive behind the scenes access and stories. Our partnerships with ESL and Riot, along with the launch of our weekly live show will allow us to create and distribute more of this original content.

On partnerships: Yahoo produces tons of live shows every year, and partners with advertisers across all of our major verticals in Sports, Finance and News to build advertiser solutions jointly that tell brand’s stories. For eSports, we have a team of in-house talent focused on delivering 24/7 coverage and producing all of our content in both live and VOD. We partner with brands such as General Mills to shape the content formats, integrations and timing to fit their brand objectives. We worked closely with the Reese’s Puffs team leading up to the launch to ensure we could introduce the right mix of branding and specific messaging in a manner that fit the personality of the show and reached 100% of the viewing audience. Our eSports team is filled with content producers and storytellers, and that presents opportunities for advertisers to participate both online and offline, at an early stage in all of our productions  including eSports Live Show, ESL event coverage and the recently announced Rivalries events.

On surprises: Nobody is surprised to see the biggest eSports titles by player base draw interest (LoL, DOTA, CS:GO) but we also made an effort at launch to cover Street Fighter V as it was launched, and that has received a positive response. Smash Bros coverage is an area as well where we see incredibly positive audience response that exceeds our expectations. We generally are seeing an over-index of interest in titles that are not as well covered given how title focused much of the community is. We’ve been excited by the early positive interest in Overwatch coverage, as well as the continued interest in Blizzard’s other titles Hearthstone and HOTS.

On partnering with Riot: The partnership with Riot came about through very much mutual interest. Riot was looking for a partner with extensive digital reach, strong product support capabilities, and a brand that connects well with college sports. We worked together to shape the competitive format, the user voting mechanisms, the landing page experiences as well as the advertising opportunities. We are extremely excited to bring Rivalries to market with a lead partner such as uLoL.

College Esports is a growth opportunity for the industry. Building a competition based on traditional sports rivalries is a fun way to drive passion around the competition. Giving fans an opportunity to define which teams will play, and ultimately where the viewing events will take place  is a great way to go on the road with these competitions.

Game Trailer of the Week: Gears of War 4

It’s a whole new saga for the Gears of War franchise in more ways than one as JD Fenix and company face a monstrous new enemy. Meanwhile, Gears of War 4 hits stores worldwide on October 11 on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, blazing new trails as a Xbox Play Anywhere title. Click here to watch.


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