Stand 5C81

Renault Trucks UK has announced its return to the 2014 Commercial Vehicle Show, after an absence of five years. It will exhibit its new Euro-6 range of fuel-efficient and productive long haul, construction and distribution vehicles as well as its light commercial offer.

“We’re delighted to be back at the CV Show and present our fantastic new Euro-6 range. Market conditions are improving and it’s a great opportunity to exhibit to the whole market,” says Gino Costa, Managing Director. “These are exciting times for Renault Trucks. Our new range is designed around a total cost of ownership approach that we believe perfectly matches current UK buying behaviour and we’re excited to have the opportunity to present this at the Show.”

Exhibits on the Renault Trucks stand will include two Range T tractor units – a 6×2 owner operator specification and a 4×2 fleet specification; two Range D distribution chassis at 12 tonnes and 26 tonnes; an 8×4 Range C construction chassis and a Renault Master.

Renault Trucks’ sister company, the contract hire and rental specialist BRS will be represented on the stand, as will the full range of Renault Trucks’ finance, insurance and aftersales products and services.

The stand theme is based around Renault Trucks’ core message of ‘A truck is a profit centre’, with representatives on hand to discuss the company’s total cost of ownership approach – designed to deliver productive, reliable and fuel efficient vehicles – working tools that add real value to an operators business.

More from: Daniel Browne | daniel.brown@renault-trucks.com | +44 (0)1582 479367


Stand 5C71

Transdek UK will launch its new Double Deck Urban Eco Trailer (DUET) at this year’s CV Show, developed to meet growing retailer demand for greater efficiencies on last-mile deliveries to urban centres.

DUET has been designed to carry high load volumes in the urban environment. The new trailer is 10.6 metres long and 4m-4.3m high, depending on customer specification. It has a payload of 22 tonnes compared to just nine tonnes for a typical 18 tonne rigid vehicle and is also fully compatible with low-profile double deck lifts. Full loading can be achieved in as little as 45 minutes.

The trailer incorporates a unique rear door closure, permitting the lowest possible height profile while providing safe kerbside offloading. With a significantly smaller turning circle than a rigid truck, the DUET also offers high-level accessibility in congested city streets. Additional features planned include a specially designed two tier column lift to service product to ground level at stores, with a unique hinged automatic safety rail for operator and product protection on the raised lift platform.

Transdek’s Managing Director, Mark Adams, says, “With the growth of the convenience format in the grocery retail sector and an increasing focus on high street deliveries, we believe there is an opportunity to revolutionise the efficiency of urban freight deliveries. With our new DUET trailer, up to 100% more product can be carried per vehicle. The DUET can halve the number of deliveries, slashing transport costs and CO2 emissions by up to 50%.”

More from: Graham Swain | graham@q-storm.co.uk | +44 (0)1530 276550


Stand 5B130

Bridgestone will showcase its holistic fleet tyre care that aims to maximise tyre life, reducing tyre cost/km over the entire lifecycle, and also offer a first glimpse of an innovative new Bridgestone global application.

Product and Marketing Manager Andy Mathias said, “We are genuinely proud of our Total Tyre Care offering and we believe it gives us a big advantage over our competitors. The CV Show is our most significant opportunity of the year in terms of communicating key company messages and the many opportunities that exist over the three days.”

Bridgestone has also developed a digital fleet management solution to meet operators’ needs. The ‘Toolbox Touch’, a native Windows 8 application with tablets in mind, records huge quantities of tyre data in a clear and concise manner. Bridgestone tyre professionals will visit subscribers’ fleets periodically and inspect a sample of all tyres. The data is captured on Toolbox and presented back to fleet managers, providing a real insight into tyre maintenance and performance levels – then Bridgestone will advise how to transfer this analysis to real financial savings.

Andy Mathias added, “The app represents a big advance in technology and efficiency for Bridgestone. It records inspection of tyres on vehicles and quickly generates user-friendly reports for fleet consulting services.”

More from: Andy Dingley | andy.dingley@bridgestone.eu | +44 (0)1926 488540


Stand 5C100

Bandvulc Group provides a wide range of services to the logistics industry and, following a strategic look at what it offers, has carried out a rebranding to demonstrate it is ‘More than a tyre’. This has meant a subtle change to the main logo and new names for Devon Rubber and Bandvulc Tyre Contracts combined with a completely new website.

‘More than a tyre’, is the new mantra for the Bandvulc Group. The Group is the largest independent retreader in the UK, using rubber mixed by its own compounding company, BV Mixing, a fleet tyre management solution via BVPlus+ and a new tyre offering from its wholesale company, BVF1rst. The final part is Tyre Maintenance, the Group’s wholly-owned service provider.

A new website has been designed to give a simple, clear and precise overview of the Group at www.bandvulc.com and the new brand image will be on display at the CV Show.

Patrick O’Connell, MD, commented, “Over the past few years, we have seen growth in our activities and introduced new areas of business such as tyre wholesale and service provision. This new brand launch and awareness campaign builds a strong foundation for future growth and diversification.”

More from: Teri Norman | directorsupport@bandvulc.co.uk | + 44 (0)1752 893559


Stand 5H40

In order to showcase Air1’s revolutionary equipment in action, its CV Show stand will have a brand new Volvo FH on display. The truck will be used to demonstrate the operation of an air-powered IBC pump for sites without access to an electrical supply.

As well as powering the air pump, the Volvo FH will also be the focus for hosting a daily competition, where three lucky entrants, selected daily, will be the proud owners of an Air1 model tanker (1:50) and a child’s Volvo pedal truck (with Air1 livery).

Air1 is also keen to promote the importance of quality AdBlue. With more vehicles now adopting SCR technology, it is imperative that truck owners have confidence in the source of their AdBlue. Because Air1 is the largest prime producer of AdBlue, full traceability to the point of manufacture is assured.

More from: Charlotte Blades | charlotte.blades@yara.com | +44 (0)1472 889254


Stand 4K58

Axtec, the UK’s only specialist manufacturer of axle weighing systems will launch the latest version of its dynamic axle weighbridge at CV Show 2014. Axtec dynamic axle weighbridges are used nationally by VOSA and already the most accurate of its type in the world – and the only one that achieves the required standard to be offered as a Public Weighbridge.

The new version, Axtec Series 5000, uses the latest high-speed processors to improve accuracy, touch screen technology to simplify use and a range of additional cost-saving features. The new system can communicate wirelessly with most of Axtec’s range of remote displays and printers, significantly reducing installation time so that costs for ducting and wiring between components can be eliminated.

A new, clear prompting display provides simple instructions to make the system even more user friendly, and by using touch screen technology, vulnerable moving components are removed, meaning less to go wrong.

All Axtec’s existing software can be used with the new system but with greater data-gathering capabilities and easier download options, recorded weight data will be faster, more accurate and easier to handle.

More from: Derek Hack | derek@axtec.co.uk | +44 (0)1928 581575 / 07831 367847


Stand 4F118

Smartanalysis, the tachograph analysis and compliance management software as a service, has become even smarter with SmartLicence, an integrated driving licence management and verification service.

With 22% of drivers using out-of-date documents and around one million drivers just three points away from a disqualification, a visual check of a driving licence once a year is not enough. Changes can happen very quickly and licence details should be verified with DVLA at least twice a year.

At CV Show 2014, Descartes will demonstrate how users can set the frequency of licence checks with DVLA, based on driver risk, using SmartLicence. As with Smartanalysis, once the process is set up everything happens in the background. Users can subscribe to the reports and alerts they want and have the results e-mailed to them. The licence verification is conducted online with DVLA and results are normally received overnight. Operators’ tachograph and driving licence data is safe, secure and always available should the authorities want to see it.

Busy transport managers can now manage their compliance with tachograph regulations, drivers’ hours and Working Time Directive and ensure their drivers are licensed to drive with a subscription to Smartanalysis, any time and place they have an internet connection,

More from: Andrew Tavener | atavener@descartes.com | +44 (0)1249 463355


Stand 4D78

Tachpro.com, one of the leading suppliers of vehicle, driver and tachograph supplies to commercial vehicle operators, has recently undertaken a major redesign of its website, turning it into a one-stop for operators to purchase a huge new range of more than 200 products.

As well as the popular tachograph supplies, vehicle compliance stationery and storage products, at the CV Show this year visitors will be able to talk to Tachpro about their requirements in a number of other areas including workshop supplies, material handling, health and safety and vehicle security.

These new product ranges include some of the biggest names in the industry including TruckMate Satellite Navigation, Smart Witness Vehicle CCTV Systems, Bulldog Vehicle Security, Fentex Spill Kits and a comprehensive range of Sealey Tools professional workshop and garage equipment.

Tachpro’s new mission statement and company motto sums up everything it is looking to achieve: TachPro – Keeping You Safe, Keeping You Legal and Keeping You Moving!

More from: Gary Wilson | Gary.Wilson@digital2000.co.uk | +44 (0)114 221 0761


Stand 4D40

Wilcomatic will show its comprehensive range of commercial vehicle wash equipment at this year’s CV Show, from itself and its sister companies Working Water and Wickham Gensol.

The range is designed to tackle any shape of vehicle from the simple to the most awkward. It includes high quality and cost-effective automatic rollover and drive-through machines, jet wash and wash-down units.

The washes are backed by an equally comprehensive range of cost-effective and environmental support equipment, such as water recycling and rainwater harvesting systems from Working Water; all of which are eligible for tax relief under the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme. Even sites with no foul drainage can be tackled with the new innovative systems. The range is led by the Christ Jet Stream rollover unit, specifically engineered to clean any awkward shape of vehicle effectively.

More from: Kevin Pay | kevinp@wilcomatic.co.uk | +44 (0)20 8649 5760


Stand 4G90

Isotrak will share its stand at this year’s CV Show with key solutions partners that add value to its telematics system for transport operators.

Isotrak and a partner that specialises in truck and trailer braking systems will present their enhanced trailer management solution. The integrated safety system provides real-time monitoring of the trailer’s electronic braking system (EBS), as well as roll stability activation alarms, door opening and temperature information if connected to the trailer refrigeration unit.

Visitors will also, for the first time, see demonstrations of an Isotrak and Getac mobile app solution on Getac’s Z710 Android-powered device. This integrated solution facilitates data entry, data collection, GPS tracking, fleet visibility and more, as well as the ability to operate in almost any environment.

Isotrak and Airclic will present their integrated portfolio of solutions, which automates and optimises mobile fleet and supply chain logistics, helping to optimise fuel consumption and cut carbon emissions. It also helps to reduce shrinkage through real-time visibility at every stage of the delivery process.

“We are looking forward to this year’s CV Show, which is well regarded as the UK’s largest and best commercial vehicle event,” says Jason Price, Isotrak’s Sales and Marketing Director. “The economy is picking up, but the continuing high cost of fuel and the need to reduce carbon footprints is an important driver to implementing telematics. We are able to show that our standard solution can reduce running costs and pollution while improving fleet and driver performance and usage.”

More from: Jason Price | jason.price@isotrak.com | +44 (0)7747 852123


Stand 5D120

Webasto’s spacious CV Show stand enables the company to display a large range of complete vehicles from many of its leading UK customers and bespoke builders. The display vehicles utilise different Webasto systems, illustrating the diversity of its products.

The Vancouver and Moscow integrated air-conditioning systems provide a pleasant interior climate for larger minibuses. The high-efficiency fans and blowers ensure that these solutions are reliable and efficient. They have a constant air flow and cooling capacity of up to 13.4kW and run on 12 or 24V.

The Tonale and Stelvio refrigeration systems are designed for vehicles with cargo capacities of up to 18m3, providing a maximum cooling capacity of about 4kW with an air flow of up to 1,500m3 per hour.

Webasto water heaters operate independently of the engine, ensuring ice-free windows and a warm interior climate even before the journey has commenced. The robust Thermo Pro 90 delivers a heat output of up to 9.1kW. Automatic altitude adjustment ensures optimum operation up to 3,500m above sea level.

More from: Kirsty Dodd | kirsty.dodd@webasto.com | +44 (0)1302 381141


Stand 5C60

Giti Tire has announced an expansion to its GT Radial retreading portfolio and will launch the new tyre at CV Show 2014. The GDR690 GT REE Tread is a drive position regional tyre available in 295/80 and 315/80 sizes, which will be solely manufactured using only GT Radial casings.

An acronym for reliable, economical and environmental, the REE Tread is a high quality, hot cure bead-to-bead retread designed both to lower costs for operators and to reduce the environmental impact of the tyres. The move marks the first development of the range since launching the GTR990 REE Tread regional trailer pattern in size 385/65R22.5.

Giti Tire will also use CV Show 2014 to promote its GT Radial bus and coach credentials, with the GAU861 all position urban city-bus, GSR225 Combi Road steer axle, GAR820 regional all-position pattern and GT629 dedicated drive axle tyres all taking centre stage.

In addition, the new GAM831 non-directional, all-position mixed service tyre will make its show debut alongside several established, popular fleet products. The company will display a number of sizes, highlighting the breadth and depth of its portfolio.

More from: Matt Wells | matt.wells@eu.giti.com |+44 (0)161 434 8455


Stand 4B16

Eclipse Automotive Technology is well-known for its innovative Testpad Extreme PC which, together with the powerful Jaltest software and flexible vehicle interface built around the Link module, is becoming the first choice for many of the country’s top workshops.

The multi-brand functionality and ease of use is important to users as is the comfort of knowing that they are supported by a dedicated Eclipse team who will talk them through any difficult issues and resolve the problem.

Visitors will be able to see the Jaltest ETM Module Tester in a benchtest demonstration examining EBS (Electronic Braking System) modules. This multi-brand feature goes through all the diagnostic values of the vehicle component, indicating pass or fail to show component viability, and is a fast and simple way of validating an expensive module and avoiding unnecessary replacement.

The ETM kit runs on the standard Jaltest software and connects to the Testpad Extreme PC via the Jaltest Link multiplexor. The connection between the ETM and the vehicle is by one of a range of brand-specific standard cables.

The diagnostic capabilities of the Eclipse Jaltest and EDIS ranges will be shown on a vehicle simulator that will take visitors through a variety of live tests and demonstrate how this equipment could help their technicians solve problems faster and improve their workshop efficiency.

More from: Allan Hughes | allanlh@hotmail.co.uk | +44 (0)7713 638487


Stand 4J02

Paragon Software Systems will demonstrate its latest transport optimisation solution at this year’s CV Show, giving fleet operators an opportunity to learn how Paragon’s routing and scheduling package can significantly improve efficiencies and reduce transport costs.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see Paragon’s truck routing software in action and learn how it can be used for daily route optimisation, strategic analysis, fixed route planning and home delivery scheduling. Linking the Paragon solution to fleets’ tracking systems gives managers real-time vehicle performance visibility, and enables them to compare planned versus actual schedules in terms of both route and arrival/departure times. Overall, the solution makes the transport plan more realistic with more reliable and achievable customer delivery times.

“Paragon remains focused on its commitment to develop and implement solutions that support the changing needs of today’s transport operators,” says William Salter, Managing Director, Paragon Software Systems. “The CV Show is an ideal platform for us to demonstrate how effective use of our routing and scheduling software not only improves efficiencies and service levels, but also provides a good return on investment by reducing costs.”

More from: Robert Peel | robert@market-it.co.uK | +44 (0)1666 823306


Stand 4D30

PCL will drive home the message about Nitrogen tyre inflation at the UK’s biggest show for the road transport and logistics industry, demonstrating its new superfast nitrogen generation and inflation solution for commercial vehicles – Nexus.

PCL’s debut at the CV Show has been timed to showcase the completion of its comprehensive range of tyre inflators and workshop equipment, designed specifically for use in a commercial vehicle workshop. These include the ALG4 high pressure tyre inflator developed especially for truck tyres, and products from the Horn Tecalemit portfolio of fluid handling and fuel dispensing products, including AdBlue.

As the newest product in the range, Nexus will take centre stage. This innovative new system provides cost-effective nitrogen delivery together with its world-renowned digital inflation technology, giving a guaranteed inflation accuracy of ±0.5%. Customers can benefit from superfast nitrogen inflation from their existing air supply, without needing to buy, store and handle expensive nitrogen bottles.

The chief advantages of nitrogen’s properties compared to air in a tyre are that it can offer extended tyre casing and rim life along with improved fuel efficiency. More importantly, due to its inert properties, it provides increased safety in high temperature environments.

Visitors will also be able to see PCL’s Accura D12 inflation unit. As one of the products in PCL’s premium tyreshop range, the D12 combines advanced and user friendly design with touch screen technology, providing reduced tyre inflation and lifetime costs.

More from: Matthew Butters | mbutters@pclairtechnology.com | +44 (0)114 247 9323


Stand 3C120

With more and more voices being raised to reduce noise emitted by transportation, distribution companies are looking for ways to limit the noise levels of their fleets.

Thermo King combines quiet operation, uncompromised performance and low environmental impact in the SLXe Whisper Pro trailer refrigeration unit. The recently introduced SLXe Whisper Pro complies with the recent, most stringent PIEK requirements.

Thermo King engineers chose a specially designed acoustic package to reduce the creation of sound energy and contain it at source. Strategically located noise-absorbent materials and a redesigned engine compartment reduce noise transmission. Even the exhaust system has been specially tuned to minimise sound generation at low engine speeds.

Mechanical innovations were married to a piece of electronic wizardry, a dedicated controller that monitors time and position automatically to switch the unit into low-noise mode only when it is required. Local PIEK criteria can be simply programmed on one trailer and then uploaded to the whole fleet.

The technological achievement is considerable. Not only does the SLXe Whisper Pro give the operator compliance and flexibility, but the unit also delivers an improvement of approximately 15% in fuel efficiency when compared to other models in its market segment. The distribution companies receive maximum load protection while limiting operating costs.

The Whisper Pro unit benefits from all strengths of the SLXe range including ease of service, commonality of components, high resale value and the expert 24/7 support of the Thermo King Dealer network.

More from: Michał Karkoszka | michal.karkoszka@1212pr.com | +48 (0)22 243 5357


Stand 5A131

Freight Products UK Ltd, the largest UK manufacturer of reflective CV marker boards and other freight safety products, has been announced as a leading distributor of Rennicks (UK) Ltd’s new Nikkalite ECE 104 Conspicuity Tape. The tape, for rigid and curtain-sided vehicles, has been launched to provide a fully compliant solution for the ECE104 regulation, with the added advantage of incorporating ‘Brand ID’ for personalised company branding.

With a minimum order requirement of 16x50m rolls, Freight Products UK provides branded Nikkalite ECE 104 Conspicuity Tape with customers’ logo within 10 working days of ordering. A website enables fleet managers easily to upload their logo and requirements in a few easy steps.

The Nikkalite tape will be demonstrated on Freight Products’ stand at the CV Show. The tape shows the mandatory E-mark symbol indicating it meets the requirements of ECE 104. It is easy to handle and apply and offers excellent adhesion to approved prepared surfaces, with no edge-sealing required. The tape is easy to cut and handle and one person can easily and quickly apply them, it is durable and impact resistant and offers up to eight years of outstanding performance.

More from: Peppa Sheridan | peppa@peptalkpr.co.uk | +44 (0)1787 313822


Stand 3C130

At the CV Show, Carlsen Baltic, one of Europe’s biggest producers of lightweight refrigerated bodies, will display its latest solutions for the temperature-controlled grocery home delivery market: a 3.5 tonne multi-compartment, multi-temperature body using a low-carbon, eutectic refrigeration system.

Its latest development, to meet the growing demand in grocery home-delivery, is a multi-temperature body with eutectic plates. The body has three temperature zones -36°C, +5°C and +12°C – that can be adjusted according to the operator’s specific needs and the eutectic system will keep constant temperatures in the van.

“It is the perfect solution for today’s distribution for multi-drop delivery with multiple door openings. This solution is used by many of Europe’s leading home and office food delivery companies with more than 5,000 Carlsen Baltic and its parent company, Carlsen Europa, units operating,” says Linas Starkevicius, Managing Director.

Low maintenance, virtually silent and emission-free operation are also important factors for Convini. The company achieves lower running costs and fewer breakdowns than would normally be associated with a conventional diesel system. Vehicle service is provided locally by Pulse refrigeration.

More from: Liam Olliff | liam@m1marketing.co.uk | +44 (0)1326 560400


Stand 5A11

The leading UK provider of on-car brake disc lathes is delighted to announce a new truck lathe. Guy Carter, formerly Managing Director of Haweka UK and distributor for Procut Brake Disc Lathes on a national basis, has released a new range of lathes with a broader target audience.

Guy Carter has sold over 1,000 brake discs lathes in the UK and lends his experience to the market ensuring that the right type of machine is specified for individual customers. His experience will help the customer to identify workshop needs and recommend, demonstrate and support with the correct machine for the job.

Guy says, “A huge percentage of HGVs fail the MOT test each year on brake-related issues, most of which are imbalance or lock-out related. Our MAD-DA9000 will re-align the disc and ensure the disc/pad surfaces are as good as new in around 20 minutes per disc on the truck”.

Dynastat brake disc lathes machine brake discs while on the vehicle and reduce brake disc run-out, improving braking performance and efficiency. The company claims Dynastat on car lathes will enable fast, accurate machining in a fraction of the time it takes to replace the disc.

Many of Dynastat’s range have OEM approval from manufacturers such as MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Renault, Toyota and Volvo.

More from: Guy Marson | guy@moduscreative.co.uk | +44 (0)1905 731529


Stand 5F70

Teletrac’s Fleet Director will be demonstrated at the CV Show. The company claims it is the most advanced and interactive fleet automation software on the market, equipped with easy-to-use navigation and safety capabilities. With innovative features that include on-board navigation, lane guidance and two-way messaging, it is the premier software for fleet tracking intelligence. Tracking more than 200,000 vehicles in 75 countries, Teletrac saves fleet owners time and money while reducing their carbon footprint. Teletrac customers report up to 30% lower fuel usage, an average of 15% less driver overtime, 12% higher productivity and less unauthorised vehicle use.

Teletrac focuses on fleet types of all sizes, working to serve customers looking for basic GPS vehicle tracking to supporting the needs of enterprise customers looking for service solutions, third-party data integrations or native business intelligence. Teletrac holds specific focus on servicing custom fleet needs in major industries including haulage, construction, property maintenance and plumbing, lawn and garden, transportation and service. Teletrac software currently processes over 25 billion data transactions daily through its cloud-based platform and real-time tracking capabilities.

More from: Karen Sutton | ksutton@teletrac.com | +44 (0)1234 759306


Stand 4A20

Town and Country Covers, the Hampshire-based seat cover manufacturer, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Town and Country has gone from a standing start to become one of Europe’s largest suppliers of protective seat covers with annual sales over £2m.

Managing Director Peter Newman is clear from where this success has come. “If you start with a top quality product and then give a service to match, you will always succeed. We now ship over 95% of all orders for next working day delivery and our continued expansion into the HGV and LCV market is paying big dividends,” he says.

Laurence Killick, Marketing Director, also points out that taking a stand every year at the CV Show is the backbone of their marketing strategy. He says, “We never advertise but instead rely on word of mouth and the sales that the CV Show generates. The Show has more than covered its costs every time that we have attended, with a high quality of contact year after year.”

The latest additions to the Town and Country product range include the new Transit Custom, Kombi and Tourneo, MAN TGX and TGS, Mercedes-Benz Actros and Axor and the Vauxhall Movano 17-seat minibus

More from: Laurence Killick | info@townandcountrycovers.com | +44 (0)2392 474711


Stand 3F107

Already well-known in the industry for its reliable weighbridge solutions, Avery Weigh-Tronix will use the CV Show to exhibit its axle weighing range. Whether weighing light vans or heavy multi-axle vehicles, Avery Weigh-Tronix offers a range of cost-effective solutions from portable axle pads ideal for enforcement and spot checking, to fixed axle weighbridges that can weigh-in-motion.

Colin Smith, expert in axle weighing at Avery Weigh-Tronix, commented, “VOSA/DVSA has been investing in new technology and is now pinpointing non-compliant vehicles much more precisely. This, as well as the more obvious issues such as health and safety and excessive wear and tear on vehicles, should serve as a warning to fleet operators that there is a greater risk of overloaded vehicles being detected on UK roads”.

If fleet operators are not familiar with the risks associated with overloading, they can download the free guide Vehicle Overloading Explained or visitors to the Avery Weigh-Tronix stand can find out whether they qualify for a free, no obligation vehicle weighing audit.

More from: Laura Wilks | lwilks@awtxglobal.com | +44 (0)121 568 1670


Stand 5G40

The RHA’s stand at this year’s CV Show will focus on three vital areas of operation and its team of experts will be on hand to give help and advice on these key issues, essential to today’s road transport operator.

Profitability – The RHA Interactive Cost Tables help members to negotiate a fair rate for the job. The RHA Conditions of Carriage (exclusive to members) are recognised at the industry standard and the RHA’s Weekly Fuel Survey provides members with the information they need to get the best fuel prices.

Compliance – RHA Contracts of Employment are key in the avoidance of disputes. RHA Compliance Audits are designed to check that operators are complying with their O Licence undertakings and RHA Training provides a one-stop shop for all training need, either a haulier’s premises or at its own training facilities. In addition, there will be demonstrations of its new RHA Analysis service which offers very competitive rates for members and non-members.

Sustainability – RHA Policy provides representation and is constantly engaging with government at local and national levels. Employment Advice is available for members and, for legal questions visitors can meet transport solicitors from RHA Legal Services in the legal hub on its stand.

More from: Kate Gibbs | kate.gibbs@rha.uk.net | +44 (0)7979 513451


Stand 5F111

Following its success at last year’s CV Show, Pullman Fleet Services, independent provider of commercial vehicle repair and maintenance and fleet management, is excited to be exhibiting again. Since the 2013 Show, Pullman has expanded its network and won major contracts in the home shopping and retail sectors and will use the event to tell visitors about its comprehensive range of services support packages.

“We’re delighted to be exhibiting at the Commercial Vehicle Show again this year. In recent years the Show has provided a great platform for Pullman to increase its profile and improve awareness of what it does well,” said Graham Hunter, Pullman Managing Director.

More from: Steve Kelly | steve.kelly@pullmanfleet.co.uk | +44 (0)1302 765096


Stand 3D131

Aspoeck is Europe’s leading manufacturer of lights and complete lighting systems for all types of commercial vehicles. It provides lamps, connectors, junction-boxes and pre-assembled cable harnesses for trailer manufacturers, commercial body builders and agricultural vehicle manufacturers. From bespoke OE equipment to spare parts, the company has a range to meet all lighting and system needs.

Aspoeck UK is delighted to announce the UK launch of its latest range of rear LED lamps using Light Guide Technology. The lamps are more reliable and distinctive and safer by design. The introduction of Light Guide Technology in ‘tail’ functions enhances rear visibility, while providing a unique aesthetic look. Made from 100% recyclable plastic, the Europoint III is available in a number of different options.

More from: Christine Abbott | christine.abbott@aspoeck.co.uk | +44 (0)1279 655220


Stand 4J16

The Service Metals Group leads the way on side guard (LPD) type approval. It is Europe’s leading supplier of aluminium extrusion and bodybuilding materials to the road transport industry. In recent years, the company has taken the opportunity to re-evaluate flush door assembly, narrow lath and body kits, improving their standards and priced to sell competitively.

The Service Metals Group will use this year’s CV Show to demonstrate its ability to work with bodybuilders in a changing environment.

David Hendley, Marketing Manager added, “Moving forward, we will focus on our quality service and attention to customer detail, while also promoting our extensive stock range and manufacturing capabilities, coupled with offering our customer base flexibility when it comes to system selection within type approval conformity”.

Representatives from Service Metals will be on hand to talk about the range of products the group can offer, providing advice and technical information.

More from: David Hendley | dave.hendley@servicemetals.co.uk | +44 (0)844 848 7020

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